No offense

No offense
by Jahanshah Javid

I got an email today from the U.S. Central Command. I'm not kidding you:

to me

8:21 AM


What do we need to do in order to have some of our articles posted on your site.  Please let me know.




I just replied that we don't publish articles from government/military sources. Then I got a thank you message back and I said: You're welcome, thank you for asking. I mean really, the U.S. Central Command was actually very polite to ask. And I'm flattered (little scared!). 

Truth is that I have tried to keep free of any government influence. There are always articles from people who take the side of this or that government, but they are individuals who believe in what they are saying. 

I do not know 99 percent of the people who write articles or blog on But I can tell that the same 99 percent are "real" individuals. They may have nutty ideas sometimes (often) but a lot of my own ideas are off the chart too, so I'm not going to judge anyone (there are exceptions!).

So I'm sorry to be turning down the U.S. military, but I don't believe they should be writing articles for the independent media. I do publish articles from analysts who work for pro-U.S. think tanks. They present U.S. policy much more effectively and genuinely. It's a matter of legitimacy and integrity. 


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rosie is roxy is roshan

PS Bijan, intelligence of readers..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Yes Bij, WE all know him but some school teacher in Singapore websearching Ahmadinejad in English doesn't.

Bijan A M

What are you afraid of my dear Marge?

by Bijan A M on

What do you think is gonna happen, if  centcom posts something (after getting the nod from JJ, the hawk)?  Please enlighten me. Are they gonna turn your opinion of the war against terror around? Are you afraid that they may turn all the liberals and hippies into neo-cons? I didn’t even know that they have their own site and I may not even care to read what they have to say. But, why this site with a motto of “nothing is sacred” should censor any legitimate view point or article?

That’s all I’m asking. If you have a convincing answer please help me and I will shut up.


Centcom was testing the motto "Nothing is sacred"

by SamSamIIII on

& Since they see speeches of Hassan Abbasi, the head propagandist, theorician of IRGC being featured on monthly basis on this site, they innocently assumed they have a chance too.

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

If I were surfing around and I found a sitee about WHATEVER and I saw on the homepage an article "written" by Command Central or theFBI or the Federal Reserve Bank or even the US Post Office along with photo essays about people's dogs and different political viewpoints I would think that's really weird but really interesting and I would definitely read the site and come back. But I would do it to figure out what's up the government's sleeve and what they consider the parameters of political discourse on the left and right. And which writers are paid by them and why. And I would assume the government is funding it.

Actually the first thing I'd do is look for the "About Us" button, and if I saw it said it wasn't funded by any agency I'd think this is too wierd, I don't think so, They must at least get paid mucho dinero to run those articles because who the hell does favors for the government for free and boy they must be beholden for that casherola.. And I'd keep coming back and back but  just to figure out what straegies the government has these dys by dint of what iis permissable here on the left and the right, what appears most, what least, and what that reveals about policy. I'd look at the site like a kind of oolitical Rubik's Cube. 

And I doubt I would be the only one. And if it also ran articles from the IRI I'd think boy that must've been one helluva phone conversatoin beteen Khamenei and Obama.

(And then I'd start wondering who else is paying essays on dogs...hmm..American Kennel Club? Alpo?) 

No no no no no no and no!

Much more importantly, as I said below journalism is the fourth check and balance. As a matter of good citizenship and service it must maintain itself separate from the government and you have to draw a line in the sand somewhere.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I'm totally offended. Look even as a hippy smelly pink....

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I respect the military and all that goes with that. They do put their asses on the line so you know they believe in what they are doing. That aside, here's why I think JJ's policy is good.

People or I should say GROUPS/Organizations/MILITARIES do not have a problem having their voices heard. Everyone knows about the war on terror and all that. They have their own goddamn site. This site is for people like you BIJAN who do not have a site/voice, or at least don't have a major readership anywhere else. That's why this site is special.

Now if a random soldier in Iraq wanted to tell us about the wonderful Iranians in the MKO he has met, that would be fantastic, but it would suck too because I think that means he or she is revealing secrets or confidential stuff? Anyway that would be great. But nothing that comes from the top from the commander in chief. Free thinking all the way.

Bijan A M

No offense

by Bijan A M on

But, Mr. Javid, what was your intention to post this blog? Are you seeking your readership’s approval? This is your site and you have full control over it (by the laws of this land), why would you want to share this e-mail from centcom with your readers? I’m sure you are not trying to break the record of “most discussed”. Then, why?

