NIAC sided with IRI thank you for spitting to our face



For years I supported and sponsored NIAC and its activities. I stood in front of those who questioned NIAC’s legitimacy and accused them for been IRI agent.  I fought against those who labeled NIAC as an IRI representative and sponsor.

Today a lady calls from Iran, she is hysteric, shocked and scared and describes the horrific beating of innocent protesters by government thugs and the criminals on the streets.

What does NIAC do? They contradict her by saying they have heard from their sources that there have been sporadic protest and fights but no sever violence. However; that same source confirmed a death.

NIAC comments were echoed throughout the news casts and talk shows, where Rachel Meadows even said at this point she doesn’t know who to believe and trust.

Mr. Parsi, I tell you right now you are the enemy of FREE IRAN and Iranian people. The comments announce by your organization today is a disgrace to the Iranian people, to the protestors and the victims of this violence specially our NEDA.

Did your source also say that the Iranian regime has thrown Neda’s family from their house? Did your source say that the regime is not giving Neda’s body back to her family or allowing them to have a funeral for her?

Did your source say that the Basijis are using Machete’s, axe and Swords swinging at protestors cutting people and causing sever injuries?

Did your source say that over 150 people have been murdered by the Para-military and militia groups of the regime? Did your source say that many of the protestors have been severely injured and some paralyzed for life due to sever hit to the head or spinal cords?

Mr. Parsi, sir you are phony, you are a traitor and you are a disgrace.

Tomorrow I will write a letter to your office withdraw my membership as well as I will demand the money that I have paid your throughout the 5 years since you had lied and deceived me and let me down and thousands of Iranian.

Please tell us the truth whose side are you? Who provides you the support and sponsors your organization?

Please from now on do us a favor and shut up and do not pretend you are representing Iranian-American, because you are not representing me.

You are not our representative or representing Iranian-American. You are representing IRI and IRI policies.


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But NIAC created a doubt for her. 

But why? 

Knowing the killing, svagery, the barabaric attacks.

maybe that women from Iran who called CNN frantically on June 24, 2009 was hysterical and the lack of english vocabulary made her to choose wrong words such as massacre. But what is a meaning of a mssacre. It can mean diffrent things to different people. If someone hasn't seen violence inb their life time, seeing that brutal savagery on the street could mean massacre.

hitting a married women in the head with a club while her husband is beside her, throwing people of bridge or students from their dormitory window or killing a daughte who is standing along side her father who is to her is the safest place to be just along side your father and then in seconds she is shot to death.


is that not massacre?

So why would NIAC if they are fro freedom, for Iranian people relase a statement corraborating that caller? specially in this sensitiove time where we all have to satdn together.

 Then you have Shohre Aghdashloo who  goes on O'reily show 










not so fast please

by IRANdokht on

What I have heard from NIAC and Dr Parsi is not in line with your accusations. Please do your research before condemning any group or individual.

Thank you



You will not like my comment...

by Nkminea on

Short disclaimer (before the long comment): I am not a NIAC member.

This past two weeks, like most of you, I was hooked to the TV and radio news shows. Haven't missed one, have seen them all probably at least twice and have listened to them all! TV and radio have become my transplanted organs! These days there are very few reports coming out of Iran and the reality is that here outside the border while we are keeping our hopes up, we should not take our dreams for reality yet. We cannot expect a "Gozaresheh Lahzeh Beh Lahzeh" as much as we would love to. No one really knows what exactly went on today or is planed to happen tomorrow on the streets. Quite frankly when speaking to my own family members from different areas, depending where they are located, they tell me different stories: "Kheyli sholoogh bood" versus "Na khabari nabood"! Reza SAYAH of CNN just came back from Iran. He had to leave Iran. He was asked to report what IRI tells him or leave Iran otherwise IRI could not guarantee his safety! He said sometimes they got reports of violent clashes in a specific area and when he went there with his crew he could not authenticate/document it. "COULD NOT" not that "it didn't happen". With the restrictions he was rarely able to make a video. We don't have the whole story, just separate pieces of a puzzle. I understand the state of high alert in all of us. Let's be cautious in defending or accusing one or the other. We are just coming together for a common cause. With the little news that is transpiring out, we may need to take caution with our analysis and judgment. Everyone is relying on sources that are restricted in gathering infromation themselves.

Dear HATEIRI: I saw precisely the Rachel Maddow show that you are referring to. My understanding of her point was (I am paraphrasing) that with so few zed-o-naguiz news coming out of Iran, "how a professional journalist like her could tell people here in America what exactly happened that day". She has a point. This is what western audience is used to "Live breaking news" not "word of mouth". In Iran's case really all newscasters have to go with verbal messages via email, twitter (modern word of mouth); they are not used to it. 



by AnonymousX (not verified) on

I agree. I am withdrawing my NIAC membership. I am ashamed that I had sent them contributions in the past. I wish I could get my money back.

To think that many times I engaged in verbal exchanges against those who criticized NIAC...

Do you read this Mr. Parsi? Can you tell us if we could get a refund for our past contributions? I still have all my receipts (cancelled checks).

Please let us know. We are not talking about just a few dollars here.


Where is this coming from?

by AliIraniian on

NIAC has codemned the Iranian government's use of violence and has called for new elections in Iran in order to bring that violence to an end. NIAC's blog  regarding the rallies in Baharestan Square shared the account of one eyewitness and didn’t attack the other account. The New York Times said the account matched descriptions that they had heard too.

