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by hamidbak

Do you think "W" is going to run out of room in his hat soon? I mean there are so many feathers in it, he either looks like an Indian chief or a chicken, and I think the latter suits him better. Chicken George has a ring to it that "Chief George" will never have.

Avram Goldstein writes in Post-War Suicides May Exceed Combat Deaths, U.S. Says”. He continues that the number of suicides among veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may exceed the combat death toll because of inadequate mental health care, the U.S. government’s top psychiatric researcher said. writes that “

Now, do we file this under the “oops” category of this administration or “well shit happens” category? I mean, how do we find a way to justify this one?

Along with Abu Garb’s, order to torture, black water, Halliburton, cheating on election.....feather, feather, feather. This latest suicide news of Chaney's "volunteers" has to be a turkey size feather in his hat. Turkey George, that's another good one.

So when will someone, anyone is going to grab this guy by the ears, like a stupid school bully, and scream nose to nose, that what you're doing is bad? His father perhaps? Yo, big W, talk to your kid. His mom? His wife? Any one?

Will we, as a nation, keep closing our eyes and ears to what one administration does? Will there be a point when we’ll finally rise up and say enough is enough? When is that?

I read this on huffington.com and left a comment on one of the other comments that accused the New York Times of false reporting and lack of research. I asked the commenter that if “exceed number of deaths” is inaccurate and too many, what would be a more accurate number? In fact what number is he/she more comfortable with, “just as many”, “not as many”, “very close to number of deaths”…I mean what is a good number of suicides of returned veterans of these wars that’ll match his/her or our comfort zone, as a nation?

Should twice as many who have died commit suicide and succeed before we, as a nation, start saying, “hmmm, maybe that’s just one too many”?

Let’s open this up a bit, of those who survive the wars and come back home, nearly 4,500 have taken their own lives. Soon, according to a researcher, this number will increase.

So by the time this war is over, 100 years from now, some 100,000 US soldiers would die and another 150,000 will take their own lives. This is ok with you?

You ask DICK Chaney, he will tell you, quite comfortably, that these are all volunteers. They volunteered to join the army, volunteered to go to AfghanistanIraq and perhaps couldn’t wait to “volunteer” to put a gun in their own mouths and pull the trigger. and

He ought to advertise for those veterans who don’t have enough guts to pull the trigger; DICKY would gladly do it for them.

What happened to this country? Was it always like this and we just didn’t know? At least I didn’t know. Has she always been this senseless and indifferent to human life? Do I really live in this world? Does anyone care?


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stop these criminals

by IRANdokht on

There are way too many crimes committed by this administration and they should be held accountable. You are absolutely right in expressing your outrage. There are a lot of people who are doing the same. More than a million people have already signed up:


Great blog

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Delightful, insightful and inspiring article

by Ali P2 (not verified) on

Dear Hamidak,
Your articles are among the few that I have to read in full when I see. Thank you for your legitimate concerns about the direction of this country we have adopted as a refuge to avoid the far-reaching negative impacts of the misguided American foreign policies. I only wish that more of us Iranian-Americans took interest in such issues. I am only surprised that you express surprise as to when the likes of G.W. started their destruction of America and the world. This did not start with G.W., but it reached its peak under his rule. What amazes me is how the people in America elected such a person as president, not once, but twice. We all know, but not all of us have the courage to bark at the right tree, so to speak. I mean election fraud and the influence of evil extremists that started to undo the American Revolution starting right after its dawning. Those few noble extremists would be spinning in their graves if they could see what is happening to the country they founded. Briefly from King George III to King George VII. I hope you also see the unprecedented attempt to reverse this fatal trend by millions of Americans to reclaim America from the grip of extremists and their plans to turn back the pages of history. The fact that evil extremists in America turn blind eyes to the number of Americans killed, maimed or afflicted with permanent psychological problems should be indicative of what they plan to do with the people of other countries if they are not confronted.
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