I am having really hard time reconciling the motto of your site with your actions. I have been an avid reader and minimal contributor here but I have always respected the site as an open forum for expression of all views (as much as it disgusted me to see in front page, nudity and vulgar language). Why should you stop publication of any view ( which some may call propaganda)? Do you underestimate the intelligence of your readership to make their own judgment with regard to propaganda? What has independence got to do with this? Are you afraid that your advertisers might accuse you of being an agent of US army and stop the flow of cash?

No matter what, everything would still be under your control. I have read articles on this site that can easily be interpreted as propaganda for IRI, Zionists, Monarchists, Racists,….but that didn’t stop you from posting them. Why now? And why not from a government agency? I maybe totally off base, but to me this is censorship.

Contrary to what your motto suggests, your actions suggest that you have an agenda.

No offense.

With best regards


P.S. Anon Fish, you rock…..

rosie is roxy is roshan

Line in the Sand

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Journalism was

The Fourth Estate (Aristocracy, Bourgeoisie, Clergy, press)


 the fourth Check and Balance  (Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, press)

and you have to draw the line in the sand somewhere.


Use Disclaimers

by Khar on

Jahanshah a suggestion; use disclaimers on the articles posted by government agencies, private entities or individuals for that matter.  Such as: 

"The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent, and should not be attributed to or its staff".


"The views expressed on are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent, and should not be attributed to or its staff". 

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

spied on?  did you say SPIED ON?  by american government? 

as if that's a problem?  but wait.  i thought iranians who lived in america now WERE americans? 

right?  RIGHT?


Marge you are sexy hot! I

by Hairy (not verified) on

Marge you are sexy hot! I like to see more sexy pics too! centcom.milf is one hot site I tell you!


Not to walk against the crowd..

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

But you should have agreed if the posted articles would have the authors name and origin with it. I'm curious over what they would have to say.

If you walk around in certain Iranian forums on the net, especially military based ones where scientists and students talk about Iran's aerospace defence capabilities, you do bump into an american here or there that a: has to much scientific knowledge about advanced military hardware b: is always able to defend any american foreign policy crime with the awesome skill of a las vegas laywer. c: But still claims to be Larry Blueballs from Alabama when you confront them.

This site, tons of other Iranian sites, are constantly watched and spied on by the US gov. Reading their articles and propaganda often tells you what they are after.

So.. you should have accepted. Now we are going to have 15 users with the names like Ali035, PersianGal66 and Persianwarrior54 that spew their BS.

But your the great leader.. all hail to you.. so now that you refused cent com.. how about posting some more titty pictures my great fuhrer.. I wanna see more tittaes... TITTAAEES!!


to: Shazdeh

by spoton (not verified) on

shazdeh asdolah mirza:

Spot on, it's too

The site has become of a platform for agent provocauteurs of all stipes, including Iranian islamists terrorists wanna be...hahaha


Yes Zion, you seem to know ...!

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

The US Centcom wants a straightforward space for "their official view points", unlike Mehdi Mazloum behind whose name several Israelis wrote for the, some of whom knew Farsi so well that referred to Khandaniha and others who did not know Mehrnaz was not an Agha (!), (we have not heard of the rat since the beans were spilt!). That does not mean of course that Masloum is the only one, or he/she/they have not come back under other 'independent accounts', or that the US does not use 'independent accounts' ....but that can't be helped!

JJ, you should have asked them to write threads, we would have had great fun leaving comments!


Confusion is for those who want to be confused

by Hajminator on

It's trivial to unmask an agent who is registrated anonymously and spreads allegations in the sense of his/her organization's objectives.


Thanks Jahanshah

by Iruni (not verified) on

I know that you have your own limitation in terms of control over the articles, comments and even funding etc....but I have noticed that you allow everyone to have a voice here...

Of course there are some as Amir Kabir said trying to create hatred and hostility between Iranians but there is nothing you can do about it I suppose...

Being independent and impartial are always difficult but you have done your best.

Ba Sepas

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Sucker!! Mosad and Savama are using your site for free anyway!!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

JJ: don't be such a sucker for 'principles'; it's too late for you and me!

Anyways, the Mosad and the Savama are all over this site FOR FREE! Why would you turn down such a nice offer from a generous Gentile Suiter?

Just ask them: HOW MUCH and HOW SOON?

Be a patriot, use some of that BAILOUT money for crying out loud!! 



by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

you miss a lot of things don't let your little head worry about things like that.


Mr Javid

by curious (not verified) on

What is this organization and what duties do they have?



by cuti on

 jj is khoob.  afarin, it is nice to be azaad without any leash!


I'm confused

by tsion on

You said they have asked you for permission to write their points here. If they did not want to identify themselves, why this? I mean they could just open accounts here as unidentified "independent users" and then write their "favorable" stuff. Couldn't they?

