JOY, OH JOY! Iranians should celebrate in the streets today as Syrians are doing


by FG


A CNN journalist noted, "I've never seen people celebrating such a bombing like this before.  It shows how much people hated this government."   Iranians feel exactly the same after years of endless oppression.  That's what intimidation, oppression, injustices, lack of human rights and rigged elections will get you.  But the hopeless will fade when the uprising begins.   The sun is now shining in Syria.   As the streets of Damascus fill with celebrating people, and as Assad's military finds itself headless.  Will the the regime last a week?

Today Syrians sent a message to Iran's people in to its ruling Supreme Thug, a twin to Assad in brutality and the degree of hatred earned: What Syrians have done, Iranians can do.  

Just as today was  a big people pleaser in Iran, it was a punch in the gut for the ruling mullahs.    A spontaneous celebration in the streets of Tehran and some nice graffiti  everywhere would help get the point accross ("First Assad, then Dictator Khamenei who is going down too soon.   People are fed up with such dictators and aren't going to eat s*** anymore.   If Khamenei chooses to slaughter them, we should aid them.

Is there any doubt NOW a vicious, IRI-like regime is going down?  Obviously some insider in the regime, ticked off by Assad's crimes, played a part in setting up this explosion.

When I woke up and heard the news this morning, I ran around the house whooping and shouting.   Unlike the women and children Asssd and his thugs have killed, there is nothing to deplore about the SOB's who died in this bombing--Defense Minister Dawood Rajiha, Deputy Defense Minister Assef Shawkat -- al-Assad's brother-in-law -- and Hasan Turkmani, al-Assad's security adviser and assistant vice president--plus how many top security officials seriosly wounded.  The Interior Minister may also have died.

Like Jafari, Ahmad Khatami, Mesbah Yadzi and Khamenei, Syria's murderers deserved such a treat.  Enjoy!

I'm sure some insider, repelled by the regime's crimes and what is has done to, sorry, I meant Syria, helped facilitate theiir removal.    Aside from the psychological blow this masterpiece inflicted on a brutal regime, it will totally disrupt regime planning.    I wonder if Russia will change its tune in the UN today, knowing the tide has changed for good.   It lost all negotiating power today.  Too late, Putin, too late for the SYrian people to forgive you!.   Learn from this when it comes to Iran.


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All I know, fg,,

by JustAnIranian on

Is that i used to read your accounts of Syria and you don't write them any more.

 Baba vel koneed to or khoda.  



by shushtari on

I usually agree with your post....however, YOU'RE WAY OFF BASE HERE MY FRIEND,.....

the evidence is overwhelming that khomeini was handpicked and shoved down the throats of 35M iranians in 79

-was the shah unpopular? yes, but how where the hell was khomeini in 75, 76, 77, etc???? his idiotic rants on tape did not appear, until, magically in early 1978- exactly a few months when the shah refused to extend the 25 year oil contract extenstions (I GREW UP IN AHVAZ- AND IVE PERSONALLY SEEN THE PROOF ON HOW THE OIL CONSERSIUM THREATENED THE SHAH WHEN HE REFUSED TO SIGN THAT AGREEMENT!!)


-I personally also know that TOP GENERALS LIKE, BADREI, BERENJIAN, who were planning a coup, were murdered in their offices - by AMERICAN SOLDIERS!! not BS, I spoke to the widow of gen badrei- and he was shot in his office by a black american soldier! not a basiji, or islamist- but by am american soldier0

the shah was weak of course, but the army could have easily crushed the uprising by knocking off khomeini in iraq or france, or the rest of his gang- there is numerous evidence that his top brass had begged him to do just that....


you can't be naive enough to think that the west 'would trust a filthy mullah' with the most important strategic country in the middle east- everything was a set up- a the shah's problem was that he was too weak- both physically, and mentally- if he had the juevos, he would have exterminated the mullahs long ago and appointed someone like bakhtiar in the mid 70s


also, one last thing, you keep claiming it was a 'popular uprising'....I would bet you that less that 5% of the1 population actually participated in the fiasco of much for popular 


