Iranian(s) of the year?

Jahanshah Javid
by Jahanshah Javid

Our tech guru Foaad has created a special page for online polls. He has twice reminded me to use it for selecting the Iranian of the year for 2008. So before it gets too late, I want to share some names with you.

I think the 2008 Iranian of the year should include the following. Note that these are SIGNIFICANT Iranians, NOT necessarily the BEST. I'm sure I've missed some important names, so help me out:

-- Shirin Ebadi
-- Students who've demanded freedom and democracy in public rallies at numerous universities.
-- The One Million Signatures Campaign (women's rights activists in Iran)
-- Marjane Satrapi
-- Mohsen Namjoo
-- Hossein Derakhshan
-- Six detained leaders of the Bahai faith.
-- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Who did I miss? Let me know and I will set up the poll. HERE IT IS.


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I recommend Mrs

by ajam111 (not verified) on

I recommend Mrs khorshidkhanom or sorry she writes it as khanoom to be the person of the year.
she calls someone bisavaad and yet she cannot spell persianglish words.

She says nemifahmin for Namifahmid.
she would say noon for naan and dokoon for dokaan
based on the education she has.
Maybe she thinks this is cute to damage Parsi, by distorting the wrods.
in the spoken language is some parts of tehran one may use what he likes but to promote and teach the youth the proper language a self claimed educated lady needs to pay more attention unless she thinks she knows and that is then impossible to teach one who thinks who knows it all already.


"BI SAVAD nabashin," Is this

by Hadi vatandoost (not verified) on

"BI SAVAD nabashin,"
Is this Persian? khanome baa savaade chaploos?

Hadi saei was mentioned several times be several people and still missed unintentionally? zereshk.

JJ go ahead and delete this one. Then we know what your agenda is

Free Spirit

When is the announcement?!

by Free Spirit on

When will JJ announce the winner?



Baba mage nemifahmin

by KhorshidKhanoom on

haminja neveshte ke in faghat ye liste komak konin behesh ezafe konam

va hame davaa ra mindanzan?? ajabaa!

BI SAVAD nabashin, negah konid:

"I think the 2008 Iranian of the year should include the following. Note that these are SIGNIFICANT Iranians, NOT necessarily the BEST. I'm sure I've missed some important names, so help me out"


Mr. Adib, A picture is worth

by goorg (not verified) on

Mr. Adib,
A picture is worth thousand words.
please look at the list again. will you?
American courts are full of defendents and plaintiffs and all swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. the lawyers likewise support them and sayt eh client is right.
so half of those going to court do not tell the truth.
the number is big, OMG.

Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on

Actually goorg, JJ has said before that he is secular, so please don't bring religion into the mixture as it has nothing to do with his choices.


no Saei? i will leave this

by goorg (not verified) on

no Saei? i will leave this site.
the web guy is either jewish or bahai or mko or shahi. so all he supports the anti iri people and concepts. no wonder the mullas block this site.
so this shows that mr. Jahanbakhsh javid is bahai or jew or simply ex shah supporter.
he will censor this for sure, but he will not see or many of my friends at this site anymore.


Daryon and Dad

by Anonymous I. (not verified) on

You totally forgot to add our cute popsicle lover and his dad to your list.


criteria suggested 1. no

by ag (not verified) on

criteria suggested 1. no one

I like this criteria
but what happened to Hadi Saei
I think he is the real hero and others are just full of hot air.
Mr. jJ maybe you don't like sports or gold medal from Olympic, or you think anyone could have done it.


Ey baba JJ jan.....

by Souri on

Did you omit HADI SAEI ?? Why ? He is a national champion of the year 2008, and you didn't mention him at all ?

What Golshiifteh or Namjoo did last year for the Iranian ? what is your masure honey ? What that means ?

Plus, this way of voting is not fair at all, because one person can vote many times naming the same choice ....Na baba in nemishe ! man bazi nistam......



by capt_ayhab on


Job well done. Thanks to you and your staff.


capt_ayhab [-YT]

Jahanshah Javid

Vote now

by Jahanshah Javid on

Here is teh poll:

Thank you all for your suggestions :o)

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

In one fell swoop you have singlehandedly disqualified everyone.

