Bill O'Reilly Interviews BARACK OBAMA

Bill O'Reilly Interviews BARACK OBAMA
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News interviewed Barack Obama today on a number of issues. This portion of the interview deals with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Bill O'Reilly is somewhat of a controversial figure, and many consider him more of an entertainer than a serious journalist.

Hope you find it interesting:


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Journalism 101

by Majid on

Ask your question and then keep quiet! let your guest speak his mind! don't try to influence him with your foolish rhetoric!

But I think it's way too much to ask from a "Fucks News" anchor like BILMAZ O'Reilly.

Sean Hannity and O'Reilly's lips are permanently glued to Dubia and Dick's rear end.

I can't wait to see what kind of garbage they talk about next year.




O'Reilly on Obama, NY Post etc.: glowing reviews

by look what the stork brought (not verified) on

check it out:

what'd the three holes in the ground say?

well, well, well...


Obama vs MaCain

by live From Tehran (not verified) on

The new underground survey recently conducted inside Iran show that 88% of iranian favor senator John MacCain over Obama for presidential race..they think senator Obama is nothing but a showman. My question and my wonder is why Iranian outside iran in contrast are heavily favor senator Obama? is there any specific reason for that? Or do you see politics different than us iranian inside iran? I'm confused.


I want to say that

by hazratee on

I hate to see Obama accepting an interview with this jack ass. He trys to put words in his mouth. He is melecious, narrow minded and belligerent jerk.


I like how Kaveh blames Carter but not Shah.

by Beh (not verified) on

The shah's policies didn't help matters. Stop pinning Iran's problems on Carter. Iranians aren't robots who depend on Carter/Bush/Reagan policies to "make things ok".

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I never suggested that the Republicans will attack Iran. On the contrary. Look through this site at the various comments I've made. It's always been my opinion that a U.S. attack on Iran will not happen and talk of an attack constitutes good old fashioned bulls**t.

Sir, we are in this situation due in large part to that catastrophic f**k up Jimmy Carter and his policies.

I've never been to Mars. It would be a waste of time as I am already surrounded by a bunch of space cadets right here on Earth.


Gents, It's about the

by Kpars (not verified) on


It's about the control of resources, energy resources of Oil and Gas. The Americans and the British before them had only that interest in Iran and the region. From the removal of Reza Shah and sending him to Morris Island jail, to the coup in 1953 when CIA removed Mossadegh to the previous Shah of Iran and through the war with Iraq and today that has been the driving force. As such Democrats and Republicans are only two sides of the same coin, they might look different but at the end of the day they serve the same interest...At least until the US economy is dependent on foreign oil and gas...


Unfortunately I thought this

by skatermom (not verified) on

Unfortunately I thought this was an uneventful interview. Ironically it was the second highest rating O'Reilly had ever gotten. Much needed for him since his ratings have plummeted. He's a like a cartoon character. It's pointless to even tease the poor sap. He's so played out and terrible that now I just feel sorry for him.
But not too sorry. I know this is old but I never get sick of watching it. I'll share the love.


My Dear Iranian Friends

by Michael_Manley (not verified) on

This fellow, Barack Obama, is a good man. He is smart. He is accomplished. And, I believe that he has a good heart.

Please don't be fooled by the rheoteric of the right wing, and believe the type of non-sense that they say about him.

The right wing has no legs to stand on. The Economy is in shambles. The Iraq War, well, with this short respite because of the surge, is on an unending path. Let's give Barack a chance. How much worse do you honestly think things can get? At least, we have a chance to turn things around with him.

All in all, he is a good choice. If we elect McCain, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the continuity of Bush-Cheney Catastrophe. Let's be smart, and vote for the right man. It would be such a 'Waste' to miss this opportunity.

Please think about it - Do Not Waste Your Vote :) - Remember: This election could potentially be Very Close!! Let's give Barack the extra push to cross over the line!!