The relevant Details on Syria, beyond Propaganda on all sides

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


I would only disagree with the conclusion of it where he says, failed
in Iraq, failed in libya, and now going for a 3rd try at the
humanitarian approach therefore failed in Syria.  The Truth is Succeeded
in Iraq, Succeded in Libya and now likely Succeeded in Syria.  Because
the true agenda was never humanitarin or to promote democracy, but to
help extremists and create regression exactly like the west did in Iran
by supporting Khomeini and covertly wishing to keep noxious participants
like the MeK for iran.



why? Change Monarchist for "Iranian above all" and reflect.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I'm not a fan of Assad, he happens to be a russian ally, I'm no fan of russia or china either, what I am deeply unhappy with is the USA/UK/France policy towards iranians, just because the f*&ing mullahs oppose them also this does not make us allies.  The Hypocrissy in wests use of words, human rights, freedom, progress, peace, justice and democracy are at the root of my upset with them.  What was done to Iran, political pressure against the shah leading to millions of violent deaths, tyranny, excessive repression and the loss of freedom for iranians and is now being done to Iranians is criminal and I don't see the gangsters ruling these countries changing their ways.  What you are observing is not my cheering for Assad, by my satisfaction with failures of the extremist supporting aims of the USA/UK/Frances version of aerial bombing democracy, because it is intended to harm Iranians, Libyans (IRI supported west vs Libya, I didn't), Iraqis, Syrians or Egyptians.

My view is the USA/UK/France not only Betrayed the late Shah, but worse the people of iran and the agreement they had with the government of Iran to defend it, known as a Pact. Not only did they deny the late shahs police tear gas, riot shields and basic equipment, they portrayed him as a dictator (a person with absolute power, like a hitler, a mussolini, a stalin, a saddam, a mossadegh... all of which had absolute power because they were both populists and extremists, the late shah had neither of these qualities, infact his foot in the mouth type speaking and moderation were the opposite of these), portrayed Savak as an organization that tortured people and to put a cherry on top of it all they alluded to excessive repression being carried out in Iran. F**^  the 3 of them, how many times have people in these countries been educated as to the plight of Iranians under the IRI or told of the excessive repression in Iran today (e.g. the highest rate of executions in the world per capita) ???????? No way, these guys we brought to power, the IRI we don't want to see go, forst we want to see if we can find our own mullahs among them that do as we wish, next we want to pressure the society and negotiate with the mullahs and lastly never give the people of Iran a chance to remove the regime, lastly lets look at war!!!!!!!!

Are you Iranian FG????  I asked the same question to all the traitors, the masses involved in 1979, before they sent so many children to their deaths and a society to poverty and tyranny.  I'd like to know your answer too, their answer was yes.     


Why would a "monarchist" (Amir) support Assad

by FG on

The ruling mullahs love Assad.   Amir also keeps praising and defending Assad.  Why?

Those same mullahs hate the Shah and certainly havoe no use for monarchal restoration in Iran.  So why this constant Assad foot-kissing from Amir?   You'd think Assad was the greatest human being on the planet the way Assad drools over and defends him.


News update, New officials were appointed in place

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

of those killed by the suicide bomber, by Assad himself.  Russia and China gave a double veto against the USA's Top Agenda for the UN on Syria. And meanwhile the People of Bahrain are receiving the finger by the US and the Dictatorship it supports there.  So the number of UN permanent members using their veto's in support of regimes that do not observe international law or human rights, just went up from 1, the USA to 3 the USA, Russia, China.  Pretty pathetic for the UN, to have 3 out of 5 members acting against its charter in favor of their own national interest. //



I am interested

by JustAnIranian on

There are all kinds of rumors going around. One is that he is injured, but I think also important is the rumor - not confirmed news article that Qasem Soleimani was in the same meeting and he is dead.  


The Assad mystery continues. One claim appears untrue.

by FG on

My INTENDED lead post, the one that never appeared here, raised questions about Assad and the bombing.  You'll find it by clicking on My Account. 

He is NOT in Latakkia, where previous reports claimed.  So where is he?  A photo shown online today appears to have been faked.   I suspect he's not dead but may have been injured seriously.  I gave reasons why in that intended post. 

One online site has a update.  However since the editors aren't interested in my roundups, why bother posting a link.


WOW! Two humdinger developments in Syria today BUT...

by FG on

you'll have to look it up for yourself for reasons given earlier.  I stongly suggest the latest update in th syria section at Enduring America.  


