A Conversation with 'E. O. WILSON'

A Conversation with 'E. O. WILSON'
by Haj Seyd Mammad

E. O. Wilson is one of the most pre-eminent scientists in the U.S. He is not only world renowned for his scientific achievements, but also for his advocacy for environmentalism, and his secular-humanist ideas pertaining to religious and ethical matters.

Charlie Rose  talks with Edward O. Wilson about his book "The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth", which urges cooperation between religious and environmental forces to save the planet from environmental ruin.

I highly recommend this interview. Hope you enjoy it:



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Some 'Reviews' Of This Book

by Haj Seyd Mammad on

Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University:
[E. O. Wilson's] magnificent and world-changing contributions are brilliantly made accessible to the broad public.

Oliver Sacks:
One of his most disturbing, moving, and important books. Wilson speaks with a humane eloquence which calls to us all.

Donna Seaman, Booklist:
A blueprint for a renaissance in biology reminiscent of the technological advances engendered by the space race.


Enjoyed It Very Much

by mahin LA (not verified) on

Merci :) Very Informative


I watched him on C-SPAN ...

by Manoochehr _Rah. * (not verified) on

in a lecture that he gave several months ago, and was very impressed by him. He did bring up this issue with James Watson.

He epitomizes all that's good with science. Several years ago, in a book called 'Consilience', he discussed the possiblity of uniting 'sciences with 'humanities'. He indicated that this had been successfully done among various disciplines of science.

We need more people like him. Noam Chomsky is another great intellectual with 'Social Conscience'.


E. O. Wilson

by Hamid.#68 (not verified) on

is truly the best of the best among US Scientists - a man with Social Conscience


Thank you for this wonderful post

by James_Heifner (not verified) on

As an ex-student at Harvard, I was very familiar with him, and his strong competition with James Watson, the other brilliant scientist there.

I have to say though that the humanity of E. O. Wilson was far superior to that of Watson. Although Watson is recognized as one of the two people who discovered DNA, nevertheless he is more of a self-centered person.

I truly enjoyed this video. Cheers ....