IRI & Shah oil policies

Sadegh Zibakalam insists that Islamic Republic follows same oil policies as the Shah


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mullah-kosh and others. About Modernity.

by Abarmard on


I will be very happy to answer all the questions that you may have. I am not an intellectual but a person who has ideas maybe other than what is preached. When I return I will answer all your questions. To quickly respond let me say that GDP based policies is a word that I have come up with from discovering wrong policies that emphasizes one directional methods in order to reach one goal that is economic growth. While economic growth is good, the balance to match the culture and social structure is also important. Perhaps ideology is the only balance against economy. Look at it this way, why are the Europeans more concerned about their cultural changes, which is a part of the globalization, than Malaysians? Although Europeans have gradually grown to experience modernity and modernism, they are still very concern about the possible loss of their core cultural strength. You should be too.

The reality of the world is based on economic opportunities. Those opportunities are not to be lost! When a country is formed to host businesses, businesses will come. So the factor of reaching a so-called better "economy" is within the reach of providing businesses the landscape. That’s the formula. Nothing more. Never too late. Therefore the fact that Iran would have been so or could have been such is mere non-sense. As you may travel to those countries that may have been and are, you will see that it's not the "shit" that many claim them to be!

What is it that we want? From a surface, you may see a beautiful picture that is full of promises, but once entered, the reality hits. Just like many developing countries that think, business and more capital will solve their cultural or/and social problems. Well the news is, think again!

I have a proposal set for some universities. The proposal is based on developing a core cultural concept for the host country. The capital can be reached and generated yet the method would differ.

Although I do not want changes to take place in Vietnam, because I greatly value the culture and life style but I do recognize that some important changes need to take place to satisfy the growing need for money. That's what I call the balance. MBA and other business students are thought horribly about a wrongly assumption and formulations that disregards culture and social mix in an environment. Similar to the European and Western population who are greatly threatened by non western ideologies and cultures, the rest of the world also needs to develop a sustainable and pro cultural programs along with business policies. In Iran, we are not too far behind and we can change some of our anti-capital platform into a sustainable business model that includes our cultural and social needs. The trick is to stop thinking one directional from a Western perspective and think regional based on strength and possibilities that the place offers. 

I will explain more soon. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

IRR Apologists

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You have robbed us and yourselves from our nation.Then chickened out and ran away to the West. Next you betray the nations that took you. What kind of people are you? It makes me sick to read post by people whose only ability is to betray. They first betrayed Iran now they betray their new homes. You give us all a bad name and embarrass both yourselves and the rest of us. Go and hide in whatever hole you may find. Then demand to build your minarets.

Neither Iran nor the West needs you. Iran never rejects her children even ones as rotten as you. So there will always be a bolt hole for you to run to after you betray your latest hiding hole. Just remember how lucky you are.



by mullah-kosh on

The best test of one's theories is experiment their validity. How come you don't live in Iran? Would you let your children go to school in Iran, or Malaysia if you only had a choice between the two?

While you are at it, please enlighten the rest of the "intellectual" world as to what constitutes a "non GDP based economic policy(ies)"?  I use the word intellectual, becaue you seem to shoot out a lot of big words. Also, what do you mean by educational landscape? How did you come to this conclusion that Iran is way ahead of those countries you mentioned. Are you living in East Asia, or did you go there as a tourist? I know a lot of Iranians  also "fall" in love with the backwardness of Iran when they visit there every other year for 2 weeks. For them, Los Angeles, and NY becomes too much, and see Iran as a escape from modernity. They need their dose of tradition, and what they call "genuine" living. After two weeks, they are back in NY, and SF driving their mercedes benz, playing on their iphones, and writing nonsense on Iranian forums.


such a crook moron

by rain bow movment on

after 30 years still trying to coverup thier mismangement.

such a crook bunch of moron,the missile technology that ugly khosh chehreh is talking about is either russian or chainese blue print  with japanese helped technology.

we belive you moron IRI is independent.


Truth from horse's mouth

by MRX1 on

Truth is an amazing thing. Finaly dumb ass islamists are admitting that shah of Iran was not a traitor and what ever we have in Iran today is by product of hard work of great Reza shah and his son.


Yes ghalam-doon

by Abarmard on

You are right. I arrived to Vietnam from Malaysia and I believe that people around this part of the world would dream to have programs like this. Not only this, the educational land scape is nothing close to Iran. In many ways, one would realize that we are not following full potential but are on the right path. Visiting countries that have gone to total GDP based policies and define success as such, to those who are trying to find their niche, Iran will be fine. I have no doubt.

