Overview of 'WALL STREET' Activity For Today

Overview of 'WALL STREET' Activity For Today
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Monday on Jim Lehrer's Newshour, they had two groups of Journalists and expert Economists who analyzed all events associated with Wall Street today: Lehman Brothers' Bankruptcy; Bank of America acquiring Merrill Lynch; the problems with AIG; the Federal Reserve meeting scheduled for tomorrow on interest rates; and the general outlook for the Economy's future.

I recommend this to everyone. It is pretty straightforward, without the hype that other business news channels have.

Hope you find it useful:


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Dear samsam

by Haj Seyd Mammad on

I blogged this interview with George Soros a few weeks backs.

If you haven't seen it, check it out:



A technical Analysis for you!

by samsam1111 on

 Good old days before stock split that I traded the kinds of goldman sachs GS and lehman LEH above 98.00...I,ve seen rags to riches many times to be shock & awed..Shortd CFC once from $27.00 to cover in a matter of 45 minutes around $11.25..16 point gain ...LEH now C00.18 unbelievable ha !!


As a former momentum & Technical trader of Tech & commodity..not going deep into factors such of China growth buble factor, oil index speculators..here is my take..

6 months Chart of nasdaq composite has formed a double bottom..if it doesn,t tank below 2050 it,s a definite but short term


but mind You Nasdaq being rich with tech stocks can be tricky ..so checking S&P max You want to wait to see if in 4 weeks it recovers from a trough..the alrming factors are the top exhausted climb of commodities & energy sector that has fueled the surge overall in the market defying the market down trend last 14 months due to weakness in financial sector & service (Retail, Airlines) ..now that being said..with energy & commodity getting hit hard by large institution brokerage, hedge funds cashing out and Lehman brothers  need to sell equity at bargain price to pay liquidators market is on very shaky grounds...best policy would be momentum trading shorting the commodity, Energy...and buying Gold stocks GLD or GDX...but stay away from mining stocks in south america as crazy chavez like leaders planning to nationalize more copper & silver mines..



mind you DJI dow jones doesn,t look bullish at all..looking at it it has formed a triple top and has broken the short term support below 11000 twice already...


short term trades my man