Popular Pahlavis


Popular Pahlavis
by Jahanshah Javid

Alireza's death is a clear reminder of the popularity of the Pahlavis three decades after the people booted them out of the country. It's clear as day, but pundits, analysts, scholars and the majority of political activists dismiss it just as they ridiculed the popularity of the mollas and political Islam before the revolution. They can't put aside their personal bias: How could spoiled rich leftovers of a dead dynasty of dictators with a history of repression have any sympathy with the same masses who put an end to their reign?

Easy. The Islamic Republic is THAT unpopular. In other words, it's not that the Pahlavis are popular. It's that anyone other than the current ruling elite -- from Mousavi to Pahlavi -- would be welcomed with open arms, not for what they stand for, but for standing up to Khamenei, his army of thugs, and unbearable religious repression.

Don't kid yourself. Put aside your bias and you will see that Farah Pahlavi is the least hated political personality among Iranians. And in Iranian politics, that means massive popularity.

I'll bet my life that if she got on a plane and went to Tehran, she would shake the foundations of the Islamic Republic ten times more than last year's Green Revolution. You wouldn't see half of Tehran rushing to welcome her as they did when Khomeini returned from exile; in 1979 the Shah had already fled the country and the the generals were demoralized. Instead thousands would show up; dozens, maybe hundreds, would be shot and clubbed to death by basijs and revolutionary guards. And she would be thrown into jail. But the regime would not dare to execute her. Not even this blood-soaked regime. Farah's act of true courage (rather than issuing statements and visiting art galleries in Paris) would make her and the nostalgic secular legacy of the Pahlavi dynasty soar higher in popularity. As long as she sits in prison, the Islamic Republic would have a real problem on its hands, worse than their worst nightmare.

Would she do it? Probably not. But I honestly would not be surprised. If Reza does it, I'd be shocked but the impact would not be much less.

The Pahlavis are THE most significant political "force" out there. I don't like the idea of monarchy, much less the Pahlavi variety experienced up to 1979. But reality is what it is. There's nobody in opposition inside or outside Iran who comes close in terms of the influence they could potentially have. The question is do they have Khomeini's balls?


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by AryamehrNYC on

You haters have missed the gist of this article.  JJ is a former revolutionary who helped to bring the mullahs and their band of thieves/thugs to power.  For the man to put this viewpoint on paper says volumes and confirms the fact this "insurrection" was a mistake.  I am certain that there are countless others like JJ in Iran that share his sentiments.  

However you view it, Iran was a far better place under the Pahlavi's than these poster boys for abortion. 



by hirre on

I don't think the Pahlavis are popular in Iran for the new generation, because they are looking more forward to democracy. I've asked many of my own family members in Iran this question...

There is a split in choice: older people in Iran remember the "glory days" (forgetting the problems), younger people concentrate on democracy. Also remember that what we read about the Pahlavis isn't what is taught in Iran for the new generations, hence they look on other things...

Sargord, please do not use statistics on Iran since from a mathematical point of view the polls don't show any useful information. This is because iranians tend to be more dishonest when asked questions about who to vote for, comparing to people in democratic countries (this is because of fear, insecurity, economical benifits etc). But this is not the main reason, the main reason is that there is a lot of shortage on data, because if 1000 people are asked, only half of them answer the question. So from a mathematical perspective, you can not say if one candidate won over the other through polls. What it boils down to is trust in the end result or not, but polls are too insecure to indicate anything when it comes to Iran...

More on this subject here:


(see "Polling")



by hirre on

Strange that Alireza P. didn't travel to Iran, that would be a better fate than taking his own life...

As far as the rest of the family, they would immediately be put in prison if they uttered any critics against the regime. You all know what can happen to opponents in iranian prisons...

Futher more, iranians should learn how to forgive other people, unfortunately there is this hate-mentality in the middle-east, if blood has not been spilled, then there can not be any forgiveness...

Learn to forgive...



by onlyinamrica on

It appears that we are getting so desperate that we start to fantasize. Pretty sad indeed. God damn the iri that didn't deliver what they promised.

G. Rahmanian

No Bombings, Please!

by G. Rahmanian on

Bombings cause collateral damage and we don't want that, do we? I think, in ordet to pave the way for a regime change what we need is a good communist like Stalin. Not the weasels who are still licking mullahs' asses after three decades of massacres. Even someone like Mao will do. Such great leaders they were!


And a good Mola

by ImtheKing on

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Dear Ms. Sabety, I admire your honesty!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

I am willing to bet my wallet that if we could magically turn the clock back to 1978, everyone on this site would go back to Iran and kiss the ground the late Shah walked on!? In the case of the resident bacheh akhoonds, I would venture that they would also go back for the purpose of distributing aftabeh around!


"only popular Pahlavis are the dead Pahlavis"...

by comrade on

The above statement might look and sound biased and insensitive, but the current developments prove it more and less sadly accurate.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.




by curly on

as soon as I think that you lost your edge your back :D  You just say the things that we all think and don't have the guts to say:D THX


Quite right JJ A long time

by alimostofi on

Quite right JJ

A long time ago I sent an email to HIM Cyrus Reza that one day he will hold a press conference and tell everyone that he wants to go to Iran, because he is an Iranian, and he has a right to visit his home.