If you want an even shorter answer....

by FG on

In one simple sentence: USA lacked motive, means and opportunity to pull off what you suggest for Iran alone in 1979 let alone the Arab Spring.

Amir blames every revolt from Tunisia to Syria as well as widespread popular discontent in Iran right now as part of a Big American Plot.   Didn't you guys look up Occam's Razor yet?  You guys are the Russ Limbaugh's of the Muslim World.  Recall his claims regarding Obama.

From what mentor did you learn your stuff?   The propagandist who said that if you repeat nonsense often enough to a the gullible masses they become "true."  Hint: Initials were J.G.

As for the real power behind the Arab Spring, why not a secret Masonic cabal? Why not The Illuminati?   The Jews?    Bolsheviks?  MI-6, etc.  Each is posited as omnipotent to reach weird conclusions.  What incredible alliances you types come up with (CIA and PLO team up with Al Queda to overtheow Khaddafi)!


You are certain of it. Well so am I but...

by FG on

Yes pro-democracy groups were slaughtered.  But where's the motive for the US to favor Islamist mullahs instead.  The theory makes no sense.  

Second, it documents were captured, as opposed to handed over, how is the USA at fault?  And don't blame it for not expecting such bandid behavior. Who would.

Thirdly, your talk of having "secret evidence" as proof is as credible as Richard Nixon's "secret plans for ending the Viet Name War," or Romney's "secret plans" for a effective health care system or for economic recovery.   You claim to hate the mullahs while simultaneously claiming access to their secret documents.  Or you want such secret documents to exist, so they must exist. 

MORE PROOF":  Wow!  The US increased its staff greatly during the Revolution.  It would be surprising if they did otherwide.  I'd want to learn more about what is going on too and that requires more staff.  But as a premise, how does this fact (and it is a fact) support your desired conclusion?  It doesn't.  

RE:  Iranian military was neutralised on US Presidents orders by hand picked colonel named Huyser.

I don't know about any colonel Huyser.  However with the Shah a dead duck (like Assad) faced with a similar widely supported revolution (a broad front not just mullahs) why would we not urge them to stand down.  

You also ignore Khoumeini's unkept promises to spare them if they did, which resemble his unkept promises (made in France) regarding civil liberties and democracy.  The generals fell for the first and the Iranian people fell for the last.  Why shouldn't any foreign countries.  

Besides, as in the case of the Russians in Poland and Eastern Europe after World war II what could we do when faced with an obvious fait accompi (do you know the term) except hope for the best.  Hence some of the post-war deals with Stalin weren't honored, though some were (Soviet withdrawal from Vienna and Iran). 

What it comes down to is you kid yourself about the Shah's "mass popularity: in 2009.  You want to believe in a conspiracy theory so you twist an odd assortments of facts and speculation to fit.  Yet somehow they don't which is why they aren't widely accepted. 

Manuchehr Khosrodad

FYI FG Your communication is Funny

by Manuchehr Khosrodad on

APFSM points to the location and nature of evidence, which is strong and NOT in the interest of the IRI, and you are like "ha you call that evidence LOL", I'd like to see you as a Judge, you'd be like "what you call finger print, dna and a gun evidence ha, thats ridiculous."

APFSM Murdering many pro-democracy leaders, including school
principals, company owners, health care workers, union leaders etc in
iranian society at the handsof mullahs forces after they contacted US embassy with their organizations seeking help will one day be made into a documentary I am certain of it, however no one would dare do it now in or out of Iran.  And such a documentary will include relevant parts the over 60 volumes of released Secret CIA files from the embassy as part of the factual evidence including family members that can verify they were killed, when and who they were and what they knew they were doing and with who.  A good Question to ask is why US national media companies don't report on these documents about
US activites in Iran.  Is it because the US Government has no intention of changing their criminal policy for the Region and wish to gradually implement it elsewhere?

What I can add to your evidence comment in support of your view, US staff were increased at time of revolution, the increase of Agents was to
help determine the outcome in favor of known and selected extremists (the number was significant around 200% increase in staff),
next Iranian military was neutralised on US Presidents orders by hand picked
colonel named Huyser (US Head General of Nato Alexander Haig resigned
over Huysers Top Secret Mission because he said it went against his advice), the USA government backed Khomeini and then after
reaching power it was Khomeini who betrayed the USA and stated there
isn't a damn thing the USA can do about it (thanks for the help and bye
bye).  See you all tomorrow : )

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Next time try to write early in the morning.  That may help. You know late at night the monsters under the bed may interfere with the submit key on your blog entry.   In the morning the coast is clear.  



