Pres. Debate: McCain and Obama on 'IRAN'

Pres. Debate: McCain and Obama on 'IRAN'
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Last night, during the First Presidential Debate, John McCain and Barack Obama were asked by the Moderator, Jim Lehrer, to express their views and approaches towards Iran.

This is their responses:


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I thought that Obama and

by AG (not verified) on

I thought that Obama and McCain both pandered to the Israeli lobby. I'm disappointed that Obama is nowhere as articulate as Kerry. He is definitely more concerned with winning Jewish votes than promoting the truth. McCain even ridiculed Ahmadinejad’s name, fumbling it in mispronunciations and having lots of fun with it. For his part Obama also takes it for granted that Iran is developing nukes. Keep in mind that Iran was included in the axis of evil during the times of Khatami and his civil demeanor. Ahmadinejad is only an excuse for the racist right and the Israeli lobby that wants Iran bombed.