RUMI - Poet of the Heart (Video)

RUMI - Poet of the Heart (Video)
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Please sit back, and enjoy this video :) After watching it, if you are Inspired, please feel free to post a Poem in the comment section.



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Haj Seyd Mammad

Dear Irandokht and Iranii

by Haj Seyd Mammad on

Thank you for your kind words and videos. Let's keep Mowlana's teachings and spirit alive - :) !


Thank you

by IRANdokht on

Great blog!

here's a nice song from Dariush (Man gholameh ghamaram)


and Shajarian's "bi to be sar nemishavad"




Rumi, Great Iranian poet

by Iranii (not verified) on

Haj Seyd Mammad

Dear varjavand

by Haj Seyd Mammad on

Thank you for your kind words. The 'DVD' is readily available, with the same title, on most of these on-line places such as, etc.

Good Luck!


An excellent piece, thanks

by varjavand on

An excellent piece, thanks for posting it. Please let me know how can I get it on a CD




مثنوی معنوی -


مثنوی معنوی - دفتر اول

گر ز نام و حرف خواهی بگذری
پاک کن خود را از خود هین یکسری
همچو آهن ز آهنی رنگ شو
در ریاضت آینه بی رنگ شو
خویش را صافی کن از او صاف خود
تا بینی ذات پاک صاف خود

Haj Seyd Mammad

Dear Friends

by Haj Seyd Mammad on

Thank you for your contributions. The genius of Mowlana was that with only a few words, he could transform the consciousness of those around him.

The story of his meeting with Shams, and their subsequent association, is well-known to many. In many people's minds, Shams was but a simple person. However, beneath that facade of simplicity, lay an ocean of spirituality and understanding.

If there is one lesson to be learnt from the life of Mowlana and Shams, then that would be: Never 'Discount' anyone. The simplest of the people around you may be the most understanding, and perhaps the deepest spiritually, that you may ever come across. Appearances, indeed, can be very deceptive. Sometimes, even in more ways than you can think.

I hope you enjoyed the movie :) - Mammad


Love Poems (Massnavi III, 1417-1424)

by Heydar (not verified) on

"I am only the house of your beloved,

not the beloved herself:

true love is for the treasure,

not for the coffer that contains it."

The real beloved is that one who is unique,

who is your beginning and your end.

When you find that one,

you'll no longer expect anything else:

that is both the manifest and the mystery.

That one is the lord of states of feeling,

dependent on none;

month and year are slaves to that moon.

When he bids the "state,"

it does His bidding;

when that one wills, bodies become spirit.



by Zion on


At the hour of the morning-drink

by Mahmoud _Y (not verified) on

At the hour of the morning-drink a beloved said to her lover
by way of trial, "O such-and-such son of such-and-such,
I wonder, do you love me or yourself more? Tell the truth,
O man of sorrows."
He replied, "I have become so naughted in thee that I am
full of thee from head to foot.
Of my existence there is nothing (left) in me but the name:
in my being there is naught but thee, O thou whose wishes are gratified.
By that means I have become thus naughted, like vinegar, in
thee (who are) an ocean of honey."
As the stone that is entirely turned into pure ruby: it is filled with the qualities of the sun.
That stony nature does not remain in it: back and front, it is
filled with sunniness.
Afterwards, if it love itself, that (self-love) is love of the sun,O youth;
And if it love the sun with (all) its soul, ‘tis undoubtedly love of itself.
Whether the pure ruby loves itself or whether it loves the sun,
There is really no difference in these two loves: both sides
(aspects) are naught but the radiance of the sunrise.
Until it (the stone) has become a ruby, it is an enemy to itself,
because it is not a single "I": two "I’s" are there;
For the stone is dark and blind to the day (-light): the dark is
essentially opposed to light.
(If) it love itself, it is an infidel, because it offers intense
resistance to the supreme Sun.
Therefore ‘tis not fitting that the stone should say "I," (for)
it is wholly darkness and in (the state of) death.
A Pharaoh said, "I am God" and was laid low; a Mansur
(Hallaj) said, "I am God" and was saved.
The former "I" is followed by God’s curse and the latter
"I" by God’s mercy, O loving man;
For that one (Pharaoh) was a black stone, this one (Hallaj) a
cornelian; that one was an enemy to the Light, and this one
passionately enamoured (of it).
This "I," O presumptuous meddler, was "He" (God) in the inmost
consciousness, through oneness with the Light, not
through (belief in) the doctrine of incarnation.
Strive that thy stony nature may be diminished, so that thy
stone may become resplendent with the qualities of the ruby.
Show fortitude in (enduring) self-mortification and affliction;
continually behold everlasting life in dying to self.
(Then) thy stoniness will become less at every moment, the
nature of the ruby will be strengthened in thee.
The qualities of (self-) existence will depart from thy body,
the qualities of intoxication (ecstasy) will increase in thy head (thy spiritual centre).
Become entirely hearing, like an ear, in order that thou mayst
gain an ear-ring of ruby.2 Literally, "an ear-ring (consisting) of a ruby ring."

