Blue whale of Chihuahua

Photo essay: Having a great time with my sister in Mexico

by Jahanshah Javid

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AmirAshkan Pishroo


by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

Alfred Gell's Wrapping in Images: Tattooing in Polynesia suggests

"Tattooing (and conversely non-tattooing where tattooing is expected and normal) is a very special and recognizable way of modifying the body, and, via the body, reconstructing personhood according to the requirements of the social milieu."

It is also said that tattooing has a therapeutic use in dealing with trauma.


Tatoos can be cool to look at!

by Monda on

I'm not a tatoo person myself but when I come across a cool design I'd approach the person wearing it to hear the story behind their committment to that particular design. 

I dreaded the subject when our kids wanted tatoos, because of this Iranian mother thing in me, trying to protect them from a painful life-long mistake (what if they change their minds, what if they won't get hired because of that tatoo, yadayada) so I tried my darnest to change their minds on getting tatoos.  The older ones got little designs in more hidden places anyway and when they announced them I just wished I was there with them during the procedure, to hold their hands or help them with relaxation. They still like their tatoos thank God! The laser removal looks/sounds horrifying to me!

I love the Maori art and I love your tatoo JJ, congrats on your selection! Here's a link to other cool Maori tatoo designs:






Tattoos are cool but

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

Tattoos are cool but if someone have them on one arm they feel like the other are is missing a tattoo and if they get bored with a tattoo you can not just get a sand paper and sand them off.The person with the tattoo has to have them removed by laser light and by a physician,but hopefully you do not feel that the other arm is missing something or you won't get bored with the tattoo.


Damn! Now I want to move to Chihuahua!

by eroonman on

Do they give everyone who moves there a small dog?



by farsi (not verified) on

Hello Janhanshah,
I really like your tattoo, personally I am too chicken to get one but I must say (I have a belly
You should visit your sister more often, I think someone mentioned you should move to mexico,,it is definitely an excellent idea. Marry a mexican girl and live your life...(ok all you iranian dame-bakht/torshide girls post no nasty comments for me please....)
Another thing,,, it is none of my business of course but what is with the da-ye-reh ainak?? get something more new style for Pet's sake...
Very nice pictures, you know what I always see people post their pictures here and for the last 4-5 years I wanted to post some pictures of my own but I am a bit too busy to do so. We I went to Disney 2 years in a row I specifically took pictures with the intention of posting them here, someday I WILL do that. stay toned


Majid, I was totally

by skatermom (not verified) on

I was totally kidding. I'm sorry I couldn't help it. You're right though. Based on the lovely pictures we shouldn't have fixated on JJs tattoo.


Bebakhshid ostad!

by farrad02 on

Sorry about foozooli!

And I love your blue whale! Other people and their opinion ra velesh! If you like your whale, that's all that matters! The whale should stay! And I do love Chihuahua from the pictures! I would live there without financial reasons, too!



by kfravon on

JJ, You are such a free spirit. I love it! I'm surprised you're not spending this week at Burning Man! Have you ever been? Did you by chance take any videos of Teo and his band's performance? Do they have a website? Iran sure looked very proud.... Thanks for sharing... Oh, and I love your tattoo. I want one too--may be in my next life ;) F


Maamaan row rowak

by Majid on

Based on your previous comments, I thought you're deeper than that!



I think majid is trying to

by skatermom (not verified) on

I think majid is trying to say that he wants one on his forearm that says madar with an anchor:)


Nuff of tatoo alreay!!!!!!!!!

by Majid on

This entire photo essay was about  JJ's "TATOO" !

That's all what JJ said, nothing else, every single picture was about "TATOO" !

Get a grip people.


I want tattoo too!

by Leva (not verified) on

Hi JJ Jan,

A few nights ago, I thought about getting tattoo too. I always want to get one, but in the same time i wanted it to be a reward for some achievement in my life. I love sleeve tattoos. I thought about getting "botte jeghe" tattoo all over one of my hand, but I still want it to be reward to myself. I will ask you details next time i see you. Enjoy your trip and dont come back! there is nothing here bot 105 F heat and more work. Ask your sister to adopt you. :)


I support you my friend

by AnonymousSomeone (not verified) on


Who doesn't love a whale?

Tattoos may be a bit luti. But it just so happens that it looks cool on Mr. Javid. The tatoo never made the man, it's the man who made the tatoo! Khoshgela har chi bepooshan beheshoon miad.

Please turn on your speakers very loudly and enjoy this melody.



Don't worry about the tattoo

by skatermom (not verified) on

Don't worry about the tattoo JJ. It may have been a stigma 60 years ago but not anymore. There are some Iranians that think tattoos are weird yet a nose/boob job is norm. We love to judge a book by its cover. My husband is covered in tattoos. My Iranian family initially thought it was a bit weird. They now think he walks on water. It's not mutilation. It's self expression. Express away my friend. Your photos indicate a very worldly, creative and nonconventional family. I'd much rather be getting tattooed, drinking wine and eating great food in Mexico with people who look to be engaging and interesting than hanging out in SoCal.
Can somebody please tell Hajagha to relax on the bold font. It makes him seem bitter.

ebi amirhosseini

Tatoo 101 for JJ

by ebi amirhosseini on


Jahanshah jan,

by Nader on

First of all have fun with the family. Don't forget the beautiful Mexican girls and sieze the moment as much as you can. You are very lucky to have a sister.