No roundup today. Editors buried intended lead post so forget it

by FG on

I posted the following blog last night and it's still not visible here eight hours later.  So you may have missed it.  

I really thought I was on to something of possible importance that other sources had missed.  I thought it was a good analysis.  I posted the following at 1:30 AM despite having started by day at 5 AM.  There's nothing like fresh material turning stale;  Thanks a lot. I could have gone to bed two hours earlier.



Some of the ideas mentioned in the lead post were first  brought up in a subpost but there were new and related developments afterwards. I needed a new roundup header anyway so I chose the above which I felt was most important.  

A new day's roundup requires a new lead item.  The missing blog was intended to serve as an anchor for new and fresh stuff today. FORGET IT!  I also knew my "Joy" blog from yesterday would be near the bottom this morning and eventually disappear.

I know better than to edit a lead post after it appears on the home page though it's usually safe to do so in the first five minutes or so.   The above hadn't appeared by the time I went to bed but I was sure it would be here this morning and planned to add some interesting new stuff.     I could understand the failure to post it on the home page if it were about trivia, such as the weather in Iran or Khamenei's latest turban.  But I ask readers, was that on this level.

So I'll skp any roundup today and may do so in the future.  If you can't count on "fresh" being posted before it turns stale spending hours at writing or collecting stuff is absolutely stupid.    This is not the first time I've had this happened.  

I can still read all the same stuff I'd gather for a roundup.  I can also do anaysis in my head.  I enjoyed sharing but what's the point if you can't count on to share it.  Writing and editing for that purpose takes FAR MORE TIME.    

Hi to poor Amir:

Sorry to demolish your conspiracy theories so thoroughly but someone needed to do it.  Looks like you stepped into a meat grinder.  Didn't you learn from last time you posted such nonsense?

My frustration with wasting time on this site should be good news for you. Too often you get away with such nonsense scot free.  Alas, I responded to it before I noticed my new blog had been buried.   Otherwise you'd have been safe.  I've been gone from when the current crisis brought me back.  You can breathe easy.  You're safer now.  





You call that proof! Totally Demolishing Amir is FUN

by FG on

Anyone with an IQ above 60 can do it.  Let's look at the degree to which his conspiracy theories require so much to "work."   May I suggest you look up "Occam's Razor" concerning one problem with such hypotheses.   Now let's look at what he is alleging and exaclly what is required to make it work. 

1. US shreds documents containing names of pro-democracy folks (obviously to protect such folks). 

2. Iran allegedly (how would you know) and then goes after those poor folks.   (And you suggest we INTENDED for them to do so?  

3. Also implied but not stated to make your conspircy theory work: The USA knew what even took the mullahs by surprise--that students and non-mullah types planned an attack on the US embassy, the seizure of 50 hostages so they could be held for a year.   We really wanted this.  Hence we were careless in even having such documents in the first place.

4. Finally, it's isn't as if most pro-democracy Iranians kept their desires secret BEFORE the revolution or afterwards.  That includes victorious allies.   Do you really thing a cabal so disciplined and capable of such clever planning (including adaptation when radical students gave them an opportunity) would need our help to identify such people.   They--unlike us--were on the ground and in the Middle of them.

5. How often in the last five centuries has such an incident as any embassy invasion and this sort of hostage taking occurred?  Never.   It was total and unexpected outlaw behavior unique to the IRI and now repeated twice (See British embassy).  And you claim you've PROVEN we were deliberately careless.   We have your word on this, not tainted by any malicious intent as is the case with most conspiracy theorists.