-- Translation by Reynold A. Nicholson
"The Mathnawi of Jalalu’ddin Rumi"


Ruba'ie #6 from Mowlana

by Jamshid Pishahangi (not verified) on

As the essence that is mine to the all pervading sea,
Turneth, all my atoms shine in sublime resplendency.
On the road of Love, behold! like a candle I do blaze,
That one moment may enfold all the moments of my days.


From Mathnavi 4:2529-2540

by Mowlana's Fan (not verified) on

Moses describing the 4 virtues resulting from faith:

Moses said, "the first of these four,
Health bless your life forever more
All fever, all sickness, all ill
Be apart, be afar, and be still.
Next, longevity bless your existence
Angel of Death keep his distance
May your life not be plane, unfulfilled
By an untimely demise then be killed.
Like a newborn mother’s milk, death may you seek
Not trapped by hardships driving you weak
May you seek death, yet never desperate with pain
But see the treasures that in ruins remain.
With your own hands you’ll pick up the axe
Your house no more safe from your attacks.
You’ll see the house as the treasure’s veil
In a single grain you’ll lose the harvest’s trail
You’ll throw this lone grain in fire
Embrace the call of your soul’s desire.
You, from the orchard, a lone leaf remain
Separated from the vine, caterpillar’s bane.
When grace bestowed upon this lowly worm
This creature, dragon of ignorance storm,
Transmuted to a worm full of leaves and trees
Thus eternal joy unleash and release.

Copyright - Shahriar Shahriari


Very Beautiful

by Mowlana's Fan (not verified) on

Thank you for sharing with us -

From Divane' Shams:

Beloved reached desired glow
And so we say, may it be so
All doubts towards faith did grow
And so we say, may it be so

The devil’s plot caused perturbation
And the nation faced agitation;
Once again was Solomon’s nation
And so we say, may it be so

Beloved who put my heart in pain
Closed doors on my face once again
Friends would console and entertain
And so we say, may it be so

You drank wine on your own
Lusted after all, alone
Now lead the drunk upon a throne
And so we say, may it be so

From your majestic bright face
The flame lighting my place
Each corner, a well-lit space
And so we say, may it be so

From your fake anger and rage
And the sweet turning of the page
The world is a sugary stage
And so we say, may it be so

Night replaced by the morrow
Joy has conquered every sorrow
Sun light, pervasive and thorough
And so we say, may it be so

From mendicant generosity
And lovers’ pertinacity
Revival and vivacity
And so we say, may it be so

Celebrate this festivity
Restored to compatibility
Festivals abound in our city
And so we say, may it be so

O masterful wise minstrel
In the underworld do not dwell
Finally Venus in Libra fell
And so we say, may it be so

The mendicant reached kingly might
In wealth attained unimagined height
Partaking of courtly delight
And so we say, may it be so

Consider the wind in the air
Sweet lips’ bewitching flair
Wailing windpipe will not spare
And so we say, may it be so

The Pharaoh with much hardship
Misfortunes his life grip
Of suffering, Moses strip
And so we say, may it be so

Evil looking and ugly wolf
Drowned in ignorance’s deep gulf
By Joseph’s goodness now dwarf
And so we say, may it be so

O Shams-e Tabrizi, you
Compassionately blend and renew
East and west through and through
And so we say, may it be so

From submission to Satan’s will
Your prophetic soul emerged through this mill
Satan himself, God’s will fulfill
And so we say, may it be so

When the moon was shining its light
Both worlds were garden of delight
All souls for home then took flight
And so we say, may it be so

The ignorant and the blind
With insight are now wise and kind
Surpass Jesus, put him behind
And so we say, may it be so

It was all for souls to grow
May it always have been so
Thy splendor brightly aglow
And so we say, may it be so

All thy wrath was thy mercy
Thy poison, sweet clemency
Like dark clouds’ sweet potency
And so we say, may it be so

In his temple, colors remain
Pulling by the horns will not disdain
When this bull’s blood floors stain
And so we say, may it be so

Silence! I am drunk, you know
My hands are tied in this earthly show
My disheveled mind moves to and fro
And so we say, may it be so