Would you accuse the NY Times of supporting the IRI because they corroborated the account?


NIAC has been working around the clock to providing information about events in Iran and demonstrations in the U.S.   These claims are absurd since NIAC has continuously criticized the Islamic Republic for the violence and has published analysis that showed strong evidence the elections were rigged on the blog.


You don’t have to believe me – just read their website or their blog yourself.

By the way, here is the supposedly inflammatory post:

3:23 pm: From a trusted source who attended today’s silent rally at Baharestan Square.

I was there from 5:15 to 7:30. It was very tense. Being out in Baharstan was an act of defiance. No one said anything, there were only a few chants coming from outside the square. Although the police were a lot nicer, the Basij continued to be brutal. No one was allowed to stand in one place, we had to keep on moving. The moment we stood in one place, they would break us up. I saw many people get blindfolded and arrested, however it wasn’t a massacre. I heard that someone was killed, however I didn’t see it.


have you noticed JJ is not putting this at the front page


this is serious

 NIAC speak on our behalf. They have won credibility and legitimacy amongst lawmakers.

But if they are not truly representing us and have a diff. agenda then one must look into their organization and ask what is that they do?

Who are they representing?

Who is funding them?

Why is that they are not or have never criticized IRI?


This parsi guy sounded fake

by jimzbund on

I saw one of his interviews and  he sounded fishy and bent twords IRI the way he was discounting the uprising. Anyway my gut feeling was that he is ingenuine . Now that I know he is the presidenof NIAC ( actually I didn't know whay NIAC is until this post, then A in NIAC stands for Akhund .


Bund, Jimz Bund

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Makes sense. Either way, I don't think Trita has proven there wasn't violence. I hate that NIAC is now a journalistic source too these days! What the hell are they, really? A 501 c 3 bla bla bla bla. But it seems they are more into the foreign policy of America than the Iranian American immigrants.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


That women on CNN isn't making it up and is not staged. They find the numbers on Twitters and ireport.

I have called family embers who describe exactly what she said. Basijis beat people up even on regualr days, just imagine if there is a protest against the goverenment.

I have heard of paralysi, burnt skiln with some sort of a solution in the water when they spray on them.

see that is what the Mullahs want so we start doubting, and now I understand NIAC's role.




I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Her question is totally valid

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I will have to see this video for myself, but how did this girl have the CNN iran desk #? If her call was staged, it doesn't mean there wasn't violence! It means CNN wants a headline and a popular video on the internet. Get what I mean? And shame on Trita for trying to compare "on the ground" sources when obviously, this girl was freaked out.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

So it was Trita?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

What a dumbo. Sometimes he posts articles here. Why did you ever join their club anyway? Just so you can get the first email about which petition to sign and which person to contact to say "hey! don't bomb my country! Hey! Don't talk bad about Iran! Hey hey hey! Congressman/pentagon! stop saying you hate iranians!"

They're worthless in terms of their stated agenda! They are only good for networking with reformists and having an office with an important location whereby they can mislead President Obama. 


This is what Rachel said - how do we realy know what is happenin


This is what Rachel said - how do we realy know what is happening over there.

Then she plays that girls voice recording from Tehran that was played on CNN and then shoe cites NIAC's statement.

GUYS please please take this seriuosly there is a mole amongst us and they have done the ultimate damage.

I couldn't belive my ears and I tried to watch here show again tonight after Dave and yes indeed NIAC let us all down they betrayed us.





This is very serious -- Please understand the implication


This is a huge betrayal.

They have mingled amongst us, they have shown to the lawmakers,media and rest of the world and America that they represent Iraninan-American community. Now they are trying to use the legitimacy and credibilty to undermine the reform movement and democracy.

I am trying to find Rachel Maddow tonight clip if anyone has that please post it. it was on tonight 6/24/2009 and the she brought Reza Aslan.

She was a great supprter of this movement and now she has a doubt about these movement.



Dear Hateiri

by minadadvar on

Thanks.I have received contradictory information about NIAC.  Following the recent events, I was thinking about becoming a member.  Your blog changed my mind.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Thank you for writing this

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I am with you on this. NIAC has been very shady from the beginning of this mess. It is clear that they were investing in Mousavi as a Iranian regime PR angel. Screw them all, I say. I think that while we're anti-NIAC, NIAC will be helpful in putting Reza Pahlavi where he belongs - in the sandbox. You just wait and see. They will call him "all talk and no action" and drag him out to dry. 

Now, as for whether they are IRI, that is half true. They are reformist investors, meaning, their contacts and hopefuls are resting in neo-mullahs - Khatami who was neutered over and over, and his VP who I'm sure you saw on daily show. This might even be giving them too much credit, but it's all behind the curtain. They seem like nice people, but I think their approach has been pro-reformist and that's it. Too bad. 


I was stupid and feel betrayed by NIAC


I demand that they speak out for their recent comment and their purpose.

I will file a law suit against them for deception, since they said they are for American Iranian, they never mentioned in any of their site that they also represent IRI and their interests.


Artificial Intelligence

I never trusted these people

by Artificial Intelligence on

You can never trust people who want to compromise with evil. This is their business and their true faces are coming out now.


I can't still believe it, I am speechless


thank you for slapping me in the face