Give EIDEE to!

Give EIDEE to!
by hossein.hosseini


I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.  It is perhaps the most comprehensive portal for everything Iranian.

In the spirit of Norooz, I thought it would be great to give Jahanshah Javid and some ‘Eidee’.  How you may ask?

1. Easy way is to give your Eidee online using Paypal,

2. Go to the benefit concert on April 25. This way you can support the site AND enjoy a great show: //

3. Write a check on money order payable to Iranian LLC and Mail to: Wayne Willis, Business Manager; Iranian LLC; 507 Mariani Lane; San Jose CA 95112.

But wait, there is more: If you donate $100 or more, I will take you to a nice restaurant in Orange County, CA for  a Chelo-Kabab:)

PS:  This is simply my idea and JJ has nothing to do with it, he is too modest to ask.  He is doing more than enough and could use our support.

All good wishes, Hossein


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Shazde Asdola Mirza

نیکو جان، درد و بلات بخوره تو سر باقیه

Shazde Asdola Mirza

عزیزم، تو خودت عروسکی‌، عروسک می‌خوای چیکار کنی‌؟

هر کمکی‌ که تو به این سایت بدی، من دو برابر می‌کنم!



by SamSamIIII on

Dear Souri , Host master (Mr hosseini) &innocent bystanders ;

for the sake of making my presence minimal , I say this ;

In the jungle , Monkey & Boozineh usualy choose the tallest tree and make the loudest noise(rant) to be noticed & they always attack in herds ;) .  kinda like a baadkonak letting air out, lotta noise & all over the place... let it be..

note* I,ve had trojan & virus on both my comps so i,m not using CC, . does your account accept non-US funds ?..

Cheers & happy cruising  !!!




Mola Nasredeen

شازده اوضاع قمر در عقرب شد!

Mola Nasredeen

بی هوا جفت پا زدی توی سینه طرف. صلوات بفرست برو کنار «سیمین ساقت» استراحت کن. شازده چک یادت نره.  


ای داد و بیداد!

ایرانی خسته از نیش و به دنبال نوش (not verified)

ای بابا. شما ها هم که حال منو به هم زدین! آخه چتونه؟ همش به پر و پای هم میپیچید؟ شازده شما چرا انقدر عصبانی شده اید؟ چرا پرخاش جو شده اید؟ اتفاقا به نسبت همیشه آقای صمصام این بار مهربان تر و نوروزی تر از شما بوده اند.

خانم ماندا، شما که همیشه صلحدوست و مهربان هستید چرا اسیر باندبازی می شوید و شما هم پرخاش می کنید؟ اگر شازده را دوست دارید از او دفاع بی جا نکنید، به او یادآور بشوید که دلیل عزیز بودنش پیش همهء ما شوخ طبعی و نوستالژی او است و این شازدهء جدیدی که حمله و ضد حمله می کند را ما خوب نمی شناسیم!

این هم شد پست نوروزی؟ مثلا این حسینی بیچاره آمده عید دیدنی کند و به سایت ایرانین هم یک حالی برساند. شماها چرا با هم درگیر می شوید؟

شما چند نفر که وارد این معرکه شدید باید عیدی هایتان را سریع بفرستید و تقاضای چلوکباب هم نمی توانید بکنید، چون حال ما را بد کردید.

سال نو مبارک و عاقبت همهء ما بخیر.


Aghaye mohtaram

by Souri on

This blog is about Eidee to and JJ. You came here 3 times, did you say ONE single word about the subject? of course not!!

You wouldn't give a dime to an " ex-hezbollahi owner of this site, who is infantile and sex crazed like all the other hezbollahi's"

I don't argue with you because : javab ablahaan khamoushist.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Souri: watch it, you are turning into another SamSam

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Same "I am the king of the hill attitude".

Same false sense of entitlement and "rulership".

SamSam's first comment, as usual, was an insult wrapped in a dubuious language, topped with two ads for his own websites!


Please be fair

by Souri on

Monda jaan

You are right, this blog is not the place for this kind of discussion. Then don't discuss it, please. Just do flag the offensive comments. No more dialog, remember?!!  Indeed, this was not Samsam who started (to be fair). Samsam just tried to say something nice which was very much related to the subject. 



I'd buy a JJ doll!

by Neekoo on

What a great idea!


Mr. Hosseini

by Majid on

Today, with check in hand I went looking for you at Mason Park.  I asked the NIPOC booth attendees about your whereabouts.  They said you had already taken some other donors for chelo kabaab to Caspian.

Thank God I came prepared with my own Jooje kabaab...:-)

I'll mail my check tomorrow and thanks a lot for your great idea!!


I liked SamSam's idea

by Souri on

"selling his jj doll like webkins or club penguin & make a virtual world with a yearly membership of lets say $10.00"

that's a very good idea to start with.

And dear Hossein, about advertisement, I thought JJ doesn't like too much adds on these pages, still not sure! Better to get a feedback about this.



