War with Israel

by Fred

As the sane world ratchet up the sanction on IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic over its illegal nuke program, the messianic Islamists are pushing back with talk of war.

Hardly a day goes by without an Islamist not threatening ruination on the sane world. And of course state of Israel is a constant target of the attacks.

AFP reports on the “Culture of Reconciliation newspaper” in Iran reporting U.N. Ambassador of the Islamist Rapists saying:

"If the Zionist regime commits the slightest aggression against the Iranian soil, we will set the entire war front and Tel Aviv on fire," Mohammad Khazai said in the northeastern town of Kashmar, the Farhang-e Ashti daily reported.

That such such language being reported by “culture of reconciliation newspaper” is certainly an irony.  But Islamist Rapists’ constant threatening on top of their long standing announced intention to “wipe off the map” the state of Israel is not going to help lessen the existing tension which they’ve created all on their own.  




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marhoum Kharmagas


by marhoum Kharmagas on

Thanks for the link to your article...., I realized I am not the only one who is wondering about some of your latest 'illuminations' regarding sanctions. As one poster said:

"...Agreement to any sanctions, "smart" or not, is a direct and explicit admission that the governments imposing such sanctions have moral and legal authority to do so. Since YOU or any of the unfortunate Iranian victims are not going to be in any position to say what "good" sanctions can be "identified", you have only helped realize the worst possible scenario for the Iranian people....."

Mammad, when you are in the sanction camp what do you expect from Fred?





by cyclicforward on

Learn to learn and spell some English words. Will you please.


Racist Fred

by IranSam on

It amazes me that Fred on a regular basis uses racist terms such as Haji!

It also amazes me that no Iranians here use racist terms against him.

One would imagine that Fred has set a precedens in which it would be exceptable to counter each and every of his arguments with such comments as:

Go to a white power forum you stupid honkey.

Hey honkey are you upset because you lost the Timothy McVeight look alike contest.

Hey honkey it is called Iranian.com not honkey.com.

One would imagine that once the door has been opened, which it has beeeeeeen for a while now, why not join the idiot?

Fred I personally want to thank you for motivating me to start blogging.




 همفکر نادیده، از آنچه من میکنم بسی خجلم و شرمنده چه رسد به اینکه جایز تشکر باشم.

 خجل از آنجاییکه در مقام مقایسه با آنچه دیگران در مخالفت با نظام پر برکت میکنند، من هیچم.

 و در پیشگاه رشادت زنان و مردان ایرانی که در ایران رو در روی اسلامیستهای وحشی برای احقاق کامل حقوق غصب شدۀ همچو منی همه چیز خود را در طبق اخلاص میگذارند شرمنده ام.

این روزگار تلختر از زهر هم خواهد گذشت و رو سیاهی برای ذغال خواهد ماند.

 آن دوستانی هم که از سر مأموریت یا برداشت غلط به همچو منی میتازند، بتازند که هدف آزادی ایران و ایرانی فرای امیال شخصی من و آنهاست.

کارشان داستان سرزنشهای خار مغیلان است، بشنو و بگذر.


"Iran says it will set Tel Aviv ablaze if attacked"

by Anonymous8 on

oh i hope so! but will isreal attack?

israel is not so stupid enough to attack with rich uncle doing all the hard work. like a moftkhor country that it is! iran can defet you and 100 sage tarsoo like you fred, bring it on!!!



Oh I think Fred is completely Iranian

by Escape on

Oh I think Fred is completely Iranian and there are many like him who just can't handle to partake in the discussion.They can't handle what has happened to Iran,give him a break.



Haji Dr. No

by Fred on

The nuke lobbyist for the Islamist Rapists aside praising and soliciting readers for yet another nonsensical article in whitewashing IRR’s crimes in part says:

“The AIPAC Mafioso - known as Fred - the prophet of war, destruction, hatred, and bigotary toward Muslims, continues to spit words of war.”

