Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!
by Jahanshah Javid

Talk about starting the New Year with a bang! Or boom rather.

I was planning to stay in  San Francisco Bay Area for another week. I had not had a chance to see some of my friends. But my sister Michelle wanted me in Chihuahua on March 21 to see the David Guetta concert. It's rare that a superstar performs in this Mexican city. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, Michelle insisted. I was not so convinced. I'm a Guetta fan but not THAT much of a fan.

The concert was in a former Home Depot building near my sister's house. When we (my sister, her friend Lizet, my nephew Robert and I) got there around 10:30, the place was almost full. There must have been more than 4,000 people packed in there. Half an hour later Guetta got on stage and was greeted with a wild roar. It seemed everyone had their camera or camera-phone in the air, filming and taking pictures.

It was a fun night. Three hours of throbbing, ear-popping, boom boom boom house beats can become tiring, but Guetta managed to keep everyone happy with variations of his hit songs from the hugely successful "One Love" album.

I filmed some of the songs and Robert made a compilation video, but the sound quality is not good. It was just too loud for my camera to handle. See photos.


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JJ & Foad

by SamSamIIII on


& invisible staff of, guessing in the hussle & bussle of the site I missed my Noeroozi shaadbaash to the host & his team behind the scene . Thanks for the not so perfect site, selfless hard work & tolerance toward those who drop by in your cyber corner.

Cheers & best wishes!!!

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Oh, what a pity

by Souri on

I think we must to look for another new entertainment.

I loved those quiz pages though.

Thank you.

Jahanshah Javid

No questions left

by Jahanshah Javid on

Souri, there was a quiz question almost every day for 3-4 years or so. It became harder and harder to come up with a new one.


JJ jon, hala ke misheh birabt ham harf zad ;)

by Souri on

It's quite a while I wanted to ask you why there's no more Quiz on the main page? I liked it a lot. Can you put it back again? Please?


Formating option link?

by capt_ayhab on


Bazia gardan koloftan inja engar............Good for you!


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You moved the formatting options link. What a relief!


Way to go JJ!

by Monda on

What a great way to start a new year!  I had never heard of the artist until I heard him on your Stuff.  Doostaan be jaaye maa :o)

The Phantom Of The Opera


by The Phantom Of The Opera on

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.