Top Syrian defector: "The regime itself blew up government buildings & blamed protestors" (Sound familiar?)


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"I know for certain that not a single serving intelligence official was harmed during that explosion, as the whole office had been evacuated 15 minutes beforehand," ... All the victims were passers by instead. All these major explosions have been have been perpetrated by al-Qaeda through cooperation with the security forces."--Nawaf Fares, most senior defector from the Syrian regime.

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Whether the latter allegation is true remains to be seen.  Supposedly fighting as allies of the Syrian opposition, Al Queda would be playing a double game using both sides to advance its own agenda.  Why not?   To Al Queda, what the Syrian people prefer is sinful.  Like Khamenei (the recent Kenya plot, domestic murders)  these radical Islamists have no reservations about killing civilians, muslim or not, provided their cause advances in consequence.  When Assad falls you should look for the same kind of havoc in Syrian as in Iraq now.  In Iraq, the chaos is likely to intensify.    

It didn't have to happen.  Al Queda would never have had such a chance IF Assad had gracefully resigned or offered real and major reforms earlier instead of throwing in with the hardliners OR if Russia had pulled the rug out from under him early by joining the call for change.   Fearful of Islamist terrorism, Russia continued to support him on the assumption doing so would prevent Al Queda from getting a foothold. Aside from alienating almost the entire Middle East, Russia may now reap other boomerangs at Al Queda's hands.  If Putin believes the ambassador's statements, he shouldn't be too happy about it.


We know for certain Assad is getting weapons from both Russia and Iran.  In addition Iran's Regime is providing tips on "How to Oppress." Recall how Khamenei's thugs killed "N" and invented shameful (if unsuccessful) theories about who did it:  "Her fiance"  "The doctor who tried to save her."  "The Greens"  "Mossad did it."  "The CIA did it."  Meanwhile. as in Syria, the protestors were all "thugs" inspired by the usual foreigners and their Devil Media.   In both regime plainclothes thugs do the dirties work for the sake of deniability.   As in Iran, Assad planned two massacres and blamed the victims.   Would he kill dozens of Syrians in pro-regime areas via suicide bombings tlo stir up their loyalty? 

When the uprising begins, will Iran Khamenei, Death Squad supporter, hesitate to order the suicide bombing of civilians, offer public sympathy afterwards and then blame his opponents.  You betcha (as Sarah P likes to say).  Anyone who doubts it needs to read again The Guardian's revelations from an ex-IRCG comander in the guardian.   Khoumenei is no more moral than Saddad or Stalin.  Not an ounce.

One of the backfire problems he and Assad always chosen stems from a common if optimistic and foolish assumptions: "If you do dirty deeds you  they don't be exposed." When such deeds require you first empty a building of so many  "valuable human regime resouces" beforehand how can word not get around?  Meanwhile it is "tough beans"for the 55 mostly pro-regime Syrians who died outside.   Too bad for the 350 or so who suffered injurers ranging from minor scratches to ripped off limbs, blindness, blown-away faces and the awful disfigurement and treatment that accopanies first-degree bones over most of one's body.   You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs," both dicators would tell us.  After all, what is more delicious than Baathist or Islamist rule?


From the Nazis so much admired in the Middle East in the thirties and forties.   Check out details of the "Communist attack on the Reichstag"or the "Polish attack" on a German radio station near the border in 1939.  Both worked Big Time for Hitler.    Assad nor Khamenei relied on a fatal assumption ( "It should do the same for us")  without considering critical variables that Hitler enjoyed and they totally lack.  In1934 and 1939 Hitler enjoyed immense credibility (far less than after Stalingrad as the spring of 1945 approached).  In 1934 and 1939 Hitler still also had popular legitimacy.  Unlike Assad and Khamenei he hadn't relied on large scale atrocies and intimidation directed at the core of the German population.  Had that been the case I suspect his tricks would have aroused vast skepticism rather than blind support. 

Middle Eastern fascist regimes (Saddam, Assad, Khamenei) borrowed other ideas from the Nazis as well.  Who gave them the use street thugs if not the Nazi SA ("brownshirts")?  Who instituted a separate military (the Republican Guard) who took loyalty oaths to the regime and its the, excluse me...Supreme Leader rather than to the people and the nation.  Just as the Nazis had both a powerful SS and a less-well equipped Wehrmacht (army pledged to the nation) so too Khamenei has an "elite" Republican Guard pledged to himself and a much weaker army pledged to the nation and people although loyalty among the former appears far less strong than loyalty in SS ranks.  Note that Hitler in turn borrowed those two "useful" ideas from the Soviet Union who he otherwise despised.


