Bring it on!!!

by Fred

Under “warmonger” the online Merriam-Webster dictionary offers the following definition, synonyms and related words:

“Entry Word: warmonger

Function: noun

Meaning: one who urges or attempts to cause a war <fortunately, the warmongers met with overwhelming opposition>

Synonyms: hawk, jingo, militarist

Related Words agitator, firebrand, fomenter, instigator, rabble-rouser; belligerent, combatant, militant; chauvinist”

With the above in mind the below comment could be a good case study of a warmonger’s thought process:

“by Anonymous8 on Mon Aug 02, 2010 01:56 AM PDT

"Iran says it will set Tel Aviv ablaze if attacked"

oh i hope so! but will isreal attack? israel is not so stupid enough to attack with rich uncle doing all the hard work. like a moftkhor [freeloader] country that it is! iran can defet [sic] you and 100 sage tarsoo [scared dog] like you fred, bring it on!!!”

From the safety and security of the West, hoping for attack and saying “bring it on!!!”


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