For issuing death fatwa against me, Haji nuke, you are a sack of Islamist Liar.

For branding me as a “prophet of war”, you are a sack of Islamist Liar.

For not having grown out of your charlatan Ali Shariati induced Islamist stupor and remaining a confused soul at your age repeating lie after lie hoping it will become reality, you are a sack of Islamist Liar.

For using Islamist loutish language that you were raised in and are most comfortable with, you are a sack of Islamist Liar.

BTW, whoever sold you that suit and tie must have had a great sense of humor.

Next time seat up straight, don’t slouch tilting your head sideways like the needy ones and try not to use the loutish tone and verbiage of your Islamist background.

And if you get a chance watch VOA programs in a recent one a world renowned scientist, something you claim yourself to be in your Islamist dreams, in no uncertain terms set an Islamist Rapist supporter straight.


Now haji go see what errand your Islamist guru wants you to run for him and say hello to your CASMII lobbyist dinner companion.


Warmongering of AIPAC Mafioso continues

by Mammad on

The AIPAC Mafioso - known as Fred - the prophet of war, destruction, hatred, and bigotary toward Muslims, continues to spit words of war.

But, this blog is simply beyond the pale. The man is totally shameless. Whatever one might think of Tehran's hardliners, the statement that is quoted is IN RESPONSE to all the war propaganda coming out of Washington and Israel. Just read the following


The article is already all over the internet. See also Gareth Porter's excellent article at


In other words, whatever the stupid guy in Tehran said was IN RESPONSE. But, the prophet of war, hatred, destruction, and bigotary has turned all the propaganda from Israel and Washington on its head: It is Iran that has threatened war. I guess he expects everyone to be sitting ducks when it come to attacks by his nation - Israel.

Shame on those few of you who do not see what this guy and his handlers stand for, and applaud his message: War, destruction, hatred, and bigotary. Opposing the hardliners - which most Iranians do - does not mean supporting war on and destruction of our native land.




Many thanks, Fred

by Benji on

For your persistence and uncompromising stance against the inhumane rule of IRR. You are so correct in posting:

“….Islamist Rapists’ constant threatening on top of their long standing announced intention to “wipe off the map” the state of Israel is not going to help lessen the existing tension which they’ve created all on their own. “  

These brainless mullas are imposing a devastating war on innocent people of Iran.  This evil regime has to be overthrown by any means before our nation is driven to destruction.

Fred, as someone who has read your posts for a long time and have praised your logics and line of thinking, I’m here to support any action that would help with demise of IRR and piss in the face of those like “Amigo sam”, Sargord , NP,  No Fear, or any other Mola that out of nationalism or any other motives supports extension of the rule of IRR. 

Thanks again





Israel would have then repaid a 2500 year old debt to us

by Rosie. on

Iranians.  We should be thankful if Israel decides to put its men and women in harms way for freeing Iran

Why be thankful if they owe you?



by UnitedIran on

Please stop using stupid reasoning to justify an unimaginable action. Do you really think any Jew will pay a 2500 year old debt......they won't even pay one one from 2500 minutes ago, let alone 2500 years. Want a free Iran, then get off your protected shell and do something about it and stop asking for stupid proxies to do a dirty work!


Fred, as the moron Khomeini used to say.....

by mahmoudg on

Iran heech ghalatee nemeetavand bokonad.  If Israel decides to liberate Iran, the meesley forces of the IRI will collapse within a week and all of its leaders will flee the country in women's clothing (remember the news that Khamenei had his Airbus ready to fly him out when the riots broke out).  Israel would have then repaid a 2500 year old debt to us Iranians.  We should be thankful if Israel decides to put its men and women in harms way for freeing Iran. 


Fred, Fred, Fred

by IranSam on

I am gonna stick around ;)

Fred, why are you here?


Pastor: my dad, like any good Iranian dad, gave me an ultimatum:

by fooladi on

Doctor ya mohandes, Before sending me to farangistan!

