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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I haven't seen the new one yet and I'll probably wait until it comes out on HBO.

As far as the violence, what can you expect? We have become so culturally desensitized to it.

I enjoyed Casino Royale too. Maybe it stems from the fact that Casino Royale is an Ian Fleming story where as Quantum of Solace isn't. I think The Living Daylights was the last Fleming 007 story (Timothy Dalton SUCKED as Bond in my opinion, by the way).

I guess I'm nostalgic, too. I still enjoy watching Sean Connery as Bond. To me he's the best. Plus it's not the same without Q or Moneypenny.



I saw the movie. I agree it

by Derakhshandeh (not verified) on

I saw the movie. I agree it was more like Bourne and too much violence for the sake of violence itself, really unncessary.

Desi is right, Daniel Craig is really a good James Bond which makes seeing his movies worthwhile. It is just the producers' fault who fail to see the Bond tradition and stay away from adventure du jour.

Bourne didn't become successful because they saw a fault with Bond. They just became good on their own. They actually stole the idea from Casino Royale where Bond chased the bad guy on the tower crane!

Sort of like our fellow Iranians here and there where they see fashionable to loose their own identity (currently not the good old days) over what is fashionable from one day to another.

All and all a trashy James Bond but still good enough to see it during the holidays. After all it is Bond, James Bond!


Marge, I haven't seen the

by desi on


I haven't seen the new Bond film.  I did like Casino Royale.  I must say Daniel Craig is gorgeous.  Much better looking then let's say Roger Moore.  The critics slammed this new one and really had a problem with the new "Bond girl" pick.  Here's a list of the ones from the past.  My favorite is Pussy Galore.  Great band from the 80's too.



Jason Bourne reigns supreme

by a Bourne fan (not verified) on

The Bourne trilogy has set such high standards for a real action hero, as opposed to super nonsense ones like the new Bonds(s), Courier and so on that it is impossible to beat it. Casino Royale was the first copycat Bourne Bond and now the Quantom of Solace. From the car chase to the fight scenes and more conspiciously the rooftop chase all and all were copies of the Bourne 1, 2 and 3. Jason Bourne has set the standards so high and so real that no other action hero can compete with it The ONLY Bond movie that can come close to it, in terms of the fight scense and the best ever James Bond fight scene ever was in "From Russia With Love."



I hear ya'

by IRANdokht on

Although I was never too crazy about Sean Connery, I agree with you that the new Bond just doesn't do.

Try watching those action scenes from the 5th row from the bottom! We didn't want to wait in line so ended up going in when all the safe seats were taken. It was like a bad roller coaster ride.

Marge, I just love your sense of humor!  I almost sprayed my coffee on the monitor reading the last paragraph  :0)


Darius Kadivar

MARGE For ONCE We Agree ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

The Latest JB was a Horrible movie. I don't know what they intended to do but it was just terrible. Even the Bond Girls were ugly. She had a bad Tan and I wondered why her skin was pealing. On Bond movies such details are striking so it was a real miscast.

There was nothing wrong with Craig but the whole thing was just Not a Bond vehicle.

Check this by the way:


Ah the good ol' days ...



bajenaghe naghi

i have a crush on alex trebeck jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

i agree with you. these fifty shot per second sequences gives me a headache. they should tell story through dialogue (or no dialogue) rather than splising a series of two frames of film and coming up with action so fast that the brain can not decipher.