So many things


So many things
by Jahanshah Javid

Finally! An Events Section on!

I always thought that the internet is perfect for spreading the word about events, large and small in every part of the world. There were times when the most you could do was pin a flyer in a cafe bulletin board or pass out event cards at restaurants and parking lots. Now you can attract people to all kinds of events through sites like Facebook and Craigslist.

But it's always better to have an interactive calendar of events specific to a community or profession. For many years,'s Calendar tab on its top guide bar was linked to, which is still a very good site, in terms of content and design.

When got a major face-lift in 2007, we were hoping to install our own calendar because it was well understood that many are interested to know what Iranian events are happening in their neighborhood -- and worldwide. The calendar was on our to-do list and we even installed a test version. It needed a lot of work to make it look and work right.

Meanwhile a few months ago friends recommended I take a look at I was pretty impressed. They have taken the Iranian events calendar to a level never seen before. First of all, I don't think you can find any other site with a listing as comprehensive as that on Secondly, the listings are presented in a professional and attractive manner.

One thing led to another and we decided to put off our own calendar. We thought why not team up with Kodoom and offer their world-wide listings of events on Better for us, better for you, better for everybody.

Some of you have already clicked on the EVENTS tab on the top guide bar of BLOGS was always the last tab on the right. When the events section went live, I accidentally clicked on EVENTS instead! You too? :o)

For those of you who haven't gone there yet, take a look: in English and Persian. You'll be surprised how active the Iranian community is -- not just in your area, but in many parts of the world. Let us know what you think and we'll try to improve things.

Thanks for the hard work of the guys at and our own team, especially Foaad, for making this happen. Well done!


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by Ramin 1980 (not verified) on

Thanks to and for such a page. Finally we found two Iranian groups that can work together as a team for the benefit of their user communities and each other. We Iranians have to learn how to create win-win for everyone and not the Win-Lose attitude which often leads to Lose-lose. Great job JJ and


This is just amazing!

by Reza Taheri (not verified) on

i didnt know such as website exists. finally an organized and useful website that offers something other than entertainment like and the other persian websites. keep up the good work kodoom. im loving it.


I hadn't noticed the new

by mahi (not verified) on

I hadn't noticed the new section "events" .
Good thing you put it out here fore us to see.
I should get my eyes checked!


Great to have an events

by JD (not verified) on

Great to have an events section!


well done

by javaneh29 on

great idea JJ. A really useful addition to I do look at Kodoom  regularly and I am aware of other things going on in and around the greater London area  which I will add as they come up.

I want to add my view re: our offensive blogger aka 'covenant' as this has become the discussion place for this issue, she is well out of order there is no doubt about that. Her comments are offensive in the extreme and as editor you have editorial rights to vet her blogs. Why dont you? There is no point in blocking her, she will only resurface under another name and she has a right to her own views as we all do but this woman needs to learn how to express them in a more moderate and acceptable manner.



Jahanshah Jaan

by Bunyip on

It looks like this Events Section is sensitive to the location of the computer (sorry, but I don't know the proper computer jargon), which is good.

Thanks for your efforts.


Thanks for the events

by desi on

Thanks for the events section JJ.  I'm thinking of getting tix for Moz Jobrani now.


Nice one JJ

by ramintork on

Thanks for covering the events in Europe


nice addition

by hendooneh on

nice addition to the site

keep up the good work!


Dear Bahais, excuse me

by fair-is-fair (not verified) on

I sympathize about degrading your religion. This is a site that has pictures of naked women holding the Koran and many other things that are very offensive.


If you owners want to be fair, it should all be removed.

Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on

Dear JJ,

Kudos on the new events section! Now I'll always be posted on what events are happening in nearby cities. :)

I'd also like to second Souri's sentiment - as a Baha'i I'm a little upset that the blog is still there. I understand the principle of freedom of speech, but this hate speech isn't doing anyone any good in my opinion.

My deepest thanks.


Dear JJ

by Souri on

Thanks for this useful news and this great "event" section. Many thanks to our dear Foaad too.

Dear editor, may I ask you please, please kindly remove that hateful blog of Covenant about "Bahaollah" which is very offensive and disrespectful to our dear Bahai friends. What is the purpose of that blog ? Breaking faithful people's heart ? There's nothing serious on that blog but only hate and insult.

sorry for side tracking your blog, but it was the fastest way to get to you.




Please Mr javid this act of gross prejudice has to stop!!!!

by Tahirih(at work not able to register) (not verified) on

Sir , this is not related to the topic, but I like to get your attention to what is happening in the blog section, just in case if you are not aware. This sick " covenant" person is using a profane picture of bahaullah as her avatar. Sir you are responsible for her action , sorry to say that but you are. I know and you by now know that she is mentally unstable and trying to get attention, but is this right? Also it delays her treatment too.
Please sir , for helping her and also to stop this criminal activity , please intervene and block her.
With the hope of justice for us,