John McCain's 'PASTOR' on Iran and Israel

John McCain's 'PASTOR' on Iran and Israel
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Pastor John Hagee is the Senior Pastor at the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. He was one of the first evangelicals to support John McCain. However, due to some controversial comments, John McCain distanced himself from Pastor Hagee, and declined his support.

Pastor Hagee bases much of his prophecy teachings on the Book of Daniels, in the Old testament, and the Book of Revelations, in the New Testament, of the Bible.

I recommend this video to all those who have a limited knowledge of Christian teaching and prophecy. It is interesting, yet alarming.

Hope you find it interesting:


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John Hagee is an American version of Mullahs or Akhunds

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

By mistake one day as I was browsing the channels, I came across him, and that was even before 9/11 (12 years ago).

He openly named Iranians as enemies of Christianity and a state that needed to be confronted militarily since we are the enemies of Jws and christian. He went further by describing how a Persian king slaughtered the Jews (which is very wrong).

The on another of his shows, he had Benjamin Netanyahu he was then Israel prime minister. Mr. Netanyahu referred to Iranian as a pest in the middle east.

I wrote an article then for, to make the Iranian people aware.

The evangelical movement and the roght wing christian movement is very dangerous and is growing at a very fast paced.

They openly refer to Muslim as savages and Barbarians.


Abarmard me too

by hazratee on

Not only made me PUKE it made me sick of every God damn religion too.  I thought it was against the constitution to mix religion with politics. This phenomenon started with GeorgeW and keep getting more popular. Thanks to IRI to promote this deadly marriage of religion and politics. 


Didn't understand

by manesh on

I understood the words but not a single sentence they were stringed into.  Each sentence raises so many questions instead of making anything clear.   For example:

"God made Alexander the Great conquer Jerusalem so that the Bible would be written in Greek because Greek is the only perfect language in the world"! All this so it would be written in the proper language? Then why couldn't God send the Bible to the Greeks to begin with? Why go round and round for it to end in Greek?  Why didn't God make a perfect language and give to everyone in the first place?

It's very comical though.  I love it. 



by timothyfloyd on



Can't watch....sorry

by Abarmard on

Didn't hear him but looking at him makes me Dizzy and feel sick....PUKE