You haven't proven anything, sport! How many people--home or abroad--had any idea of the mullahs' intent and secret schemes back then, as if there were a fly on the wall recording everytihing..   Not US intelligence (with skimpy resources on the ground and the best and the brightest directed elsewhere).  Not the Iranian people.  Not even America's enemies in the Soviet block--all of whose intelligence agenies were caught flat footed. most other nations--even America's cold war enemies.  The mullahs pulled one off on everyone, sport! \

RE (in bold face no less):  if it doesn't awaken you to being deceived by world media, nothing will

All you've proven is your intellectual and moral bankrupcy with a hint of working for the Bad Guys.  Aw-Hah!  SO the world media was in on the conspiracy too, deceiving everyone for all these years.   Thus to make one conspiracy work you need two of the.  

Gosh, it's too bad there are no independent journalits these days--not in the US, or anywhere else.  The CIA controls them on.   How nutty!

RE:  The USA also paid Khomeini's team in order to then pay the PLO to train its Thugs/Terrorsts in Libya.

Now we get a third nutso conspiracy theory (actuallly a multiple one) which really takes a lot to work.

We are supposed to believe that the PLO would conspires with the USA and the Libyan people to make it work.  You've made similar accusations re: other Arab Spring countries including Egypt (where we conspired with the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow an Amir favorite, Mubarek.  And now we are doing the same in Syria...and Iran.  Holy Smokes.  And even the CIA is in on it.

It seems, if you listen to Amir, no muslim has a mind of his own, they are all manipulated by an omnipoltent USA with whom everyone voluntarily and feely conspires--the Amerian and world press, the PLO, etc.   If this is what it takes to make your theories work you have a problem.  I should also note how close it sounds to what we are hearing from Syrian, Iranian and Russia propagandists on line re: Syria.  

Oh, yes, let's not forget that "payment" Amir mentions which must have been a whopper (It's not as if we had far greater priorities than Khaddafi when it comes to takig down dictators).  

And his proof of such payment is...  Aw shucks, we weren't supposed to ask that question which closely resembles GOP and Fox News allegations against Obama (He's a communist!  He's a muslim!  He and any muslims in the administration are working secretly to help Al Queda!)  

Don't you love these conspracy theories folks?  Anyone can do them, whether it be Congressman Alan West ("1 Democratic House members are communists") or Iranian, Syrian and Russian state media.

Re:  there are also recordings of sums equaling $150 million dollars being wired/paid to Khomeini while he was in France to pay for his thugs training 

Really!  The French were in on it too!  Thanks for telling us.  Meanwhile where are those recordings and are the voices clearly indentifiable?  How come no one in the French media exposed this--including opposition owned newspapers? 

Answering Amir's Question:  Let me ask you FG, do you think the attacks on the Syrian Govt are Not at all supported from outside?

That's a tricky question which shows your true interests and undermines your pretense of being an anti-regime monarchist.  

If you mean NOW, the answer is yes and why not? After seeing the regime's brutal intentions and actions toward a once unarme people.   If Russia and the IRI (who you are allegedly against) can provide arms for slaughter--and they are foreign nations) why cannot others do the same to help the intended victims defend themselves.  

It's very similar to the regime's complaints about bombing.  It's Ok for Syria to do (see their policy in Iran) and for the IRI (see the Rumanian bus bombing, Kenya, the muslim barracks attacks, India, Thailand, Yemen,  IED's in Iraq and Afghanistan. etc. --in which case its not deplorable--but not for others like the FSA to do to such regimes in turn.  No that is totally immoral!


FG on your "reality post"

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

FYI- Some Hard physical evidence is available for you. 

When the US embassy was taken over, the US marines guarding the embassy shredded all documents.  The documents were put back together and put into volumes available today, incuding the details of names, people etc of each and evey pro democracy local leader around the country in their thousands reaching the US embassy thinking they would be of support on their side, only to have them and their supporters names & locations given to IRI goons for the purpose of having them killed, which also happened.  You are not going to get stronger proof than this, if it doesn't awaken you to being deceived by world media, nothing will.  The USA also paid Khomeini's team in order to then pay the PLO to train its Thugs/Terrorsts in Libya, there are also recordings of sums equaling $150 million dollars being wired/paid to Khomeini while he was in France to pay for his thugs training and hundreds of them visiting him while in France from Libya camps and the French allowing this (they didn't even need visa's).  This evidence is of no interest for the IRI to promote or forge, yet it now exists for all future generations.  Let me ask you FG, do you think the attacks on the Syrian Govt are Not at all supported from outside?  Do you think if they succeed in Syria, it will benefit either Syrians or Iranians Freedom?  If you answered yes both times, you may have been drinking too much Obama cool Aid and also relying on the media p.r. to form your views.  Shushtari, genuine hope requires a basis in reality, please share with me the basis in reality you use, because I have been missing it.