Bill O'Reilly is a Phony Jerk!!!

by Khar on

Mr. Kaveh, 8 years of this crap is enough! Sir you talk about Republicans as if you had lived on Mars for the last 8 years. As far as Iran is concerned Mullahs and the Republicans are closet lovers don’t even think for a second that Republicans are planning or have any intention to attack mullahs. Who’s better than mullahs to mix things up and oil companies to reel in the profits. These two need each other.

PS. You talk about so much about failed policies of 77-79, sir for the last 20 out of 28 years there was a Republican administration in control. Look where we are now!


Lets strap Bill O'reily to the missle

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Lets strap Bill O to one of the missles that are going to be used for bombing Iran. Whadaya say Bill? Take one for the country. The old Red White and Blue.


Bill O'Reilly is unprofessional journalist and a Pitbull

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

O'reily, like his buddy Rush Limbaugh, is a fanatic Christian conservative who has given professional journalism a bad name.

I watched the show and like any typical conservative who use loud voice, fear and intimidation to succum their opponents. he uses the fear tactic to tell Obama that if he does not attack Iran therefore he is agreeing with terrorist.

O'reily kept interrupting Obama not allowing him to talk, that is another sign of an unprofessional journalist.

He kept been critical instead of letting the other one making his cases.

he clearly showed that he had Obama there to belittle and taunt the democrats.

O'Reily told Obama that the insurgency and the violence in Iraq is down and the south of Iraq is not in the hand s of the Iranians because of the Bush's policy. Obama failed to properly answer him. Obama needs a good analyst on this issue

But my answer would have had been, first of all the Iranian influence is so great in Iraq is the same as in Lebanon. Iran does control the souther part of Iraq as well as some areas that are Shiite stronghold. The current Iraqi governmnet is Iranian controlled and funded.

Iranian Mullahs have already penetrated Iraq's at all level.

As far as the number of violence been down, that is not true, it is in diferent phase and that is Alqead has done so much dmage in Iraq that it is now focusing on Afghanistan. That means, that the war against terrorist Alqaeda has not been won or defeated.

Bush administration has supported countries such as saudi Arabia and pakistan great supporter of terrorist organization for 8 years.

I think it was a great mistake to talk to that mule, O'Reily, who can't even point USA on the map.

By the way in Europe Pit bull are banned and whoever owns it are compared to Skin Heads or Neo Nazis, therefore, Sarah Palin, the Hockey Mom and the Neo Nazi Mom welcome to the race.


This O'Reilly guy is a moron

by Fatollah (not verified) on

This O'Reilly guy is a moron and a lunatic! O'Reilly and MacCain hates Iranians, no matter what! Just listen to his thoughtless reasonings.


Regime change does not equal bombing and invasion

by Mensa (not verified) on

I do not know why everyone on this site thinks that a desire for regime change in Iran is a green light for an attack or an invasion or bombing. There are many ways that through funding and support and sanctions that one can ripen the environment from within for a revolution. I would be the first person against bombing my homeland, but at the same time I would be the first one to be against a half-term senator (snake oil salesman) from sitting at a table with this regime and legitmizing it and its extistence.

ps. Dear Kaveh ignore the govt. lackeys...they want attention, that is why I do not even respond to them.
Irandokht I think your liberalism has blinded you to reality with all due respect. You can hate O'Riley and the Republicans...but what is your point???????

The Prince


by The Prince on

I now know that you are talking from pure frustration. I can appreciate that. But we cannot let our feelings cloud our judgment. This regime, by far, is the most brutal, inhumane, savage, and evil that perhaps the WORLD has ever seen. However, this is not a matter that can be resolved through instant gratification. No matter how much and how fast you want to get rid of it.   

