No offense

No offense
by Jahanshah Javid

I got an email today from the U.S. Central Command. I'm not kidding you:

to me

8:21 AM


What do we need to do in order to have some of our articles posted on your site.  Please let me know.




I just replied that we don't publish articles from government/military sources. Then I got a thank you message back and I said: You're welcome, thank you for asking. I mean really, the U.S. Central Command was actually very polite to ask. And I'm flattered (little scared!). 

Truth is that I have tried to keep free of any government influence. There are always articles from people who take the side of this or that government, but they are individuals who believe in what they are saying. 

I do not know 99 percent of the people who write articles or blog on But I can tell that the same 99 percent are "real" individuals. They may have nutty ideas sometimes (often) but a lot of my own ideas are off the chart too, so I'm not going to judge anyone (there are exceptions!).

So I'm sorry to be turning down the U.S. military, but I don't believe they should be writing articles for the independent media. I do publish articles from analysts who work for pro-U.S. think tanks. They present U.S. policy much more effectively and genuinely. It's a matter of legitimacy and integrity. 


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

why not wait for the war on terror to expand to iran first

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

what's the rush?


آفرین جهانشاه

امیر کبیر با یک سینی حلوا جلوی نقاره خانه (not verified)

کدام ارتشی در دنیا هست که بیاید و مقالات بیطرفانه در مورد ایران بنویسد.

ایکاش دولت و دستگاه های جاسوسی انگلستان نیز آنقدر شرف داشتند که مانند ارتش آمریکا لااقل اول سوال کنند. انگلیس طبق روال جاری نوکران خود را با اسمهای ایرانی در این سایت استخدام کرده و این کاملا آشکار است.

حقوق بگیران نیمه وقت انگلیس:
1- آنها که مرتب سعی میکنند بین ایرانیان و اسرائیل دشمنی ایجاد کنند
2- آنها که مرتب موضوعات ضد عربی و توهین به اعراب را خط مشی خود قرار داده اند
3- آنهائیکه هر گاه کسی دهانش را باز میکند تا از انگلیس بد بگوید به او دائیجان میگویند (کتابی که خود انگلیس چاپ اول آنرا پیش خرید کرد که فروش آن سر زبانها بیافتد)


I've done Nothing to Nobody at No time Senator!

by scared shitless (not verified) on

I confess! They made me do it.
But seriously, Mr Javid, You'r the Man. I command you for your courage and integrity.

Jahanshah Javid

Why not?

by Jahanshah Javid on

Tsion, will the New York Times publish articles from U.S. Central Command, or the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, or the Israeli intelligence service? Will the Jerusalem Post?

The answer is obviously no. And the reason is that the media must remain as independent as possible. They should be the voice of the public, not the government, the military or intelligence services.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

big surprise tsion is upset centcom isn't here

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Speaking of trolls! Here comes the war on terror update: abu ghraib fresh photos? 

Personally, I am more creeped out that JJ told us. Now the military is looking at Please post more tits. We need to lighten the atmosphere.  


And why not?

by tsion on

If they are interested in presenting a point of view among others, what difference should it make if they are government or not?



allowed them to post them under their own blog

by should have (not verified) on

Why should you not have done that?

You need to be consistent and not selective as you have. The idea is that, this being a private site, you fully have the right to censure and you most certainly do as your prejudices are on display loud and clear. The ones that do not see it are those who happen to have similar prejudices to your own.

However, if you are trying to be as open as possible, then why not have editorial control over the articles while allowing people to have more freedom to post under their blog.

It is a win, win situation.



by ramintork on

I think as a voice for Iranians in diaspora I rather they listened to what is said in our forum and left feedback than go off and listen to an IRI paid lobby group.


Derakhshandeh Actually,

by TheMrs on


Actually, Iranians call it the belog sekshen. :)

But I propose this id: BeegBerahder.


If is listening

by Derakhshandeh (not verified) on

You can register and publish your articles in the blogs section. Iranians call it the belog section!


A man of integrity!

by Princess on

That's why you are so special. Thanks for declining the offer and sharing that with us. I could not be more pleased to hear about your decision!


If I am not mistaken this is not the first time you've been approached. Didn't the military want to put some ads on this site a few years ago and you declined? 

You ROCK my friend!!!  

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

now you KNOW you've hit the big time.  :-)

i wonder what their intention was?