The news section requires use of the original heading but look at it to see my problem:

Exclusive interview: why I defected from Bashar al-Assad's regime, by former diplomat Nawaf Fares"

Had Enduring America not drawn me to the bombshell, I'd have skipped the defection report as old news by now. Notice how the title suggests nothing new.  Yet when you read what he says, you find a double bombshell."  Given that original heading, how many readers here would have made the same mistaken assumption I did? 

It's too bad Nawaf's revelations occur in an exclusive, or that if the defector wanted the surely needed benefits of exclusivity, he didn't go to  Al-Jazeerah.


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How's this for goofy state propaganda? Credibility, anyone?

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.. A woman and her child were slain by her terrorist husband with a knife and by her 2-year-old cousin carrying an explosive baby rattle in front of all peoples as witnesses, said Abboot Arit al-Khalid, who mourned the absence of the Syrian Army to protect them from themselves.

 ''Had the Army or security personnel been present in the village, the terrorists could not have killed their own people to embarrass the Syrian government by blaming massacres on the Dear leader Bashir al-Assad," said Abboot Arit al-Khalid in a hysterical cry more majestic than the orchestral ones of a crowd of North Koreans mourning their Dear Leader."

(It sounds just like most Iranian newspapers, doesn't it?   Talk about identical twins: Assad and Khamenei!) 



Juicy tidbits re: Iran

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From today's roundup at EA (link below)

1.  Minister of Intelligence Heydar Moslehi has warned that the enemy will try to denigrate the Supreme Leader by blaming him for inflation and other problems.  

Khamenei, even though he insists on absolute power and will commit any crime to retain it, had nothing to do with Iran's major problems, strange as it seems to Iranians.

2.  Moslehi warned of the enemy's "new plan" for a separation of religion and state

Linking church and state has made a paradise for Iranians.

3. Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Abdolreza Sheikhol-Eslami has been denying Chinese workers are employed in building the Tehran-Caspian Freeway, but reporters from ILNA and Fars claim 700 Chinese employees are working on the project.

Would the regime lie?  Since 2009 trust in the regime's claims about anything has climbed a thousandfold.  Trust me on this!.

4. It's bad enough that Iranian auto production dropped 36% this year.  Now  

400 of 500 workers of the Zagros Khodro car parts factory have been dismissed after co-operation with Malaysia stopped

So what?  Simply arrest labor union leaders and stomp on workers who complain.  If necessary, arrest their wives and kids.  It's the mullah way!

5. General Hassan Firouzabadi, the head of Iran's armed forces, has repeated that the military is ready to block the Strait of Hormuz.  

See what an ex-IRCG commander had to say about the chances of success in the first link.  For my analysis of IRI military prospects see the second link.



6. Mohammad Reza Tabesh has said conditions are not favourable for participation in Presidential elections and former President Mohammad Khatami has no desire to run for the office again.

The first sentence wins the "Understatement of the Year Award."  Like Syrians and for identical reasons, most Iranians have given up totally on reform of the system and on naive types who still advocate it--men like Khatami & Mousavi.  See my "Waste of Time" blog.


7.  One sign of the significance of gold amid the economic crisis? Imports of gold from Turkey have risen eight-fold in the first five months of 2012.  

No one has faith in the Iranian economy, its leaders, its courts, its media and its elections anymore.  I wonder why.

8. This weekend, the head of Iran's police criticised films that show people eating chicken as they incite the poor "to stab the rich". 

Hilarious!  The guy sounds like an apologist for the Party of the Top 2 %.  His position is understandable in a countr where all the wealth is stolen by "wealth-producing" clerics (Hah! Hah!) and by their security force generals who must remain well-bribed in case of need. 


Syrian TV used fake Turkish ID in lie about Tremseh

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EA's Miller evaluates Fares' claims, makes predictions

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From James Miller, Enduring America analyist

If Nawaf Fares believes, or can prove, that the government was behind the May suicide bombings, this would be incredible news. There is clear evidence that the government was behind some of the earlier bombings in Damascus, but the May attack it was extremely unclear who was responsible, and it looked like these were carried out by terrorists. So it's interesting that Fares made a claim about THESE attacks, because that would almost certainly mean that the earlier attacks were also conducted by the regime.