Foreign invasion? Nuclear bunker busters? blockage of hormuz straight? Oil prices going up to $300-$400 a barrel? Not to mention millions lives lost, including our family and freinds? And then retaliation throughout the world by this regime and its servants killing more innocent people? Total instability in Iran and having a second Iraq? IS THIS YOUR SOLUTION??? Come on. I am sure we can do better than that.

Acting through Frustration, fear, and anger never has and never will resolve anything. It just makes everything worse, as Bush has done during this past few years that we have had the dipleasure of having the village idiot as our president.  

Kaveh Nouraee

Do YOU have any shame?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The US won't bomb Iran regardless of who is elected. The only time that scenario was even remotely realistic was in the early 1980s during Reagan's first term.

Can you sit there and watch Iran be destroyed from within by these IRI criminals and still call yourself Iranian? Yes, YOU!

Let me correct your last sentence:




O'Reilly's irritating

by IRANdokht on

Mensa: Just because Papa bear is a joke doesn't mean we all have to tell jokes here!

"Jange zargari" is what the Bush administration and IRI are doing, either you got it all wrong or you're trying to tell a joke.

I don't like O'Reilly and watching him is very unpleasant to me. I was happy to see how Obama shut him up despite his big mouth a few times.

Thanks for the video


Kaveh Nouraee

A Little Too Much Drama Here

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Prince: Given that we are all still very raw with the effects of the past 30 years, don't you think that extra care will be taken to ensure we won't go from worst to worse than worst? Back then, it was "what's there to lose", while now it's "look at all that's been lost and see what is there for the taking". I think the persepctive is a lot clearer now.

Slap: Sometimes the most complex questions have the simplest answers. Things are complex because people have a tendency to complicate things.

Mahmoud: The breakup scenario you are envisioning is highly unlikely.


To Prince

by Mensa (not verified) on

I am truly sorry for your loss. I am assuming by what you mentioned in regards to your age during the devolution...I am probably a few years younger than you. My aunts were torturted too and other family members I feel your pain.

You have a valid point. I just can not fathom an evil worse than the current regime. It is one thing to have a corrupt regime, or an oligarchy, or even a military regime....but this...this is just wrong on every level.

I fear that we might lose Iran as we know it today by an outside attack...but I really do not see that happening. But I really doubt it...and maybe I am naive for saying this, but I see how my parents and their friends interact in the US from all over Iran, from different religions and different dialects...yet they all take pride in one thing, whether they are Zorastarian, Jew, or Moslem (Sunni or Shia), whether they are Azeris, Mazandranis, or Baluchis...The first thing we all identify with is the fact that we are all Iranian.

As in regards to your assertion that this regime is in bed with the US...I have to disagree with you. The revolution (devolution) was sponsored by the US...during the Regan administration they were sleeping in the same bed, because of the US fear of communism....but after the fall of the soviet union, the US started to do house cleaning. Ever since the first Bush administration and the new world order....the US has wanted a regime change in Iran. If anything for the past 10-15 years the regime for its own survival has become a prostitute to Russia and China and sleeping in their bed.


bunch of non-iranians

by Iran born Iranian (not verified) on

bunch of non-iranians are advocating military attacks and US invasion of Iran?

do you people have no shame?

you are not Iranian if you want to see it destroyed.

YES I mean you! You who should never call yourself Iranian! stop your campaign for destroying Iran!

It's my country and I want it safe from US bombs! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??????

The Prince


by The Prince on

Your argument reminds of the beginning of the revolution.  I was just a child then but I remember hearing the anti shah activists who used to say: "Let shah leaves and whoever replaces him is going to be better" Look what we got.  The problem with Iranians has been that we always know what we DON'T want, but have trouble knowing and getting what exactly we DO want.

Enemy of my enemy is myfriend? Sounds simple, sure.  But what if that enemy is worst that the IRI? Or even worse, is holding IRI hands behind the curtain? I know you are frustrated with this regime and want to rid of it ASAP. So do I. My sister was tortured and excecuted by this regime when she was only 23. beleive me, I know how it feels. But getting rid of a monster and replacing with another that can be much worse is not the answer. We tried it once and it failed miserabely.  