That should make this nomination so much easier!


criteria suggested 1. no one

by diditellu (not verified) on

criteria suggested

1. no one who has lied to others to get promoted
2. no one who has used others to get rich
3. no one who has avoided giving promotions to his fellow iranianamerican just to prove to others that he hates other iranianamerican
4. no one who goes to qom with beard and comes to west with tie
5. no one who goes to haj and spends thousands to buy gifts
6. no one who takes money south of persian gulf
7. no one who spends money in UAE or other sheikhdoms
8. no one who cheats on his wife
9. no one who does not help the earthquake victims flood victims,..
10 no one who has never donated anything to salvation army red cross, ...or
11. no one who thinks his children are the best
12 . no one who thinks he will go to heaven
13. and no one who does not understand this


Please also Add Hooshang Amirahmadi

by benbagheri on

Dr. Amirahmadi is the founder of AIC (American Iraian Council), an activist and an advocate of civilized discourse and rapproachment between US and the IRI.


Please add Nikahang Kowsar

by benbagheri on

He is a leading blogger, activist and cartoonist.

Homan Mohabadi Ebrahimi


by Homan Mohabadi Ebrahimi on

-- Students who have demanded freedom and democracy in public rallies at numerous universities.

-- Poet Manouchehr Saadat Noury

-- Poetess Simin Behbahani



by KB on

Its early still. The comments will come.

But may be, just may be, there are a lot of people in agreement with me in this particular case.

I do however sympathise with you (not that you need my sympathy), you are given more than your fair share of hard time in the various blogs. If it is any consolation, I am almost always in agreeement with you. 



I Nominate

by capt_ayhab on

I nominate the woman student of Zanjan University, who  was brave enough to go up against all the threats of the so-called disciplinary committee and university authorities. She refused to give in to their SEXUAL demands and instead helped gather evidence to prove the corruption and abusive action of university vice-chancellor Hassan Madadi.

Along with her, I nominate entire student body at Zanjan University for staging 30,000 strong protest in her support .

capt_ayhab [-YT]



by IRANdokht on

What's your secret?  if I had said that (Go find some more ...this is about the Iranian of the year) I would have been bombarded with hate comments from Iranians and non-Iranians alike defending the right of all people to participate on this website.

Maybe they are assuming you're not female and therefore I am an easier target...  

I need a new user ID ;-)



you all need to really know

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

you all need to really know the people in person to vote for them justly
once you had an iranian of the day whom i would not name here. he was executive and hated iranians by nature and he liked to use them and dop them. every iranian american who worked for him was upset. he was a selfish individual and god knows how many times he has lied.
if that kind of man is iranian of the year then, maybe morad barghi is better to be chosen rather than him.


Observer, Damet Garm.. Efriteh is the perfect adjective

by KB on

Had to laugh, had not heard the word "Efriteh" for such a long time.



Lets ignore this Efriteh for a while and vote for the Iranian of

by Observer (not verified) on

the year. I vote for Mohsen Namjoo for his music and songs.


Dear KB

by Zion on

Are you suggesting your president is not Iranian? Given the direction this site is being driven towards, Mahmoud has to be a heroic role model... at least here. Can't you see this? I'm just stating the obvious.


Zion and her elk give us a break

by KB on

Very few people took you seriously before and even less will do now. I am all for freedom of speech etc on this site but:

Do you ever shut up. Do you have anything else to do but be on this site incessantly drivelling on. I cant imagine you being terribly  social, other than the temple of course and most men want to run a mile as soon as you corner them with your geek speak. So do not bring your inadequacies here and give us a break.

This is one party you should not have crashed you dont belong in this debate. Go find some more obscure Isreli site for a few hours this is about the Iranian of the year.

Rad Lanjani


by Rad Lanjani on

My choice is poet-author Dr Manouchehr Saadat Noury for his excellent literary works. You surely agree with me if you read his articles like "First Iranians", "Missing Moments", and "Suri, the Persian Rose", or his thoughtful poems like "No Longer, Nah Diggar", "God's Patience, Sabr-e Khoda", "Homeland, Sarzamin", and "Identity, Hoavyyat". 


Simin Behbahani as my nominee

by Azad bashim (not verified) on

Simin Behbahbi was presented with the 2009 Simone de Beauvoire prize in Paris on behalf of the "one million signatures" movement for equality and liberation of women in Iran.



yachov, zion,, all sick

by anymousewww (not verified) on

yachov, zion,, all sick people.
look what they do to a nice thread.
leave all the politis out.
I vote for Hadi Saei
TEST for this:

just suppose the person you are nominating is sitting arcoss the table from you.
now let's say the other person is shirin or someone else. i bet you that you will say to yourslef oh i am better than her. she is....
but if the other person is Hadi Saei you will be humbled and ...
so admit it. he is the best.


To all open and closeted IRI supporters and Co. on this site

by My nominees (not verified) on

I would nominate people of Gaza as Iranians of the year. wouldn't you agree?


Deceased Nominees

by Yachov on

Ayaz Marhoni (18) and Mahmoud Asgari (16) executed for alleged homosexuality in 2005.