I'm confused now. The fact that they approached you officially implied, to me at least, that they had intended to write about their official view points with real and official titles. Or am I still missing something?


Jahanshah Javid

Guest author?

by Jahanshah Javid on

Tsion, this is not a case of "guest authors".

There is no problem if a person with a real name and official title from the military, government or intelligence community submits an article. In such a case, we would know exactly who they are and what they represent.

But I don't believe that's what US Central Command is looking for.

U.S. government/military information agencies produce publications in Iraq (and other countries) and have paid other media outlets to run articles favorable to the U.S. These publications and writers do not identify themselves as U.S. dependents. They present themselves as independent journalists.

I don't want to open to that kind of official propaganda.


I still don't see the point

by tsion on

New York Times or the Jerusalem Post are newspaper with clear columnists and journalist. They are not open for anyone to write something, including a representative of the government. But they do accept articles from guest authors and if a government official has a valid point to make in an article, they'll publish it under the author's name.

This is a website where everyone can join in principle, create a user name and write stuff. SO by the same token, I don't see how having contributions from representatives of a government organization changes anything or takes away the independence of the site.

What exactly is the problem? You think they'll get more and more involved until they take over the decision making and that you will afraid to close their accounts afterwards? Or do you fear some of the contributors will shy away out of fear, as a cultural baggage of having experienced totalitarian systems in their home country? Again what exactly is the problem? Having a specific user as a representative of a government organization contributing as one among many in the articles, blogs or comments, how does that jeopardize the independence of this site?




by Hajminator on

What are you complaining about? When JJ says : But I can tell that the same 99 percent are "real" individuals. . For me you are in the 1%.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Q, we do not accept advertising from the military or the intelligence establishment. We have removed CIA ads from the automatic google ads and we have denied ad requests from the National Guard.

Advertising space is not the same as content.

Yes the BBC is a news organization. They can advertise all they want. So can the VOA, Radio Zamaneh or... that's not the same as being directly and or secretly funded by a government.'s only source of income is advertising. But it's survival does not depend on ads from the BBC or the like.

Also, running ads like the BBC does not mean that accepts whatever they air or do. If there's an ad on for a hair growth product, doesn't mean we endorse it.

anonymous fish

couldn't resist

by anonymous fish on


Good move

by Abarmard on

And it's nice of them to ask. Although I am very curious to see what it was that they wanted to publish. 

Iranian Americans are great asset for the future talks between the US and Iran. Let's hope peace. 

anonymous fish

oh lord

by anonymous fish on

does anyone doubt that is probably on every government's "my favorites" list?  some fool sits there day in and day out monitoring the

zion.  there is a big difference between publishing personal opinions and governmental ones.  i don't think it's out of any moral integrity of JJ's that he doesn't want to start with that kind of stuff...and more a practical one.   if you think it's courage or integrity, take a look around

jeez kaveh... are you SURE you're not from the south?  double wide on 3 acres?  yore livin' in high cotton bubba.


Only Iranian Jimzbund is allowed !

by jimzbund on

Thanks JJ , for promoting Irani jenseh Irani bekhar. As long as jimzbund is in this site , there is no need for external intelligence services !  Jahanshah has learned the lesson from Shah !

Javid bashi jahanshah 

Bund, Jimz Bund


Mr. Javid, something is still missing

by Q on

I admire your reply which indicates a stance toward independence but not if it is just a token to legitimize the other kinds of government influence that goes on around here.

If your intention is to keep the forums free from government sponsored propaganda why allow so many government funded entities to advertise, post news stories and write blogs?

Isn't BBC government? I have seen at least a dozen organizations with either direct government support, or significant government funding run ads, post news and press releases here.

Let's say, Tsion below decides to work an extra shift and also propaganize US Military in addition to the Israeli one, why would that be any different?

Kaveh Nouraee

Good thing!

by Kaveh Nouraee on

If they see the arguments we have here they'll lock all of us up.

Oh, and if anyone from Centcom is monitoring this:

The name's Bubba, I live in a double-wide on 3 acres my grandpappy left me just oustide of North Harelip, Arkansas. Mile marker 12.

Anytime you wanna come visit, don't even have to gimme a holler. Just drop on by and sit a spell. My place is the one with 5 pickup trucks parked in front. (Only one of them runs though). Just be careful not to trip over the transmission laying in the front yard.

It's OK if you kick my coon-dog, "Blue", though. Dumb sombitch chewed the Hank Williams, Jr. quilt my sweet Lurleen made for me.