Why support monarchy if the facts are against it??


by iranvataneman

This is to those that support monarchy in Iran. After knowing it failed miserably, and it was overthrown, why do you support it?? Are you really so self centered and pathetic, that you decide to live in a dream world, and deny the truth spat right in your face?? Are you proud of all the Iranian women that worked in brothels and drugged up with opium and narcotics, for the shah to sell as sexual luxury to Europeans and Westerners? Are you proud of the fact that Amnesty International ranked Iran as the worst violator of human rights from the period of 1975-1976?? Is this not an indicator that left to the revolution that shortly came about?? If the revolution occured, then why do you support monarcy?? (doesn't sound logical if you ask me!!)

So answer me this questions, with all these obvious flaws, the rampant unemployment, the fascist imposition of Persian nationalism upon the multitude of Iranian minorities. The lack of support for housing, electricity, gas, water, and basic human rights deprived in many of Iran's provinces. Why do you guys support such a terrible corrupt regime, especially one that stole billions of dollars and fled the country, only to have it set up for an 8 year long decade war to wipe out its people, its culture, and its perseverance.

Answer me these questions, if you can. If not cease to use your non-existant beliefs or opinions, that lack any slight bit of logic or rational, with very little value or moal if any.

Also if you claim you care about Iran so much, why don't you go to the poor regions like Hormozgan, Baluchistan, Golestan, and Western Azerbaijan, and start helping those poor needy civilians that lack basic water, electricity, gas, and other basic rights?? The basij and the Islamic Republic of Iran, spends a lot of money and time, especially with Ahmadinejad in power, compared to the previous presidents who spent less in these areas. So insetad of criticizing and attacking Dr. Ahmadinejad, the basij, and other people who dedicate their time and energy into supporting the poor, improving Iran's technology, science, sports, literature, music, and culture, why do you just sit in your homes, and talk all day??

It shows where they stand, and where you guys stand, it shows who cares, and who puts their back to their own nation. Cowards is  what all you are :)


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Marjan Zahed Kindersley

John Cage:

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas.

I'm frightened of the old ones."




lesser of two evils?

by capt_ayhab on

Just because Pahlavi killed less does not put them in the angels corner. 

Reality is that IF they had not suppressed so much, if they had not turn the country to pure dictatorship  with one part ruling[Rastakhize e Meli] we perhaps wouldn't be were we are not. It is like letting free someone who has killed one person by comparing his action to a serial killer. They are both murderers only to a different degree.


Free from one dictatorship, and onto another one.

Good post


Darius Kadivar

Exactly humanbeing ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I like your Greek Anology and their use of Metaphorical images to get their ideas through even more efficiently.

I have studied Semiotics and Film editing at University so it helps ;0) 

As for using the links you can double click on the youtube videos to find the original link ( then eventually retype the title in the search engine to find the exact path link)

To embed it you then do the following in order:

1) Open Brackets "["

2) write "Video:"

3) add Your Link

4) Close Brackets "]"

And you have your video embedded like this: "[" "video:" "Link" "]" ( without the quotation marks)

thanks for your support and interest,

take care,





What reasons against monarchy?

by mehdi79 on

The way this guy iranvataneman is describing Pahlavi Era as if Reza Shah & Mohd Reza Shah received Iran from Qajar like an advanced & progressed country & once they ruled it they destroyed it completely (Typical Islamic Regime propaganda).

Why these guys when they talk about Pahlavi time they alwasy negative? how come they never mention Mr Mahmoud Khayami who was the owner & manager of Iran Nasional (Car company) so progressed to the point that Koreans were begging him for advice? or Dr Davar who established the modern judiciary system. Late Dr Farrokhroo Parsa our first female ministry of educationwho was executed by islamic regime. Even Shahbanoo Farah herself was a champion of women rights & education. how come they never mention that education was free for everyone, even if you were a TOODEI or MOJAHID or ISLAMIST you would have gotten government scholarship as long as .., I lived & educated under islamic regimenon of the above exists ...

Next time you Iranvataneman & all other anti-monarchists have anything to say, please get your facts rights first & please dont get your facts from islamic regime TV?

