Carter on his controversial Mideast meetings

Haj Seyd Mammad
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Jimmy Carter in an interview with Charlie Rose talks about his recent controversial meetings with the Hamas leaders in Egypt and Syria. He also talks bout many other issues such as the Middle East Peace, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Bush Administration, etc.

Interesting to watch :) >>>> HERE


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by maziar 58 (not verified) on

the pope thanks for responding analitically to khar
from a simple question coming from the bottom of my heart and mind,
after all khariyat na tanha aalaf khordan ast.

payande Iran


Be reasonable....

by ThePope on

Aaghaayeh Khar

In all fairness, you're the one who should take a looooong "look at yourself in the mirror of history" before advising others to do so...

"Shah was an absolute ruler (dictator!) of the land as the mullahs/IRI are today"!!!!!!!!

Are you fine???!!! You still have lots of hatred and unexplained complexes toward the king like most peasants did before the revolution?? (but they got over it and most of them regret it)

Yes, the King was an "absolute ruler" (and one of the very best ever in Persia). But to call him a "(dictator!)"(at least you have some decency to use an exclamation point for your remark)!!! Are you sure, you know the definition of the word "dictator"???? A dictator kills to stay in power and doesn't just give up his ruling for the sake of humane rights and "to prevent slaughter of innocent Iranians". But your "spiritual" jimmy, enjoyed the "slaughter of innocent Iranians" from the very first day the king left Iran. That's why, since the revolution, he (your dear jimmy) never talks about humane rights in Iran,,, untill today! He's just a big fucking loser (one the greatest losers of all Americain presidents or politicians of our time, who's the main cause for so much "slaughter" in the region).

Wow! How can you compare a pacific king to Khomeini and his regime?? A King who didn't want to "reign in blood" like the mullahs have done for the past 30 years??!

Yeah! You're right, "Shah paid for his misdeeds that he brought upon Iranians"!!!!!! You are completely right! He layed the foundation for a new modern Iran (with great hope for the future) for a bunch of dehaati (who DID NOT deserve it, and now they have to fight back for it). Of course He "paid for his misdeeds"! What kind of a stupid king will develop, prepare, train and educate some poor dumb peasants who would turn against HIM once He opened their blind eyes! Instead of reigning over them with absolute power, He choosed to care for His people and be "fair" to His nation. To give honour and glory to His nation and People (and gain int'l respect). What a "misdeed"! Khar jaan, you know better than anyone else,,, when someone rejoice proudly, joftak zadan haa sho'roo misheh... And that's why the King got kicked by a khar population.

And aaghaayeh Khar, when did the "monarchists" EVER "supported Saddam in the 10 years war with Iran..."????? First of all, the war was 8 years and not 10, just for your info. Second where the hell did you come up with the fact that the "monarchists" supported Saddam in the war?? That's something fucking new!! Even in the islamic republic, no Khar ever came up whith such nonsense!!

At the end of your unjust comment, you said: " truth is very simple if you choose to see it"!!! Do you suffer from a lack of sight to see the truth? Baabaa to digeh cheh "khari" hasti ! SERIOUSLY!! You really got some nerve! You're even worse than the fanatic supporters of I.R. back in Iran. I've never heard them say such nonsense. kos-o sher ham hadi daareh? Agar hezbolaahi-haa kos-o sheri migan, yeh joori mibaafan keh to kuneh khalgh'ollah bereh! Baazam; Goli beh goosheyeh jamaaleshoon, baa hameyeh khariyateshoon,,, hazyoon nemigan.

At least you said one thing that I agree with; "Karma: anything you do in life good or bad will come back to you sometimes in life"
I wonder why such an evil regime came to power to rule over such namak nashnaass Iranians after the Shah left...? khalaayegh harcheh laayegh. Paadeshaah daashtan liyaaghat mikhaad keh...





by Khar on

Democratic and Monarchy are as contradictory as night and day. "Democratic-Monarchy" is an oxymoron term at best and it  never existed in Iran, Shah was an absolute ruler (dictator!) of the land as the mullahs/IRI are today, plain and simple. Before you blame Carter look at yourself in the mirror of history. Karma: anything you do in life good or bad will come back to you sometimes in life. A law of physics tell us for each action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Shah and his gang paid for their past misdeeds that they had brought upon Iran and Iranians. What Carter did (because of this deep personal beliefs) since he is a spiritual human was to prevent slaughter of innocent Iranians by Shah and his armed gangs. Now you need to ask yourself why rightist, monarchists, mek had supported Saddam in the 10 years war with Iran which killed 1 million on the both side and are dreaming about bombing Iran to dust, Let me answer that for you just to capture power at any cost to replace a religious dictatorship with their own. To dictatorial schools-of-thought and regimes be it mulahs, monorchists, mojaheds and rightists the terms such as humanity (and never mind the democracy) are expendable and meaningless. Mr. Maziar truth is very simple if you choose to see it.


The video is working

by Technician (not verified) on

Don't click on the by-pass '>>>>HERE'. Just click on the play button at the the bottom of the screen, and watch it here.

P.S. Leave your comments here too :)


Thank you

by Jamshid _Amp (not verified) on

President Carter for being a man of peace

'Blessed are the Peace-Makers for they shall be called the Children of God' - from the Be-Attitudes


50% of the Problems in the Middle East ......

by Yezghel (not verified) on

will go away if there is Peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Let's hope Jimmy Carter is successful!!!!!!


Carter's solution

by Peace Maker (not verified) on

is the only solution between Palestinian and Israelis.

- 1967 Border
- Sharing Jerusalem as capital for both
- Int'lPeacekeepers on the borders to separate the two parties

this is pretty much the Geneva Accord which was formulated by 'Peace-Makers' from both sides several years ago


Carter is a good man

by Michael Hanley (not verified) on

A much better ex-President than President

Haj Seyd Mammad

The glitch ...

by Haj Seyd Mammad on

has been fixed :)  - Tks



by maziar 58 (not verified) on

before watching the video i did hear some interview on NPR defending the palestinian issues as strugle against Israeli government!!!
gave him the wrong address at the guadalupe & camp david, he is to blame for the interference of a democratic monarchy in the middle east and replacing it with brutal Islamic regime in our homeland and the story of green belt to ward off USSR from Persian gulf AND we all know the rest.........