To Mesna

by Anonymous Slap (not verified) on

Your long hollow writing can be answered only by a couple of words:
Who ever uses and believe the naive cliché: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has a very low understanding of politics. Now go and write another page or so to prove your ignorance and friendship with “JunksNews”.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Very well put.


Our Dear Friends

by Mahmoud_Ram.#44 (not verified) on

Please let's not be naive about this. An overt attack on Iran could potentially break Iran apart.

We have the Kurds who want independence; then the Azeris; of course the Baloochi's and perhaps even the Abadanis. The list goes on and on.

What I am trying to say is that an attack on Iran could potentially weaken the Central Government to such an extent that the Iran that we know and love could break up. Become, more or less, something like the present day Afghanistan: at best a 'Molook-ol-Tavayefi' of sort, and at worst the total dissolution of an intact Country.

Those who believe that an attack on Iran could potentially get rid of this regime, are highly mistaken. This regime will ultimately go through its own 'Implosion'. Just as the old 'Soviet Union' did.

I know that this requires time. But then again, I would much rather put up with these 'Bastard Mullahs', than to see our Beloved Iran disintegrate.

It's reall that simple :) - !


To the Prince and the Marathon Man

by Mensa (not verified) on

Dear Gentlemen

I can tell by the tone and the context of your messages that all of us at least share the common ground that the current regime in Iran is not good for Iran and Iranians at home and abroad. I guess our difference lies in how to bring this change in regime. If my presumption about the above is not true then forgive me and you do not have to read any longer as I do not want to have a dialogue with a person who actually believe in the continuity of the current regime. I do not speak with fascists.

As in regards to the wishful thinkings such as reform from with in that is all they are wishfull and a fantasy. For true reform (not Jange-zargari) you have to have an open envrionment for dialogue and discussion and the fundemental beliefs of this regime would not allow this...after all it is us mortals versus the can you argue and win an argument with God's so-called messengers and win. How can you have an open discussion with individuals who believe it is their manifest destiny to rule through Islam. I do not want to go through the entire flaws of Islam and the theocracies that are based upon it as it would take another hour of typing.

Long story it has been proven in the past almost 30 years this regime will brutally crush any uprising. It has absolutely no regard for human lives. If you look out throughout history many have been freed from oppression or persecution by outside forces. A past example would be Cyrus the great and saving the Jewish people and a more current historical example would have been Abraham Lincoln and the Civil war....would you have told the slaves in the south that the only way the slaves will become free is through their own means not through the force of the northern army. Yes, I agree eventually slavery would have fallen on its own but how much longer did the slaves have to suffer...ten more, twenty more, thirty more years....How much longer are we going to have this regime soak up our precious remaining oil and leave us dry

The fact is that as you mentioned this regime is not going anywhere on its own and our brave souls in Iran are trying their best to make ends meet let alone fight a resistance. The situation of Ghandi and MLK are not the same as this...the enemy is not the same. The white establishment with all its brutalities (lynching, water hosing, dog biting) and the British with all their own brutalities were systems that had many individuals within it who were humane and resonable such as LBJ and others and when they saw their own brutalities...They decided it was time to change as represented with the civil rights bills of LBJ and the british withdrawl from India. On the other hand this regime would have killed every black in the south and every Indian in India if it had a chance to prolong its own survival....There was no open dialogue where someone could have stated otherwise...because they would tell you that it is writen in the Koran and it is for Allah's sake that they need to stay longer.

Finally, I am not so naive to believe that the Republican party has this passion to save and free Iran and endow it with its glorious past....NO! I know that is not the case. But, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. No matter what happens as long as this regime is gone...we can start a new day. Barack Obama and the Democrats are KHALEH KHERSEH...they mean good they have idealistic views...but I dont call 8 years of Khatami reform...I call it buying life for this regime.