I understand those who live in the US, including myself, imagining Iran to be similar to San Francisco or the US cities. South Asian countries also are doing so and it's not so pretty picture. Lost of identity is visible and those visitors who visit a "Resort" style countries vs naturally grown, fall in love with those  "real" countries. The trick is to find the balance. Iran and countries like Iran, should carefully examine the pace of economic growth and direction before fully pledge their promises and contracts...

This is a very important topic that should only be open to those who are economists, financiers, and politicians related to them. This topic should not in any way be affected by public opinion from those who are looking to reach a quick gain in the process. 

Hopefully more on this later. 


RE:ZibaKalaam, good video! he is not put in jail yet?

by obama on

WOW! They actually let him talk like this? I think, they are loosening up the freedom of speech a little in order to calm people down and stay in power!

He is right and not! It is true that the zionist and differnt industries are in control of the US governement. However, what he is saying is not to use this as an excuse by blaming all of IRI's shortcomings on them.

Actually, he would be a good negtiator with the US zionist counter parts by showing them his nose as a proof that he is indeed an undercover jew! LOL

Artificial Intelligence

Zebakalam says it like it is

by Artificial Intelligence on

I like they way he talks to these Islamist imbeciles.

Here is another great clip right after Obama was elected.  




wow, this is an admission of

by vildemose on

wow, this is an admission of failure of epic proportion for the IRI and vindication of late rp...

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: what we have been saying for 30 years

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are 100% right dear mahmoudg. The price has been 30+ years of terror on our nation. Still going on and torturing our people. It is unbelievable there are still people who defend Islam! 

Finially a few people are realizing the true nature of Islam.


what we have been saying for 30 years

by mahmoudg on

This revolution was a failure from its inception,  these morons who call themselves PhD's, nationalists, Iran lovers, Muslims!!, followed a failed cleric into oblivion.  They finally realized (at least seems like Zeebakalam did) it was not the Shah, but Islam that is the root of all our problems. 


جهت گیریهای اصولی"


جهت گیریهای اصولی به سمت حسابهای بانکی‌ رهبر, رفسنجانی‌ و غیره

The Phantom Of The Opera


by The Phantom Of The Opera on

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.

Darius Kadivar

If Mehdi Kalhor drives His Peykan like his own wife No wonder

by Darius Kadivar on

It broke down ...

Mehdi Kalhor : President Ahmadinejad's adviser, wife beater:


And by the way as Cultural Advisor Mehdi Kalhor. tried to ban Persepolis from the Cannes Film Festival when it was Awardedcalling Persepolis is an "Islamophobic Film» and Anti IRanian film:

See Here:



The approve Zibakalaam finaly!

by choghok on

They dont want to say it openly but finally they approve what zibaakalaam says from the start. I do not know where they want to go by letting Zibakalam speak his mind. Do they want to put up an act to show that they allow criticism? But then again Zibakalam is really not criticizing Ahmaghinejad and his thugs.

One thing though, this guy who claims that because of wiper thingie many people died in Peykans, that is the first time ever I heard of that. And if that is missmanagement it is nothing compare to how traffic police allows people to drive in Iran and how they themselves drive. 


Very Engaging Debate

by ghalam-doon on

Too bad we couldn't hear clearly what Ziba-Kalaam had to say.

I was young when the revolution happened and at the time I was not really interested in politics. But I wonder if we had similar debates on TV before the revolution.

Personally, I don't remember anything like this program. As far as I remember, after Carter became the US president and started his push to promote human rights around the world, there was a single program on Shabakeh 2 where some university profs talked about economic issues and that was the extent of debates on TV. The rest of TV was American movies and some popular Iranian shows like Morad Barghi and Gharib-Afshar's variety show.

Darius Kadivar

So The Revolution was because of a rotten Peykan Dandeh ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Bravo Mehdi Kalhor !


With a Father Like Him No Wonder His daughter Fled For Austria ...

She even concluded that the Revolution was an Error ...

The Islamic Revolution was to Iran what George Bush was to America:

A Reign of Error !


It should never Had happened in the First Place !

Long Live Reza Shah II and the Royal Restoration !


Hee Hee


You bet

by capt_ayhab on

We both sell them oil and pocket the money.



Darius Kadivar

FYI/French Documentary on IRI's Elite Schools (ARTE, 2009)

by Darius Kadivar on

Made Shortly before the Last Elections: 

Iran : la fabrique des élites islamiques


If you go to 15 : 24 sec you will see that a student if given a French Political magazine with an interview of Crown Prince Reza ...

The Student although perplex calls the Crown Prince : Reza SHAH and Not Reza Pahlavi  ... ;0)