BBC: 'Rageh Inside IRAN'


BBC: 'Rageh Inside IRAN'
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Rageh Omaar, journalist for BBC,  embarks on a unique journey inside what he describes as one of the most misunderstood countries in the world, looking at the country through the eyes of people rarely heard - ordinary Iranians.

It took a year of wrangling to get permission to film inside Iran but the result is an amazing portrayal of an energetic and vibrant country that is completely different to the usual images seen in the media.

A Country Of Contrasts:

Rageh soon discovers that Tehran is a complex place and uncovers a city of extremes of wealth and poverty, where some people survive on less than a dollar a day and others shop till they drop in glitzy shopping malls.

Iran is a country that bans women from riding motorcycles but where 60 per cent of the student population is female. It is also a youthful place, with two thirds of Iran's 70 million population under the age of 30.

Local Stories:

Rageh meets with local people to hear their personal stories and feelings about the current state of affairs in Iran. There are stories of taxi drivers, wrestlers, business women, people working with drug addicts and the country's leading pop star and his manager - the 'Simon Cowell' of Iran.

Rageh Inside Iran transcends images of angry demonstrations and burning flags to reveal a country that isn't without its problems but which is also fascinating, dynamic and hospitable.

Hope you enjoy it:


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by Manoochehr Pakban (not verified) on

Compared to many News Organizations that we know, especially in U.S., BBC is an outstanding news organization.

It's all relative. There is no such a thing as 'Perfection', especially in the news media.

All in all, a very nice documentary. Mamnoon


BBC follows a Muslim President's lead.

by Observer (not verified) on

I saw this in full when it was featured first time on the Beeb in 2007. The peak of this documentary was when Raghe stood to prayers behind Ahmadinejad. The symbolism of this gesture is beyond belief. BBC Behind Ahmadinejad! Or BBC stands to Namaz behind a Mulsim leader :)

All those stories about the BBC being behind the Islamic Republic suddenly find a new meaning. Don't they?


Really good video

by javaneh29 on

Thanks for posting this video we really enjoyed watching it. I wasnt around frst time it was featured so it was great.

Rageh Omaar is very popular here in UK. His documentaries are always unbias and show it as it is. He is somalian by birth and learnt arabic in Jordan the mid 90's.



Very Beautiful Presentation

by mohsen khan (not verified) on

Thank you for all of these documentaries that you are posting. My favorite is the one about Mowlana Rumi - poet of the heart.

God bless you.


It brings back a lot of memory

by Mah_!@ (not verified) on



Thank you for the video ...

by regular visitor also (not verified) on

I am a regular visitor, but I don't recall seeing it back in Feb. 2007. I appreciate the fact that you are posting it again, and giving us another opportunity to see it.

Like HSM said, rather than being critical and negative, a typical Iranian attitude, just be positive and enjoy the video.

I really enjoyed watching it. Thanks again

Haj Seyd Mammad

Dear 'Anonymous/regular visitors'

by Haj Seyd Mammad on

First, thank you for your comment. Secondly, as I mentioned to Party Girl, I wasn't aware that this video was featured back in Feb. 2007.

Regarding these regular visitors, none mentioned that this video had been featured before. In any event, as you can see from the comments that people are leaving, many seem to be enjoying it.

There are many people, like myself, who weren't visiting this site back in Feb. 2007. This is a second chance for all of these people to see it again. 

Therefore, rather than being critical and negative, just sit back and enjoy it if you like. After all, it was Jahanshah's decision to feature it.

Take care :) - !


Re:Haj seyd .....

by Anonymous/regular visitors to this site (not verified) on

You say:
"Several people who are regular visitors to this site asked me to upload this documentary".I didn't.
1-if they are regular,they have already seen it.
2-if they asked you to upload,why coudn't they directly go to the link and watch it.
3-if they didn't know the link,you could mail them & not repeat it again here.

to be honest with you,your reply to partygirl & your logic in it is very lame & Akhundi:"Several people ...".
She informed you & you could at least give her a professional response.
hope my comment is not offensive & jj posts it.


Thanks ..

by Anonymous* (not verified) on

Thank you so much for sharing...


Very Informative

by Mina.1964 (not verified) on

I really enjoyed watching it. In the old days, prior to the introduction of direct blogging, people didn't have much control over the presentation of their blogs. This is very well presented.


Haj Seyd Mammad

Dear 'Party Girl'

by Haj Seyd Mammad on

I am glad you enjoyed this documentary. Several people who are regular visitors to this site asked me to upload this documentary.

I wasn't visiting the site back in Feb. of 2007. I was recently introduced to this site.

In any event, please keep up your good work :) - Good Luck

Party Girl

Dear Haj Seyed Mammad

by Party Girl on

This is a fun documentary.  This film was featured on in February 2007 when it first came out.



Thank you

by Hooman_Jad (not verified) on

Very interesting documentary :) - Bologny, please dont't be so 'cynical'!! Sometimes the Glass could be half FULL .....


One dream

by Bologny not for us (not verified) on

My only dream is that someday and at some point in our future history, there will be one great man or woman that will take the power in his/her hand and will lead the country and the first thing he will do is to kick all BBC employees out of Iran, block their broadcast to anywhere in Iran and close the British embassy for 20 years.

This will the future hero of Iran, for as long as we let these oil peddlers come to patronize us we will be in the same pile of poop.

Don't be fooled by a little British coming to your country and giving you speeches on the virtues of Islam and how Islamic the country is.

Someday we will get even, mark my words. The French will be next.