More Ideas

by hossein.hosseini on

Ok folks,let's focus on the task at hand.
Just thought to give this more visibility, you can:

  1. Give a link to this post on any of your articles (i.e. Don't forget to give Eidee to
  2. Many of you have a large email list, please send them a personal note with a link to this post and ask them to help.  In Real Estate it is location, location, location, in fund raising it is invitation, invitation, invitation. and finally,
  3. Ask your business contacts to advertise on the site, I know from experience this site is very effective. I can even give stats for prospects.

Remeber, togther everyone achieves more,



by Anonymous. (not verified) on

Observing from millles away!
(just my opinion-- you need not answer this)

1- Very improper to call J. Javid "this dude" etc.!
2- Uncalled for to call SamSamIIII ignorant and arrogant etc.
Why hijack a very thoughtful blog and turn it into a battlefield... again?
This blog is neither political nor has a religious nature.

I will make a donation because it is well deserved.
In other circumstances one always pays for what one I must do the same here.
In fact it is long overdue.
Thank you Mr. Hosseini.


The site

by SamSamIIII on

may be far from ideals of many but wether one  at times disagrees with some of JJ,s approach  or principles, the honest observer can not deny the fact that his creation has given a rare platform & a global mike  to an army of political/cultural nobodies or waneh be somebodies to rant on global scale . So for that alone ,this dude needs a pat on the back & support . May be it,s time for jj to start selling his jj doll like webkins or club penguin & make a virtual world with a yearly membership of lets say $10.00 . Robert can help him with the theme ;)






Monda jaan

by Souri on

Honey you are so sweet and nice to me! It really warm my heart (and I should add this was so much needed today)

I am also a fan of you my dear, it's true. I haven't seen you yet (but think I have seen your picture) and I already love you.

Sure, I will come to the Bay Area this year, if only to visit you and Nazy aziz, but I don't know when yet. And promise you will take me to your favorite chelokababi, because as I said before, there are chelokababi here but not a real good chelokabab is offered, unfortunately!

Love you dear, and thanks for your nice words.


Thank you

by Anonymous-by-choice (not verified) on

I'm afraid my donation would not be sooooooo huge as some, but after it has been verified, you owe me nothing! I would appreciate you adding the cost of my chelokabab to your donation. Thank you for the idea and for your generosity. Happy Norooz.


Dear Mr Hosseini

by IRANdokht on

You soooo owe me that chelo-kabab! 




Excellent idea! Eidetoon mobaarak.

by Monda on

Aghaye Hosseini baraye khodetoon dardessar dorost kardin haa!

But since Souri brought it up, can I have My chelokabab here in the Bay Area instead? Hamash taghseer e Souri ast :o) Souri joon if you fly out for Mr. Hosseini's invitation, I'd like to take you out too, of course here at Alborz  in SF or Berkeley (by Nazy's work). And what do you mean you don't have chelokabab in Montreal? That's unheard of! I swear I read right here about some great Persian restaurants...., wait it was Toronto maybe...but seriously do contact me backchannel when you think about coming out this way, I'd love to meet you some day.


Nowrouz khojasteh

by Abarmard on

Nowruz khojasteh baad Mr. Jahanshah. I donated an small amount for the time being as a token of my appreciation and respect to this site.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Very good idea! Hossein you are so sweet.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Sometimes I wish Jahanshah Javid could apply for some grants or something to hire and pay writers. I wish this could be a type of huffingtonpost. Why can't it be? 


Wonderful Idea!

by LalehGillani on is ours to cherish and support. This is a perfect time of the year to express our gratitude and solidarity.

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Great and timely idea

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

As the current economic turmoil threatens the ad revenue to most N. American publications, even the well-established ones may be in a vulnerable position.

Friends, let's heed to this timely call of support, because without a free press (like Iranian.Com), there is no freedom of expression. It is critically true about the small and disorganized Iranian Diaspora, which needs an open platform for expression and discussion, so that we can write, dream and prepare for a better future.

Let's send a happy Nowruz to Mr. Hosseini and Iranian.Com, with words and support.

Arash M-K


Well deserved Eidee

by Bagheri (not verified) on

I love this site so much that I am hooked since I found out about it back in 1999. Shall we say it's my sanctuary.
I can feel at home as soon as I open it.


dear Hossein

by Souri on

You are very nice, thanks. I was kidding of course. I'll be glad to meet you here in Montreal, although they don't have a good chelokabab here. Bring it with yourself !!


Chelokabab always works!

by hossein.hosseini on

Souri Jaan,

Maybe I should put some restrictions apply such as valid in continental U.S.:) But honestly come visit us in OC and we will take care of you.   Who knows I might come to Montreal!


Jahanshah Javid

Very sweet

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thank you Hossein for this kind and generous gesture. I cannot tell you how heartwarming it is when readers take the initiative and support the site.

It's always, always, a pleasure to work on day in and day out and publish people's views, poetry, art -- even nonsense! There's no substitute for the satisfaction publishing brings.

But to see people appreciating it -- that's icing on the cake.

Hossein! We've never met, but next time I'm in the LA area, I'll make sure to take you to the best chelo kababi in town :o)

Thank you my friend.


How nice!

by Souri on

I will send a check for more that $100, but how can I get your chelokabab invitation? Do I have to pay $1200 air ticket, for coming there?   Or you would send me a check to have a chelokabab, here in Montreal ?? :o)