On a personal note however, if one day I decide to get a Tattoo, I'll certainly try very hard to make an statement with it!!

Just having a Tattoo for the sake of it is not a good reason for me to get one.

Ghorbanat dadash!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

bajenaghe naghi, thanks aziz. I'm surprised by the amount of negative reactions to the tattoo (not just on this page, but family and friends, who have been conspicuously silent!). I guess in Iran mostly "laat o loots" have them and it's gotten a bad reputation.

But even outside Iran, it's not common. So I guess it's understandable that most people don't like it. I've always done things my way, and rarely think about how people would react. I like my little blue whale and that's that!

You asked why did I put it inside my arm rather than outside? No particular reason. Maybe the inside skin is brighter? I had no strong opinion about that and the tattoo artist and my sister preferred the inside too.

I hope you get one. Get it somewhere you can see it, not on your back, if you ask me. If you're going to go through all that pain and trouble, at least it should be visible for your own enjoyment.

Someone mentioned that it's a good thing I got it now, rather when I was young. By the time it stretches, I'll be six feet under (the ocean)!

bajenaghe naghi

jj jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

I loved your pictures. the smile in number 19 is priceless. it reminded me of me when i had sex for the first time. i also enjoyed your sisters home and kids. they must have lots of fun in mexico. 

i have always wanted to have tattoo here or there (mostly there) on my  body but I have been a chicken. not because of the pain.i love pain as it gives me purpose to fight back the pain but because number one if i change my mind after i get the tattoo and number two i have seen old people with tattoo where the ink in their skin spreads out of shape and they get a blotch of blue ink on their wrinkely skin. but if i ever do have a tattoo it will be on my forehead and on my shaved head. i also am thinking of putting some on my face to make myself real pretty :-)

my question is why did you choose the inside of your arm for tattoo rather than the outside.  



by Anonymous2008 (not verified) on

No matter how you justify this style of self mutilation it boils down to a simple fact that it is a pathetic cry for attention. Everyone that I have seen with a tattoo says they "love" their tattoo!! how shallow.
Sorry JJ, but you are morphing too rapidly for me to comprehend it. First you neutered yourself, then you started hating men (father) and now this... stop it already!!!get a hold of youself.



by Sara D (not verified) on

Awesome tattoo! I've always wanted one but too chicken to get one :) Loved the pictures of Chihuahua and your sister's house :) Heck, if I were you I'd stay until she physically kicked me out...but I guess unfortunately real life tends to limit the time we can spend goofing off :) Enjoy the rest of your vacation and post more pictures please :)


Whale of a time

by Aref-Adib on

You obviously had a (blue) whale of a time in Mexico!

What a lovely place...


Tatoo idea for you

by shooosh (not verified) on

JJ, evidently your tatoo is encoutering some resistance and ppl want you stay in touch with your past, try this... since your tatoo is that of a "Vaal", just add an "Aah" next to it and it'll read "Vaalaah"! :). Way to appease Green Peace and IRI both!

Personally i like it (valah!)


Dear Jahanshah, I just

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Dear Jahanshah, I just can not imagine you with a tatoo! Your glasses and the tatoo do not match. I do not like tatoos what so ever, however it is your arm and not mine. If that makes you happy so be it! Peace,MITRA



by Killjoy (not verified) on

I envy you. I wish I had a sister who lived in a beautiful place like that. In fact, I wish I had sisters living in all the beautiful places in the world.

I loved the photos. Do you have anymore of the landscapes? Of course, I'd love to see people, too.


I'll finish the pics later

by Majid on

Many pictures about you and your sis. made me a little home sick.

OK....I lied...not a little...a LOT! I could not continue

I'll look at the rest later

Just glad you had a great time visiting your sister, I miss mine.


that's all you can do with your life?

by hajiagha on

this Iranian Albert Einstein  perhaps?


I don't like tattoos, and I

by no0o0 to tato0o0 (not verified) on

I don't like tattoos, and I hope you're aware of it's health risks, but if it makes you happy, that's the bottom line.

I absolutely loved your sister's furniture art, and also Carlos Estrada Vega's art. He is such a brilliant colorist.

ebi amirhosseini

JJ Aziz

by ebi amirhosseini on

If you're happy,that's what matters!.Loved Pedram's suggestion !.

Jahanshah Javid

Got a life, sorta

by Jahanshah Javid on

Pedram! I know what you mean. But I have a life back in Berkeley, unfortunately! I will come to Chihuahua again soon, I hope.

Ebi! It's true it's true! I know it's not for everyone, but I love the tattoo and I'm very happy I got.


Stay Longer!

by PedramMoallemian on

JJ Jan;

Rent the basement from Iran, marry a beautiful Mexican woman and enjoy the lifestyle. Bezerkley may be nice but it's not tropical enough. I will gladly design your next tatoo for you. Something perhaps incorporating your Eyeranian side with the whale. No charge.

Please stay! I would if I had the opportunity.

Pedram Moallemian