Bomb casualties among top figures are surely understated

by FG on

Everyone is concentrating on the four guys who got killed--one of whom (the Defense Minister)--appears to have had less clout.   The regime's effectiveness losses have to be greater.

Usually in such cases you get several wounded, some badly, for each death.   Thus I suspect a dozen or more wounded by the bombing of who two or three may die and up to 50 percent of more will be out of the picture so far as the opposition is concerned.  In that sense, they are as good as dead.

Remember: This was a meeting of those most involved in planning a nasty security force campaign.  It included the most trusted and powerful, not their underlings.  Therefore almost everyone present had to be a "high value" target for the opposition.  

In terms of usable (operative) resources lost the numbers lost must be higher than those four deaths represent if the normal math applies. Anything less seems improbable.  For example, was Bashar's brother present?  Was he injured?  If so, how severely?

Don't expect the Syrian regime to be forthright about this but I'm sure that other losses are being concealed.  Nevertheless word will get around among insiders and spread further.  It's just what happens when more than two or three people are expected to keep secrets ("Did you hear...") 

That will add to the psychological impact too--especially in causing panic and flight among the powerful.  How long can losses be concealed from spouses and families?"  When they don't show up as usual, suspicions will grow, especially when a spouse knows her husband would have attended the meeting.


It's amazing how myth becomes "fact"

by FG on

re: Jimmy Carter and the Brits ousted the Shah.

Why would they favor a bunch of psycho-Islamists.  Where's the evidence?  Where's the motive?


1. The original revolution, later stolen by the mullahs, was a broad front movement or have you forgotten.    

It needn't have ended in mullah rule--a suprise to the West as well as Khoumeini's Iranian allies who got outmaneuvered just as the Bolsheviks did to their allies in Russia.  I guess we were behind that too.  The US is responsible for everything.

Explain this: The only thing that gave the mullahs the opportunity to seize total control of the revolution, as everyone agrees, was the seizure of the US embassy by students and the one-year long hostage crisis.   What kind of loony would suggest we OK'd that to help the mullahs oust their allies? 

2. Deservedly or not, the Shah was deeply unpopular in 1979 or the revolution could not have succeeded.  By your reasoning, the US caused all the discontent in Iran since 2009, including complaints about the election and all subsequent complains.   That's what the regime claims so (by your reasoning) it must be true. 

3. Carter, the French and others found themselves stuck with a fait accompli (the Shah was going down whether we liked it or not).  Don't confuse the fact that we tried to make the best of it. 

4. Khoumeini's allies included no one of comparable charisma and no faction as disciplined.  He also succeeded because Iranians, like many Sunnis today, could still believe in clerical rule because they had yet to taste it.  

5. Before leaving from Paris, Khoumeini promised the West he'd respect civil liberties.  Yes he suckere us.  But didn't he also sucker the Iranian people, including many clerics now in jail or under house arrest.  If he fool you, why is it not possible he fooled us.

6. In any case, no western government could stop the popular will which was overwhelmingly against the Shah at the time.  Were we supposed to send hundreds of thousands of troops, plus naval fleets and a major segment of our air force while telling Iranians, "we don't approve of your choice?"

Give me one piece of evidence--just one--that the USA or the Brits were behind the Iranian Revolution.  What utter nonsense!   Once again I must repeat those who propose conspiracy theories have the SOLE obligation of proof.  Since it's impossible to prove the negative, there is no obligation to prove the USA or anyone else was NOT behind the Shah's ouster. 


amir: a fake monarchist?

by FG on

Though I doubt Reza Pahlavi has a chance of winning, I doubt he'd approve of your positions which would embarrass him.   

You don't get it, do you?  You praised several dictators (Samoza, Khadaffi, Mubarek) and deplored the popular revolutions that deposed them, never considering that the local peoples might have a mind of their own.  I suppose from the role models you advocate, you think the Iranians would be happy with similar.  That is, you think a secular ruler, a la Assad, is all their interested in--not human rights, democracy, free elections that freely choose rulers. 