Shah was selling women? who is the biggest ZAN BAAREH than your beloved ayatullas? for god sakes khamenei's representative in Dubai (ayatulla CHERAGHI) pimps women from iran & other $100 each. Brother PASDAR brings women to dubai for selling to arab sheikhs & Mr Cheraghi gets piece of the action. Very Lucrative islamic business. Shah was so descent that during ramadan or Moharam he had the brothels closed.

as we say HANA TOON RANG BAKHTEH my friend Iranvataneman & others. EEN TALEH RO JAYE DIGARI BEZARIN


ywlcome, with i knew how

by humanbeing on

your welcome. wish i knew how to include links in my comments, then they'd look like yours (maybe some opinions not the same), but i'm neanderthal technologically. i liked your link of ettore scola on another thread, for example.

the message sometimes gets across better by other 'language' or discourse than exchange of insults or verbal argumentation, or by slogans that become formulaic. you know, the ancient greeks used to prove things by geometry and by drawings rather than by formulae. they didn't do so badly intellectually.

Darius Kadivar

Thank You humanbeing

by Darius Kadivar on

Glad you found my feedbacks, contributions and links useful.

Warm Regards,


Darius Kadivar

Your Very Own IRI Intelligenstia Begs to Differ too ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


ps: a propos 'boring' utube clips

by humanbeing on

with all respect

watching the SECOND clip in dk's comment, coverage of the baseeji attack on tehran university dorms, i almost choked.

did you even open it, or did you decide ahead of time not to?

if you did see it, did you remain 'bored', 'jaded'? was it not newsworthy, not informative, not shocking? (not that newsworthy has to be shocking).

beside the inhumane violence, there is a symbolically chilling message of this clip. it perhaps should not be framed by a context of monarchy/theocracy debate, but by a knowledge/ignorance debate. at 2:55 there is a closeup on the inscription at the entrance to the gate of a house of learning. the photo was dark and my persian is very elementary. sure, the reporters always like to squeeze as much pathos out of a report as they can, but still...

the fire, the burning of people and apparatus of learning and knowledge must remind one of the book burning at biberplatz in berlin in the '30s. the hatred of knowledge and learning is terrifying. what brought the attackers to such pinnacles of hatred? against their own compatriots, their own culture, their fellow humanbeings?


i don't close my mind to ideas of dk or yours

by humanbeing on

why dismiss someone's opinion without even listening? what's the point of a dialogue, or even of a reciprocation-of-echoblogue? how will we evolve? i don't want to go back to the stone age. i don't want innocent people to be killed. i don't want children to be brainwashed. if someone bombs iran that is what will happen, and it will have happened partially as a product of indoctrination from childhood, pg ignorance, of bigotry, and of stubborn partisanship on all sides. in that sense it is everybody's business.

about minding my own business, i am just trying to be careful not to preach to others when the situation where i am is a mess, and i could do more closer to home to contribute to a better world.


Sargord Pirouz

Don't even bother.

by Sargord Pirouz on

Don't even bother. Monarchists are an embarrassing collection of quacks.

Can you imagine a German or an American advocating the return of the Kaiser or renewed allegiance to Elizabeth? Yeah, that's how seriously we take our exiled quacks that advocate a return to the Pahlavis.

Quack on, DK, quack on. Or better yet, post another collection of boring, borderline relevant YouTube clicks- that seems to be your (lack of) style. 


education is power

by humanbeing on

monarchy vs theocracy is really none of my business. i'm not iranian. i just wanted to encourage your voices here to campaign for education from a young age and in all sectors. no to incitement and indoctrination, yes to knowledge and education. where i come from we bemoan how the education system here is down the drain, and the achievement for math and science is so good in places like iran. i don't bemoan it, i think slowly education will create a better world but it's no quick fix.


thanks. I do believe that

by vildemose on


I do believe that most of these brainwashed basejees have bought into all the lies and fabrications of the state mafia. I do belive that they must truly believe in all of these ludicrous propaganda wholeheartedly. How else could they support and commit murder for these vampiric clergies?

Darius Kadivar

vildemose Jaan you'll learn more here

by Darius Kadivar on

This is where the Future IRI elite is being trained to "think" as loyal Aparatchiks of the Regime:

DOCUMENTARY: Training of the Future IRI Political Elite ( ARTE TV)

Many are indeed Bassijees or linked to the regime due to family ties or because they belong to families of former martyres of the Revolution or of Iran IRaq War Veterans ...

Check out the first video ( a French documentary) in the above link:

If you go to 15 : 24 sec you will see that a student if given a French Political magazine with an interview of Crown Prince Reza ... The Student although perplex calls the Crown Prince : Reza SHAH and Not merely Reza Pahlavi  ... ;0)


Basijee "intellectual

by vildemose on

Basijee "intellectual prowess" on display...How sad and  pathetic. Is this entity  product of a  poor standard of 'education' system in Iran or he/she is just a mindless and dutiful shill for the IRI? BTW, a new "cultural revolution" in Kindergartens:



Is this a satire??  

by vildemose on

Is this a satire??


