Soraya James BOND Girl?

Soraya James BOND Girl?
by Darius Kadivar

Italian STOP Magazine suggests Princess Soraya to play opposite Sean Connery in Upcoming James Bond Film. The Year 1965 suggests that the film in question must have been Operation Thunderball. Certainly one of the Best Bond Films ever. Princess Soraya had began a promising Carreer as an actress in Michael Antonioni's I TRE VOLTI, Three Faces of a Woman.

Recommended Reading: Stardust Memories...: Princess Soraya's Hollywood Temptations by Darius KADIVAR


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Author Boyd takes new 007 novel back to 60s

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Author Boyd takes 007 back to 60s (bbc)


Booker-nominated author William Boyd is taking on the mission to write a new officially-sanctioned James Bond novel.



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