Even your perpetual anti-west sniping suggests to me that you are a regime stooge, trying to alienate Iranians from both Pahlavi and the West.  Who does that sound like but Khamenei and Company?   Awhile ago you argued, like Russia, Iran and the Syrian government, that the present crisis in Syria was a Western-inspired conspiracy. 

Most Iranians don't believe any of that.  Yep, you sound exactly like a spokesmen for the Bad Guys, trying to be clever. 


iamfine--That's a very strange conspiracy theory.

by FG on

The CIA put a puppet ruler in?   Gosh, I thought the guy was ELECTED by the people of Libyan in an open election.  Yet the winner is a puppet just because you don't like who the Libyan people freely chose.  I guess is if you don't like the results you INVENT a conspiracy theory.  

No one ever has any obligation to prove a conspiracy theory, which is NEVER to be confused with fact   It's akin to right-wing  charges that Obama is a muslim, or a communist or an ally of Al Queda-style Islamists.  

How would the CIA manage to twist the arm of millions of Libyan voters to choose a particular candidate?  Why would they listen to the CIA?  How did it become so omnipotent? 



by shushtari on

i don't recall saying I wish the US would save our ass......

however, since you brought it up, I agree with you- in fact, IT IS FACT THAT JIMMY THE IDIOT CARTER AND THE BRITS PLANNED AND TOPPLED THE SHAH and created the crapfest that is our country today

However, my belief is that there will always be justice at the end- that's the way I live my life- life is finite, and if you spend all your days worrying about what the west is planning for iran, you will never live to see a free iran

to hope is healthy- and if more of us do so, maybe, just maybe, we can all live back home one day soon :) 


Dear FG

by iamfine on



shushtari the usa is not in the freedom, justice and democracy

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

building business.  That is p.r. and deceit, the free media are not even reporting on libya and what the US did or the dozens confirmed killed every week.  They are in the supporting extremists and forcing countries backwards business, like Revolutions etc.  Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Western support for
rebels would only lead to an escalation of the bloodshed in Syria – and
could draw the country into civil war. He said this "is a dead-end policy, because Assad is not leaving voluntarily," and that to “make
a resolution that would unilaterally prohibit the government from doing
something is the direct support of a revolutionary movement."



More OGHDEH from exiles

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Syria has turned into a bloody civil war with thousands of casualties. THIS is what you hope for in Iran? How OGHDEI can you exiles get?



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aay goftee :)

I am counting every minute... 



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I hope you are right......I can't wait for the akhoonds to be hanging from the chenar trees on pahlavi avenue :)



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The vote has been delayed.  Why else?  Will it do the Russians any good?  How many Syrian lives could have been saved and how much property damage prevented if the Russians had done so months ago?   As I keep asking, having learned a lesson from the blowback of backing Bad Guys in Syria, will he turn cautious re: Bad Guys who rule Iran.


After initially reporting that interior minister Mohammad Shaar was dead, Syrian state media reported that he survived the attack and was now in stable condition. Now, however, it appears that State TV has officially announced that Shaar has died.


there have been widespread rumors that Syrian military units are defecting in large numbers, particularly near the capital. Among the most significant report is that the amount of defections in Qaboun (map) is significant enough to effectively deliver the neighborhood to the Free Syrian Army.

Because of today's events, we expect to see lots of wild rumors. But these rumors are also being posted by traditionally conservative opposition outlets, like the Local Coordinating Committees.

(Observation: I suspect Syrian officers, having heard the news from Damascus, are a bit reluctant to enforce orders to shoot defectors). 

4. (Less reliable rumor): SHABIHA RUNNING AMOK?

There are also disturbing rumors that shabiha, pro-regime paramilitary, have entered Midan and Al Asali with guns and knives. These rumors also seem alarmist, but sources close to Al Jazeera, and some of our own sources, have also heard the rumors.

OBSERVATION: It's possible but would be tantamount to suicide.  With no heavy forces to protect them, these guys would be torn to pieces.  The shabiha deserve no quarter and will get none.  They've had their "fun."  Now they are in for it! 


This bombing is a huge blow to the Assad regime, but it's hardly the only body blow received by the regime in recent weeks. By all reports, the fighting elsewhere continues today as well.

: Enduring America.

