Jilted lover

by Fred

Having successfully put Iran and Iranians in the crosshair of the sane world after thirty one years of ruinous  policies, particularly their advanced weaponized nuke program,  hearing of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s former bestest of buddies abandoning it should not be surprising at all.

And yet that seems to be exactly what the news of Russia backing the fourth round of punitive United Nations Security Council sanctions has done to the Islamist Rapists, surprise them.

In a typical Islamist thuggish tone usually reserved for their enslaved Iranians and other foes, the figurehead President of IRR has replaced their sycophantic tone toward Russia with unvarnished Islamist talk.

What the Islamist Rapists keep forgetting is that unlike them sacrificing the interests of Iran and Iranians at the altar of their wacky Islamist dogma, most others follow their national interests and in doing so have the least hesitancy to change side or jettison an ally for a greener pastures.

"Nations have no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. Only permanent interests."



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Maryam Hojjat

Fred, You & Shifteh said

by Maryam Hojjat on

everything about these Russians & what they have done to IRAN & IRANIANS.  I do not need to elaborate more.   We Iranians must always remember who are our enemies:  ARABS, Russians & Britishs.  Thanks for your blog. 


Rehashed material, don't be stingy, let your papers recycle

by i_support_khamenie on

Geez man, do you suffer from Obssesive Compulsive Disorder or what?

Atleast throw away some of your old papers so they can get recycled instead of hoarding them

I had said it before, God Loves Iran and IRI.

ANytime the pressure goes up on Iran, North Korean Kim Jung Il comes to the rescue and grabs world attention.

Anytime the heat is raised against IRI, Palestian/Isreali trouble ratchet up!

Finally, sources say that both B. Netyahu and S. Peres sent letters to Mr Assad saying "we don't want war, Iran is lying to you."

Poor Israel, they now fear Hezbollah and Syria.

Best threat to date: Nasrallah warns that attack on Lebanon will make Hezbollah attack all ships destined for Israeli ports!

Oh, God, please let the Israeli/Lebanese war start and let us see your wonders amongst Bani Sahyoon!

i'm lovin' it!


Lovely Russians

by Fred on

What the Russians have been doing to Iran and Iranians has not been lost to generations of Iranians. There are many books by former earnest members of Toudeh party who after fleeing Iran and going to the USSR found out what it was all about first hand and how horribly their Russian comrades treated them in labor camps.

And then what they did to the Afghans who are after all culturally Iranians and have been doing to the Chechens who are in the same way Iranians and not a sound out of the IRR, none of these will be forgotten.   


Ps. I've read those blogs

Shifteh Ansari

Thanks Fred

by Shifteh Ansari on

...even if it is saddening to be reminded.  And our losses to Russia continue with our share of the Caspian Sea today, no thanks to the imbeciles who run Iran and define its foreign policy. 

The only comforting thing in all of this is that Iranians know.  Their knowledge is imperative if the same situations are to be avoided in the future.  I don't know whether you saw two polls RIA Novosti Persian did last year to gage the "popularity/trust" level of Russia in the eyes of Iranians.  Iranians basically hate Russia's guts and don't trust it, simply put!  I blogged about the survey results last year here and here.


Neighborly Russians

by Fred on

Shifteh, my point exactly. For the past thirty one years all of IRR people without any exception have spent Iran’s national interests for the safety and security of their criminal Islamist regime.

I seriously doubt many Iranians have forgotten all the Iranian lands annexed from Iran by the Russians.  

سرزمین های جدا شده قفقاز بر اساس قرارداد های گلستان و ترکمانچای با روسیه(1813 و 1828 م.)
آران و شروان: ۸۶۶۰۰ کیلومتر مربع؛
ارمنستان: ۲۹۸۰۰ ک .م؛
گرجستان: ۶۹۷۰۰ ک.م؛
‎داغستان: ۵۰۳۰۰ ک.م؛
اوستیای شمالی: ۸۰۰۰ ک.م؛
چچن: ۱۵۷۰۰ ک .م؛
اینگوش: ۳۶۰۰ ;ک.م‎
جمع ‏کل: ۲63700 کیلومتر مربع

 سرزمین‌های جداشده ‏ورارود(ماوراءالنهر) بر اساس پیمان آخال با روسیه(1881 م.)

ترکمنستان: ۴۸۸۱۰۰ ک.م؛
ازبکستان: ۴۴۷۱۰۰ ک.م؛
تاجیکستان: ۱۴۱۳۰۰ ک.م؛
‎بخش‌های ضمیمه شده ‏به قزاقستان: ۱۰۰۰۰۰ک.م؛
بخش‌های ضمیمه شده به ‎قرقیزستان: ۵۰۰۰۰ ک.م؛
جمع کل: 1226500 کیلومترمربع

Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

Fred, Russia has never been a friend of Iran's.  The Islamic Republic of Iran has had a marriage of convenience with the Russians, thinking that they have an ally in them.  The Islamic Republic has been Russia's cash cow, that's all.  The only new thing I learned from the recent report about Ahmadinejad's statement is just how dense the morons in Tehran have been to only notice this now.

In fact ordinary Iranians continue to be a lot more savvy and knowing than the morons that rule them.  Though I personally don't condone "marg bar" anything, I would like to remind us of the first time Iranians' sentiments about Russia were publicly displayed.  Mahmoud and his cronies are late to the party as usual.