Video: Iranian Athletes Parade at Beijing Olympics

Video: Iranian Athletes Parade at Beijing Olympics
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Parade of Iranian Athletes At The Opening Ceremony of The Beijing Olympics (2008):



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by Love IRAN (not verified) on

You can find Iran games there. I watched the basketball against The Russia :-(

Enjoy it. SCREW ISRAELI aggressors and racists!
We deserve a better government too!


Please, Please, Please

by Manijeh (in Ghorbat) (not verified) on

How can we watch these beautiful athletes perform for those of us outside of Iran, specifically in U.S.

I am sure there must be a way on the internet or satellite, or something. With today's technology, there must be a way.

I would appreciate if you elaborate more. Sepaas!!


Jeegareshoon ro

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

Very handsome athletes. Me likey.

I wathced the ceremony, too bad I could not make Bob Costas to shut the f**k up. He and Matt Lauer promised us not to talk about politics. But they just couldn't.

I do remember Bob's comment about Iranian athletes and the axis of evil thing four years ago. That was very proffesional of him.

He needs to do something about that toupee too.


Half information

by Anonymous Pahlevaan (not verified) on

To watch try this:
-Go to // this is the site for all Iranian TVs on Internet.
- المپیک Search for
(if you cannot write Persian on your computer copy the word from here and paste it.)
You will get a list of subjects.

Unfortunately I got an ERROR message after clicking on each of these subjects. But you might be luckier than me.

Ms Judy Golshani

Thanks for the video HSM

by Ms Judy Golshani on

Is it possible to see these athletes compete outside of Iran? I am sure that the Iranian TV will show all these athletes competing in their disciplines in full in Iran. But for those of us who live outside of Iran, and are interested to see them, is that possible?

If you know how to, please be specific - Merci


Dastet Dard Nakone

by Mahmood-Jar (not verified) on

Haji Joon - Kheili Bahal Bood


If anyone knows ...

by Mohsen_Javan (not verified) on

how and where we can watch the Iranian Athletes competing in Beijing, please let's know:

I mean satellite, internet, etc. - I am specifically interested in 'Wrestling' and 'Weighhtlifting', and this is for those of us who live in U.S.

Many Thanks :)

Haj Seyd Mammad


by Haj Seyd Mammad on

I found another one. This is from Google. Thank God it's working. It's an 'Unlisted' video. If anyone asks for the 'url', please don't post it in the comment section. Tks


They pulled the video?

by admin on

must have been a copy right thing.