I had a vision and I wanted to share it with him.  As soon as he says that and a wave starts to form.  Tremors are felt across the whole of Iran. The regime is shaken, and he had not gone to the airport.

Fact is that the Royal Institution is part of the Iranian culture.  The person there has a duty to perform.  Anyone can be put there, and in the past they used to select the King by placing the crown between four lions.

So yeah maybe he does not have the balls, but that has nothing to do with the validity of the Royal Institution or any institution that stand for the culture of Iran. Once someone or some institution that puts Iran first decides to go to Iran, then a massive wave will start.

This site is famous for it richness of Iranian culture and you are very open minded.  We Iranians are naturally tolerant and you are the most liberal.  What you have created is an institution for culture of Iran.  It does not have a person as such as the personification of that culture, but you do a pretty good job. You could sart that wave.

Now here is the irony.  Why don't you do more to push the culture first and make it sacred.  Culture is sacred, and you somehow put "nothing is sacred" as the most important statement. 

So why do you criticize RP when you do not dare to admit that Iranian culture is sacred.


Ali Mostofi




No room for riding

by Parthian on

Molla is pretty much booked. There is no time for anyone else, much else Pahlavis to get a free ride. His schedule is booked, giving free rides to tazi all day long, and much more. You know the much more, those tazi and camels, late at night, a semi-self claimed Persian shotor, so hard, sometimes, his backlegs can't even move.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Agha JJ, why should Farah Pahlavi or any other memebers of

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

that family make more sacrifices for the ignorant Iranians who committed the biggest mass suicide in the history of man kind 32 years ago?

Reading your 1st paragraph and it seems you are still as confused today as you were 32 years ago! Even Abbas Millani's research has concluded that the Americans wanted the Shah gone and yes 1979's an-gholab was indeed a coup d'état carried out by the Americans! As long as people like you don't come to grips with that fact, you will continue rallying behind a different person everyday as Sargord Pizore was saying.

The current situation in Iran unfortunately can NOT be solved by any particular person popular or unpopular! The only solution is a military one and a long term occupation, as mahmoudg would attest to. 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Do they get free ride too ?

askin from shotor............Maziar

Mola Nasredeen

Pahlavis are still very popular

by Mola Nasredeen on

and valuable

as follow:

Full Pahlavi gold coin: $ 449.00

Half Pahlavi gold coin: $ 199.99

Rob (1/4) Pahlavi: $ 105.99

The above Pahlavis and more are all on sale on EBay. Get yours today.

As for Pahlavi family, the only popular Pahlavis are the dead Pahlavis. 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

like what Mrs.Sadegh said : his deep need for blood............

I still cann't comprehend understand the meaning of taking VOOZOO in the bloods of Lates Nasiri,Gen.Rahimi and... on the roof top of Aalavi shool!!         Maziar


Impartial point of view

by SamSamIIII on


From my impartial point of view as a minority fringe whose ideal system for Iran is neither western marinated pre-packaged Liberal Democracy nor Monrchism(in its current ommatized form & in absence of modern kiaani figures) here is my take;,  

I believe that Mr Reza Pahlavi eventhough representing the absolute "minimum bottom" of the kiaani principalist demands on fundamental reforms is however realistically the only viable candidate for unity among massive majority of Moderate reform minded disillusioned average Iranians. Excluding unforseen events or surprising figures yet not on the horizon, under current scenario he truly represents the "positive average" of a large majority of the mainstream prudent centrists . 

He may not be my ideal choice but having said that realistically he remains the best choice between civil war or disintegration post-IRI however or whenever if at all it occurs.   Ethnicaly, He is multi ethnic(Azari-Persico) and on top of that a Seyed, he has a moderate all inclusive message and mild manner which sits pretty well with the "Gol o Bolbol" psyche of the run of the mill avg Iranian.  All and all I give him a 5 outta 10 which compare to the rest of the refused lot of losers is pretty decent and thats all he needs in 1st round.

JJ, it seems your sister's cooking is having an eye opening effect on your common senses. Give up her recepie so we can cure the Omarus in one free "food & sandiss" session. No more javadsha but  Javid Shah Javid ;:)).



btw;; a few yrs ago I remarked to my cousin that Ali reza has potentials much more than Mr Reza Pahlavi & hate to say that some folks might have realised it as well ;;)). blessed be his soul.


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia



by comrade on

How's the business, JJ?

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Good Post JJ

by masoudA on

The only thing that I do not agree with you on is your comment about: in 1978 PEOPLE kicked out the Pahlavis.   I disagree - 95% of the people sat idly aside, while 5% of the population comprising of active leftist/Islamists with lots of outside help ousted the Pahlavis.   And today - after getting rid of most of decent and true leftists, the Islamists are ruling the country.

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

You mean as MKO's mascots?