Darius Kadivar

FYI/pictory:Women Status and Industry Under Pahlavi Era ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Women Status and Industry Under Pahlavi Era ...

pictory: Promotional Film on Women during Pahlavi Era (1970's) 

pictory: Iran's Industrial Progress-Pahlavi Era Promotional Film (1970's)

And No one claims Iran was Perfect under the Shah but to resort to such absurd and reductive comments cannot be anything but the result of years of Brain washing I suppose ...


iranvataneman (sure it is)

by jamshid on

"Are you proud of all the Iranian women that worked in brothels and drugged up with opium and narcotics, for the shah to sell as sexual luxury to Europeans and Westerners?"

engaar shah bi kaar bood. Only a mind raised in the sewers of IRI propaganda could come up with not just a lie, but a "stupid" lie like this.

"Are you proud of the fact that Amnesty International ranked Iran as the worst violator of human rights from the period of 1975-1976?"

Amensty International was just a "useful tool" in the hands of the Western powers who wanted to topple the shah's regime. It only reflected the very lies spread in Iran itself at the time (eg, 300,000 political prisoners 600,000 people killed overall, 10,000 killed in Jaleh square, etc.)

Today, we know these numbers were false. Also, Amnesty International went mute when the IRI's killing machine began its work, also went mute in comparision when 8000 people were massacred by the IRI. Makes one wonder about Amnesy't agenda.

the rampant unemployment...

Rampant unemployment. Yeah right. For your information, Iran's unemployment was 0% during the last years of the Shah's reign. This is just more "lies" from you. There were years that it was even in the negatives and we needed to import workers.

"the fascist imposition of Persian nationalism upon the multitude of Iranian minorities."

Compared to the today's fascist imposition of Islamic rules, mollah version, most minorities today envy the Shah's days.

"The lack of support for housing, electricity, gas, water..."

ahuh, yeah right. The shah's regime support for housing, electricity, gas and water was astonishing considering where it started from. You'll have to re-educate yourself about the days of 1920s when the Pahlavi took over. Deaseae, poverty, kak, shepesh, saalak, and so on was rampant. gas, electricity and water was non-existant.

In only 50 years, two generations, Iran improved on all of these at rates that could not be beaten. Not you, not your uncle, not anyone could have done better, considering the aweful starting conditions.

"especially one that stole billions of dollars and fled the country"

Iran's entire gross domestic products and entire oil revenue in those days wasn't at levels that "billions" could be stolen. You are a moron who can't even do basic math.

"only to have it set up for an 8 year long decade war to wipe out its people, its culture, and its perseverance."

Let's see here. You don't blame Khomeini for setting up the war, but you blame the Shah for it?

I mean, who could think this way? Being raised in the sewers of the IRI propaganda does this sort of things to a poor mind like yours.

Darius Kadivar

Wow now That is What I call a Mature Opinion piece !

by Darius Kadivar on

maziar 58

Amoo jan

by maziar 58 on

Amoo jan I can't bend enough to see the gloriouse Iran you're talking about, you must be smoking good stuff to puff these non-sences.

Khuzestan is the second or third LARGEST source of oil & gas energy in the world and still waiting for full reconstruction from 80-88 war damages and their out put in$$$$ goes first to hizbolah then Tehran to build high rises or JAILS .


who cares about the return of.........

Iranians are struggling to get FREEDOM be it REPUBLIC or MONARCHY .

anfolanzaye akhondi must leaveIRAN .         Maziar


Let us not forget the signs

by shahanshahesmail on

Let us not forget the signs outside the US army controlled areas in iran ,where particular shops had signs that read "No dogs or Iranians allowed"

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

"Are you proud of all the Iranian women that worked in brothels and
drugged up with opium and narcotics, for the shah to sell as sexual
luxury to Europeans and Westerners?"


Hmm...didn't know that. Thanks for the info.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Yes they are proud of bad human rights

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Because the "humans" weren't human in their eyes.

And they justify and sanitize it quite well. It may be amnesia and Alzeimers. It's been a while. It's fun to forget when you have pictures of shiny tiaras and taj. The only reason they are outraged about the human rights problem in iran is to promote an overfed, undereducated moron son of the other idiot.

Great blog. I like your energy.  

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

the mood of this place seems different :)