Petrostate: Putin, Power, and the New Russia

Petrostate: Putin, Power, and the New Russia
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Marshall Goldman recounts Russia's economic collapse in 1998 and its reemergence only a decade later as a financial force due to its energy wealth.  Mr. Goldman reports that Russia is the world's largest producer of petroleum and the second largest exporter.  He details the efforts Vladimir Putin made to renationalize Russian oil and how these profits were used to pay off the countries national debt.  This event was hosted by the Southern Center for International Studies in Atlanta.

Marshall Goldman is a senior scholar at the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University and an economics professor emeritus at Wellesley College. Mr. Goldman's writing has appeared in several publications, including The Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly, and Foreign Affairs.

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The "Oligarchs" Stole The Welath of Russia

by Anonymous - 20 (not verified) on

Through the guise of Privatization, that is exactly what they did during the Yeltsin era. It is good that Putin, and the new Russian Leaders, are taking these thieves to task, and recovering some of the wealth of Russia.

BTW, a lot of these thieves are living in places like London, etc., and not in Russia right now - Goes to show you how safe they feel safe in Russia today! - :)

Very interesting interview. I enjoyed it very much.

Haj Seyd Mammad

Some 'Reviews' Of This Book

by Haj Seyd Mammad on

"One of Americas most seasoned Kremlin-watchers, Goldman's snappily written Petrostate argues boldly that Russia has become an energy superpower with a strong political agenda." -The Economist

"This may be Goldman's best book, and that's saying a lot. Focusing on Putin's Russia with a scholar's commitment to deep and meaningful research and a reporter's eye for detail and color, Goldman has explained why and how Russia has again emerged as a global power. The answer is oil. At inflated prices, it leads directly to inflated national aspirations and further down the road to dangers of a totally unpredictable nature. Read and learn." --Marvin Kalb, former Moscow bureau chief for CBS News


Whatever they say about Putin, ......

by Alexander_M.#08 (not verified) on

he has brought 'Stability' to Russia.

I never forget the 'Chaos' that existed in Russia while Yeltsin was the President - The Russians were not ready for all the freedoms that they experienced right after the collapse of the Soviet Union

Very informative video -