So far, I've found Fares's allegations to be more credible than some of the ones made by some other high-profile defectors. I also believe that Fares's defection, not Tlass's, was the most consequential in the last several weeks. Fares is a diplomat, so his reputation is much less tarnished because he has far less blood on his hands. 

Re the point that Bashar al Assad is giving the orders, this is also very relevant. If true, then the scenario of Bashar fleeing the country while his brother fights on is extremely unlikely. Bashar al Assad, and the entire upper-regime, will go down with this ship, because they do not have any other choice.

(NOTE: Dissenting with most experts recently argued that the Syrian regime is collapsing and the FSA winning.  Check my previous posts online for that.  I also explored potential repercussions for Iran). 


Nawaf Fares: 'The Syrian regime is dead'

One of Syria's high-profile defectors explains what is really going on inside the corridors of power in Damascus.......

// A QUOTE OF SPECIAL RELEVANCE TO IRANIANS Reforms could have given some fruits if applied at the very beginning of the revolution. But after waves of blood it's impossible for the Syrians to trust Bashar al-Assad again, to accept his existence in Syria even .... This regime is dead, it's just a matter of time." NHIT: Recall the options Khamenei still enjoyed but disdained in the few days after the 2009 election fiasco.  


Recall earlier Iranian victims used to make this great 'omelet'

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Talk of the Reichstag fire recalls another very direct regime copycat

An xenophobic campaign against ""western cultural corruption" (neckties, rock and roll, make up, social police) started even before the Shah fell when Islamist thugs forced over 100 movie theaters to close in a campaign billed as "defense of Islamic culture and Iranian values."

In the notorious Abadan Fire--a perfect copy of the Reichstag incident--extreme Islamists burned more than 400 theater goers alive to achieve two simple goals.  First, Iranians required an unfortunate lesson in how to behave.  Secondly, by framing the Shah for their attack, Islamists could put one more nail in his coffin.  People wanted to believe.  Iranians were much less sophisticated and worldly wise then.  Most importantly, it worked because--unlike now--the Islamists hadn't blown popular legitimacy and trust for good.

Thus the Roasted and Toasted "got what they deserved" for watching innocuous western movies (not porn) in the Abadan Theater.  The same kind of hard-line Islamists who murdered those 400 people have now taken total control of this regime.  

The Shah had barely fled when extreme Islamists came up with a well-organized scheme to force women into hajib virtually overnight--disfiguring and blinding acid attacks on women who dared to be seen public wearing makeup or jeans or wearning attractive hair.  Anonymous attacks could happen anywhere, anytime and randomly.  

This strategy combined cowardness and sadistic cleverness.  Most importantly it was effective since there was no way of countering it.  The Shah was now gone.  Mullahs controlled police who looked the other way.  The Basilj and Iranian Hezbollah are the direct descendants of those who lit the matches and threw the acid.  Having achieved total control over the state, its police, courts and jails, Islamists no longer need to rely on acid attacks for social enforcement--the sole reason you aren't seeing them.

These are the sort of tactics dear to Khamenei's heart.
   He embodies "moral rectitude," extreme Islamist-style which means total immorality.  The officially sanctioned way to see victims of those two early campaigns is as  "eggs" whose suffering was unfortunate but necessary to produce this true gem known as the Islamic Republic.  Founded on rot, it has treated the Iranian people rottenly ever since.

Does anyone else get the impression that this evolution to an outright police state ruled by hard-line mullahs was intended and well-planned from the start? It's not the first time a revolution was hijacked.  After 1789 France had its Robespierre and Reign of Terror.  In 1917 the Bolsheviks--a disciplined, hard line and ideological minority--simply outmaneuvered allies to seize sole possession of the government.  Over half of the original Politburo (Bukharin, Zinoviev, Trotsky, etc.) wound up with a bullet in the head or in exile.

Russians spent the next 80 years on the Road to Big Nowhere, while resources and humanity were squandered.  The IRI has enjoyed 33 years of squandering the same.  Cheer up.  Iranians still have 47 years to match the Russian experience.