Nowhere in Mexico

Jahanshah Javid
by Jahanshah Javid

I spent three weeks in Chihuahua, Mexico, last month at my sister Iran's house [photo essays "Blue whale of Chihuahua" & "Wild wild south"]. I didn't do anything in particular, just worked most of the day on as usual and hung out with my siter, her kids and friends.

I felt so free and relaxed. There are no Iranians (I heard there's one who sells carpets) and obviously no Iranian events. Chihuahua -- far from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and having no significant historic monuments -- is not a tourist destination. It's practically in the middle of nowhere.

When I was there, my sister offered me to stay for a few more months. When I got back home in the San Francisco Bay Area, I thought why the hell not?
I've given notice to my landlord to cancel my lease at the end of this month and in mid October, I'll get in my car and head to Mexico.

Here's a song by Morgan Page called "The Longest Road". I heard it on the radio last night for the first time. It made me think: Am I going nowhere? Nah... I'm going to Mexico! Ooh I'm so excited...


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you lucky dog

by sharizie (not verified) on

Mexico is as close as some of us can get to Iran.

I am jealeous

Mona 19

Mr.Javid ...

by Mona 19 on

It would be nice if you take some pictures on your way to Mexico (people,places,...) and share with us later.

Good luck with moving, and have a safe trip!

Mona ;)


Moving Sale?

by bahram9821 on

JJ Aziz

Are you going to have a moving sale? I need to get a TV, I know you have a big screen TV,  my old one will stop working as of Feb 2009, could you sell it to me on a 1 year same as cash like Best Buy?  Good luck with the move and take care.




Jahanshah e aziz

by Monda on

What a fantastic decision! I wish you the safest trip and a most enjoyable time in Mexico.  


ebi amirhosseini

JJ Aziz

by ebi amirhosseini on

"she lives in Washington DC, which is closer to Chihuahua than San Francisco."

Next time you're in D.C,

kolbeh darvishi maa ghabel shomaa ro nadaare!!

aab aabgoosht o yek kam ziaad mikonim!.

you can have my place on the Couch & I sleep on the floor!!

Safar Bi Khatar,naame yaadet nare befresti Balam Jaan!!.

American Wife

i usually ABHOR personal questions that are none of my business,

by American Wife on

i've got to ask you!  Where did you pick up "y'all"???  It instantly takes me home and I can almost smell the pluff mud....<sigh>

We'll have to look it on on Google... we're planning one more buying trip to Mexico before we leave... can't pass up those great bargains!


JJ jan

by IRANdokht on

I am very happy for you, I think it's a positive change. Let's see how quickly you will miss the nice persian crowd of the beautiful SF.

but I have one request:


may I pick your next tattoo design?



PS: I knew you'd be moving away as soon as I invited myself to SF LOL natars baba shookhi mikardam  ;-)


JJ jan

by Souri on

You had a daughter with Javaneh too, as long as I remember. I read it in your article in 2002 (or was in 2001 ?) don't remember exactly. But I'm sure I had read that article,....don't tell me my meno is doing me wrong already ? :-)


PS: Remember that article, you said you were ashamed of your little daughter, because as always you worked so hard and long on IC that made her arriving late at school ?


Khosh begzareh Jahanshah

by sepideh j (not verified) on

Khosh begzareh Jahanshah joon!
In donya khayli bozorgeh ...boro... enshallah hamisheh delet khosh o shaad bashi.



by nikinotlogged in (not verified) on

Like other readers, I am excited to read and look at your blogs and photos from Mexico.

Jahanshah Javid

Little girl?

by Jahanshah Javid on

Souri Jan, avvalan my daughter is no "little girl" :o) She will be 26 in December. Saaniyan, she lives in Washington DC, which is closer to Chihuahua than San Francisco. We're going to see each other just as often :o)


a personal Q

by Souri on

I know it's too personal, but I'm so curious, can't help it :O)

What would you do about your little girl ? You will be so far now, you can't see her so often. She will be sad, isn't it ?

Wish peace and serenity to all your little family, azizam.

Jahanshah Javid

Chaaker e shoma!

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks y'all for your sweet and kind notes. Man ghorboonetoon beram! :D

It's so reassuring to know that YOU are always there wherever there's a connection to the internet, be it in Mexico or China (oh my God... China... got to go there! There's so much left to see in this world.).

And, honestly, I don't live in this apartment, in this town, in this country, or... My "real" world has become, for a very long time, the Internet (manzooram iranian.comeh!). So whether I'm in this country or that, I'm always HERE :o)

Chaaker e shoma!


for you , dear JJ

by Souri on

شفیعی کدکنی (م.سرشک)

سفر به خیر


به کجا چنین شتابان ؟
گون از نسیم پرسید

دل من گرفته زینجا
هوس سفر نداری
ز غبار این بیابان ؟

همه آرزویم اما
چه کنم که بسته پایم
به کجا چنین شتابان ؟

به هر آن کجا که باشد به جز این سرا سرایم

سفرت به خیر !‌ اما تو دوستی خدا را
چو ازین کویر وحشت به سلامتی گذشتی
به شکوفه ها به باران
برسان سلام ما را


Orang Gholikhani

Jadeh beh Mexico, Mexicooooo

by Orang Gholikhani on


Your state of mind,  reminde me Googoosh song, when she says : jadeh esme mano Faryad Mizaneh, Digeh vaght del gorikhtaneh...

You are free like a bird, enjoy it !

Take care and have a lot of fun in Mexico ;-) see below it is a very famous song in France :-)





by samsam1111 on

no one from the past...What matters is only now & later..wahhhh..lucky man You Iranian!  icing on the cake :)


It will be interesting.........

by Nadias on

to see Chihuahua through the eyes of someone else. Perhaps, I will rediscover the beauty of my birth place. Looking forward to your posts on Chihuahua.

 I wish you a great adventure.

Best wishes




that's great

by Niki on

Jahanshah Jan-

What a great decision, I hope you enjoy yourself and share with us all the new things that you learn and experience. 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Vivir en Mejico ?! no Señor ... aunque me gustan mujeres mejicanas y tequila,no podria vivir alli ! la falta seguridad es la que vi alli como amenaza a los extranjeros !

American Wife

good for you

by American Wife on

You've had a pretty intense year and I'm sure you need a little break!  We'll be looking forward to some articles from Mexico... keep up the GREAT work.

Via con Dios...:-)


Good for you

by sbglobe on

Can I come for a visit? :-) .... Just kidding but I wish I could - Good Luck and Best Wishes



by Mamnoon (not verified) on

Safar khosh. Perhaps in Chihuahua, with just your family as iranians there, you would see with a backward step in harj-o-marjeh irania rooyeh

I said it before; for me you, offering people hope and joy, are the iranian of this decade.

Ba sepass.