I couldn't get into medical school hence the engineer. I think EE was rated highest in my Dad's grading of engineering trades, so I followed that!

to fathom out sam's mental issues, let alone his alleged "IQ" one needs an advanced degree in psychology. But maybe, you with your religious training can help the poor soul....

pastor bill rennick

fooladi jon, what a surprise? what kind of engineer are u?

by pastor bill rennick on

EE, ME, CE...? Back in the days when I attended seminary school, I took advanced circulus stuff. Let me estimate Sam's IQ as

lim e{-x} as x -> "8" rotated 90 degrees to the right or left!


Can you guess what that is?


Keep on trucking

by Fred on

If not yet done, one day someone has to do a scientific research on why Islamists resort to sexual innuendo in everything and anything that they do, even in a comment section of a website.

BTW, Christians know Christ is with a capital C and there is no such denomination as “Souther Baptist Church” which was twice typed “Souther”.

Other than that, keep on trucking.


Fooladi your lips are still attached

by IranSam on

I am not Maj´s daddy so she can answer for herself.

Iranian.com where none Iranian-Americans post and use name calling... Lol



by benross on

Was that a lesson for you?!


Every now and then there comes a thread

by Rosie. on

from which the entire future of humanity hangs.


pastor, ask "antelectual marj" what "ball less sam" writes

by fooladi on

in aftrer their aghd ceremony. To me it sounded French with thick lebanese accent, but i'm no linguist dear pastor, I am a mere engineer.

"Iran" sam: seeing you resorted to profenity and asking your sister marj to your assistance, I must have achieved my daily quota of pissing off one more cyber bassiji, or in this case, two.

Thanks :) 




by IranSam on

Yeap, I do agree that is mostly gossip.

Hummmm if only the Unseer Führer would just grow some balls and answer a few simple questions. Was ist falsch kleinen Mann?

pastor bill rennick

fooladi jon, thanks for the reassurance...!

by pastor bill rennick on

I didn't learn French in the seminary school so I need someone translating what Sam's writing!?

Is he writing in Spanish or French? Some linguist please! 



Iransam , that is not clarification, that's pure ad hominem

by Marjaneh on


I shall take no part in gossip!

„Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera."- Pablo Neruda



by IranSam on

Let me know when your lips are no longer attached to Fred´s worthless white a$$... Maybe we can have antellectual disssssscuusussssion.

Okay pumpkin?


I'm with you on demanding clarification...

by IranSam on

So far here we are:

1) Fred has many people answering for him

2) Fred is not Iranian, so he is not here because of a want to be part of his culture

3) Fred needs to grow a dick and a set of nuts, which is ironic considering a man that calls for war is as he is

4) If Fred is questioned the quesioner must be: a member of Hezbollah, A Islamic by back ground and blah blaw blah...

It is ironic. Maybe Fred needs to worry a little more about himself and a little less about everyone else.


ooops, we now have the frogie mating with antellectual :)

by fooladi on

makes perfect sense to me, just need haji agha for aghd :)


Bill, A la Papa n'a laissé

by IranSam on

Bon rêve de la nuit du Hezbollah...


IranSam, Whehey

by Marjaneh on

I'm with you on demanding clarification....

But don't beat Fredsy Rumpelstilzchen's  balls too much*...;)


„Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera."- Pablo Neruda

*it's a former chicken

pastor bill rennick


by pastor bill rennick on

Faites de beaux rêves!


Do a little research before you run your mouth

by IranSam on

Apparently I am now a Bassiji... Lol

Why don´t you email the admin have have the IP pulled.

For a free speach forum for Iranian this is a very interesting place.

The head crap poster is not even Iranian. His daddies and mommies resort to name calling when he is questioned.

So Fred, for the 1101.34th time; Why are you here Fred?

Are you going to allow your daddies and mommies to cover for you or are you going to grow a pair and answer a simple question.

For a guy that has talked war many times a day you need to grow a dick and a set of nuts.