FG: I understand the NY Times has a reporter in Damascus and is running a live blog.  I haven't been there yet.  

Recall that I wrote weeks ago that if the the fall of Assad's regime happened while the sanctions were wreaking havoc, the IRI may not survive long.   Now comes this report yesterday in which the Larinjani's and the IRCG issued SEPARATE warnings to the government regarding the dire effect sanctions are having.

  Iran Analysis: Larijani and the Revolutionary Guards Warn the Government Over the Economy




"Assad's Death Spiral"

Iranians can relate to this excerpt:

The rapid deterioration of Assad's control in Damascus -- the capital was largely free from serious fighting a week ago -- may be surprising, but was also increasingly inevitable. For the past 16 months, the Syrian government has been caught in a vicious cycle (Doesn't this sound familiar?): A city or a town rises up, and the military arrests, tortures, and kills its citizens in a bid to quell the uprising -- but only ends up driving Syrians into the arms of the opposition and spurring further military defections.

This basic dynamic first played out in miniature in regions like Deraa, then on a grander scale in cities like Homs, and now in the capital . Since the beginning of the uprising, the Assad regime has found itself in a death spiral from which it seemingly has no clue how to extricate itself.

(Foreign Policy also has some close up details on the Four Dead Bad Guys).



Islamic regime's dying days

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We can all surmise that the Iranian regime and its ideology is dead.  For many of us it was dead on arrival 33 years ago, but unless the masses saw the truth nothing could have been done.  Now the West has seen this evil too.  The West has demonstrated they no longer need her oil to survive hence the regime has become indispendible like that of the late shah.  Weather by bombs or sanctions or the force of the people, this regime is a goner.  The question remains have Iranians learned to coexist and play nice with each other, or the new regime will continue the cleansing methodology of its predecessor??? The outcome would show if Iranians have learned to embrace democracy and rule of law.


Khamenei's supreme Advisor reaffirms support for Assad, HA!

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The Supreme Leader's advisor Ali Akbar Velayati hasreaffirmed support for the Assad regime, claiming, “It’s the policy of the US, Europe and the regional reactionary [states] now to topple the Syrian government in order to break the resistance front against Israel.”


That was yesterday.  I wonder what he is saying today.  Nice timing, IRI!   The Syrian people must never forget what they owe Khamenei and the IRI now that Assad is on his last legs.   

Speaking of the twin-like resemblences between Khamenei, whose regime advised Syria on handling counterdemonstrations, and Assad, recall the people-stomping by Basilj and Iranian-Hezbollah and read this:



Press TV headline is getting laughs in Iran today

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The headline says, "Syrian security forces in full control of Damascus" 

It was written prior to the delicious explosion and shows how much the ruling mullahs have at stake in Assad the Loser.  How long is Assad's life expectancy now?   Here's an excerpt from Press TV:

"Syrian government officials said late Tuesday that the situation in Damascus was under total control, rejecting claims by some media outlets that armed terrorists had captured parts of the capital." 


The regime has now condemned the Syrian bombing.  The world will be most impressed.  Having aided and abetted the Bad Guy and his crimes, Iran --like Russia--will pay a price from the new Syrian government.   

A friendly regime has been replaced with a rich enemy.  

Hezbollah is now in a rotten position.

Iran will have a hard time using Iraq as a replacement for Syria.   The Iraqi government has obvious vulnerabilities should it attempt to cooperate in such a scheme.  It can never be as close as Assad for that reason.

Meanwhile Russia will lose her naval base and a long-time trading partner.   Will such losses make her wary of suffering similar consequenes if she continues to support the equally brutal and equally unpopular Khamenei regime in Iran?

Suddenly the IRI is more isolated than ever--at home or aborad. 


Ali Ashraf Nouri, the political deputy of the Revolutionary Guards, has said that US strategy against Iran is based on “outside pressure and inside collapse":

“The only hope of the enemies from the crippling sanctions is to break people’s tolerance threshold and force them [to take to the streets] like during the 2009 sedition.”


1. The degree t0 which this regime is hated. 

2. That people's toletance threshold has already been broken.

3. That Syria's sucess, combined with the regime's isolation, endless repression at home and a collapsiing economy assures the people will take to the steets.  It's a given.  They have so many reasons to HATE this regime.