"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"


The pahlavis stil have lots of support believe it or not

by Parthianshot91 on

 Why do you think people are so intimitated by them, especially the islamist regime? I'm not shahi and I have good reasons not to be, but I respect him, his family and his dynasty. I would also rather have them in power til something better, a more nationalistic group, comes along, but they're a start.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"

David ET

I have expressed my sympathy and sorrow in various forums

by David ET on

But I also should express another thing that came to my mind:

``What a messed up family`` 


May he rest in peace now.. 


Khomeini's balls wasn't big

by statira on

Shah, like the Islamic regime did not have an army of thugs and hitmen. He did not have the brutality of mullahs esp khomeini.  People did not have any fear of retribution and that was a big factor in Revolution's victory.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

The Pahlavis are still popular among many Iranians not only because of what the regime has done, but also for the modernized Iran they represented. Iran of the pre-revolutionary era was the envy of the region. Those who saw the good days of pre-revolution can compare the differences in the attitudes of people they meet outside of Iran. Reactions to your blog by some hard-core regime supporters is amusing. Even after thirty-two years, IR is spending tens of millions of dollars on propaganda against opposition organizations. I wonder why! You would think after three decades the regime would enjoy some sort of popularity, but to the chagrin of its supporters, people's hatred for IR is increasing by the day! It only needs one last PUSH!!!


Khaab didi khosh baasheh

by TheMrs on

Khaab didi khosh baasheh

Azarin Sadegh

Khomeini's balls were the same size as Hitler's!

by Azarin Sadegh on

 Great blog, JJ jan! I'd say that YOU have balls for writing this one..:-)

But I wouldn't call Khomeini's murderous mind as "balls"...He just had no heart: he kept lying to please the crowd in Paris...and once the Shah was gone he removed his mask, came back to Iran "feeling nothing", and showed us his deep need for blood. 

If Khomeini had a heart, he wouldn't have killed every person/political group who had helped him to reach that absolute power.



Just remember ONE thing

by Arthimis on

Just remember ONE thing ladies and gentelmen,

Having guts or no guts is one thing and that point can be argued on so many levels and till the end of time! some call it guts and others call it sacrifice and humility...  but ONE thing is for sure, any little respect, admiration and  prestige we all have left as a nation in Iran's modern history deep down inside and in the eye's of the world, we owed to Pahlavi dynasty!!! Even those who have betrayed and revolted against Pahlavis do not want to be identified or judged by the EVIL Islamic Republic that has left the darkest image for Iran and Iranians for almost 32 long and miserable years for all of us!!! We all know it deep down ,but some still deny and worse even still resent the truth !!! So be it... Truth shall set you free...

Free Iran and Iranians .



by afshinazad on

After all the negative and lies been told to Iranian about PAHLAVI family, still Iranian every single day they remember and pray for shah’s soul that he was a great king just like his father and shahbanoo FARAH Pahlavi always been popular than anyone I know in our time in our motherland and those who deny that it, because they don’t want to clear their mind which filled with hate and nonsense.


JJ jan

by aynak on


If you forget about this site, where Dariush Kadivar gets a blank check to post 200 pro-monarchy posts with a good percentage of them somehow making it to the front page on a daily basis,  other media outlets  like gooya/balatarin even LA tv's have had a more subdued attitude.

This is a tragic event, and it would be better to leave it at that.   As tragic are Bahreh Hedyat or Nasreen Sotoudeh and thousands of political prironsers in Iran that are in Islamic Regime prison.   As tragic is the case of Zahra Bahrami a ham mihan who could not remain silent on her visit and is now on death row! And the many that are executed  on a daily basis.   This, for defending the rights of ordinary Iranians from the trenches or speaking out for their own human rights.

I am affraid  you are projecting your own biases here.   Sure everyone is saddened by a young person taking his life at such young age.   But you make a leap, from this tragedy to promoting Farah Pahlavi back to ?

I think there is a silent majority that feels, this sad situation should not be used for political purpose, alas some just like your editorial is changing  that.

I have conducted many (albeit nonscientific) polls, and the great majority of Iranian want a democratic non-VF non-Islamic (not anti Islam but without any clerics in power) non-monarchy system.    It is only some of the media that somehow wants to direct these two (Islamic regime inside) and Monarchy outside as the only viable option.


You might be right that

by Bavafa on

You might be right that many in Iran might gravitate towards Pahlavi but I believe this is much telling about unpopularity of IRI rather then love for Pahlavi.

I don't know if Pahlavi family would be right for Iran but given the fact that Iranians have been dreaming for a democratic and free system for nearly 60 years, I would hope what ever change it take place, it would be in the direction of a democratic, secular, free and independent system.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Iranian inside (beside from the fictiouse polls )claimed by S Pink

Are still ways to come to that point unfortunatly

why should any sane even one of the pahlavi play THE CHICKEN game with IRR ?

jj your bread and butter will not change any as long as we have masses of Iranian spending their.... on trip to imam reza,chah jamkaran,sofre abolfazl khoone haj...

And Iranian out side (me included) come to our new found land (Iranian.com) and........ see what we've done ZILCH

To get another spin on Iran's politic All it needs is an exudos!

There is no way to kill 6 million ex pat in one day.   MHO