Kaveh Nouraee

Barack Obama....

by Kaveh Nouraee on

is obviously very well-spoken. He makes very good points and he went toe to toe with O'Reilly, who admits that his style is to crack whatever veneer a a person might be hiding behind when they are sitting down in order to get genuine gut answers.

The problem lies in the fact that this guy will end up being nothing more the puppet of the Democratic Party. He, like other Democrats, still believe in the failed policies of 1977-1979.



reality check

by Marathon Man (not verified) on

Most of us really hate the IRI and really love Iran, but lets have a reality check. Do you prefer to see the country torn apart and your brothers and sisters killed by a group of foreign soldiers let by a reactionary person? Or do you prefer to see a gradual change from within?
The fact is the IRI is not going anywhere, so get over it. The only way to get rid of it is from within. The way to break the IRI is to open its doors and allow for nature of politics to take its course.
Plus are you really ready to have a female ayatollah as US VP!!!! Have we not had enough of the christian right. Have we not learned from our experience in Iran mixing politics and religion?
I think with this in mind the choice is really clear.

The Prince

No this is Scary

by The Prince on

the fact that some people do not understand how close this regime is with Republicans, the fact that this regime would absolutely LOVE an attack on its soil by the War Mongering Necons. What better excuse to silence any opsition and at the same time raise the oil prices even more.  It is also scary to see how Naive some people are. As much as you like to believe there is no Boogy man and certainly there is no superman. It has been proven that freedom cannot be exported. It has to be earned by people whoo deserve it. Whether you like it or not, change HAS TO come from within, through reform and peaceful resistance.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but the time of Zorro, John Wayne, and McCain has past.


The Prince

No this is Scary

by The Prince on

the fact that some people do not understand how close this regime is with Republicans, the fact that this regime would absolutely LOVE an attack on its soil by the War Mongering Necons. What better excuse to silence any opsition and at the same time raise the oil prices even more.  It is also scary to see how Naive some people are. As much as you like to believe there is no Boogy man and certainly there is no superman. It has been proven that freedom cannot be exported. It has to be earned by people whoo deserve it. Whether you like it or not, change HAS TO come from within, through reform and peaceful resistance.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but the time of Zorro, John Wayne, and McCain has past.



This is scary

by Mensa (not verified) on

To actually think that this individual with such immature foreign policy ideologies could be the next president of the United States is very scary.

He wants to revert back to the pacifist apologetic policies of Bill Clinton, which strengthened the IRI. Clinton's misguided faith in that fox Khatemi only prolonged the life of this regime and fooled the Iranians into believing in a charlatan.

Any individual who believes that one has to legitimize the IRI by UNCONDITIONALLY sitting at a table with them...either truly does not appreciate the evil of this regime or is otherwise a pro-IRI supporter. Well, as we hope and know Mr. Obama is not an IRI lackey, which leaves us with the undeniable fact that this community organizers is way over his head.

What truly saddens me is that the celebrity culture of the political arena and politicians....will lead us into electing the most "popular" candidate, rather than the most "qualified" candidate. There is no denying that Obama is more charismatic and eloquent than old grandpa McCain. What does this mean to us as Iranians....the possibility of eight more years of IRI...the reality of eight more years of totalitarianism, theocracy, and corruption. The reality of eight more years of lack of freedom and individual rights in Iran.

To those lackeys and morally-bankrupt lefties....Do not confuse IRI and Iran as one....I love Iran, but I can not wait for the day that it is free from the grip of this Bedouin Islamic-fascism. Please, Please Don't tell me the BS about Reform from within...something that is so spoiled, necrotic and corrupt can never be only can be uprooted and thrown aside. Hitler would not allow reform from within and Nazis would still be here today...if not for direct force and overthrow of that system. Obama, the bacheh moolah, thinks that you can talk sense with these people (IRI) is he in for a rude awakening.