Will the Real Trita Please Stand Up!


Will the Real Trita Please Stand Up!
by Faramarz

I was watching Mr. Dai’s second interview with Mr. Maibodi about his legal case with NIAC on Pars TV last night when out of nowhere Mr. Dai mentioned that Trita Parsi regularly goes on Iranian.com and make comments anonymously! I almost fell off my chair! Say what again!

Hassan Dai said that as a part of his discovery process for the lawsuit, he has been able to identify three usernames on Iranian.com that belong to Trita; Karim S (as in Karim Sadjadpour), Ramin J (as in Ramin Jahanbegloo) and Iraj Khan! Yes, the “copy and paste” Iraj Khan that spends a good amount of time on this site defending NIAC and Trita.

Well, I decided to spend a few minutes and look into this and see if it is true. I didn’t know Karim S, and I vaguely remembered one comment by Ramin J on one of my blogs, but there were plenty of commentary by Iraj Khan. So that’s where I focused.

As I read a bunch of Iraj Khan’s comments, two things stood out. First, he always copy and pasted passages either from blogs by NIACis or he did it from the NIAC site. Up to this point, I always thought that Iraj Khan was not really good at writing his own comments, but then it dawned on me that he is actually copy and pasting material that he had written himself as Trita Parsi! He probably thought that the material was so well-written and eloquent that they should be repeated time and time again!

Even the recent blog by NIAC’s Nobar Elmi appeared to be written by Trita. After all, NIAC is a small group of people that is run very tightly by their top guy so it made sense that he would write or co-write any material that went out. In a small and highly political organization like NIAC, somebody like Nobar is never given the authority to either write a blog or the authority to reply to the comments or questions.

But my second discovery was what sold me on Dai’s comment! Iraj Khan in his comments on several occasions used lofty and grandiose adjectives to praise Trita. That seemed unusual to the point that one would wonder if he is completely infatuated with him, or in fact he is just praising himself!

Well, I assembled a small sample of comments here. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Here is Iraj Khan commenting about Trita's interview with Shohreh Asemi.

"Mr. Trita Parsi proves once again to be an interesting person to watch. He is at ease when she asks her highly charged questions, he is at ease with her as well as with himself. "

"Mr. Trita Parsi and NIAC are as effective and as active as ever because they represent the position of the majority of Iranian Americans on the subject of Sanctions and War on Iran.”

“We Iranian Americans are lucky to have someone like him around, someone who started as an intern observing the political games being played inside the centers of power in Washington. “

Here is another set of comment by Iraj Khan on Nobar Elmi's blog.

"Meanwhile, Trita Parsi shines on international tribunes through his books, articles, interviews and blogs. He is representing the position of the vast majority of Iranian Americans on the subject of Sanctions and War on Iran.”  

"It is about the powerful Israel Lobby trying to 'Destroy' and 'Discredit' a brilliant mind and the organization that he has created with the help of others. The Lobby has failed on both points."

Here is Ramin J commenting about my blog about a panel discussion that Trita participated with a Palestinian and an Israeli.

"Trita is the calmest coolest debater ever and he completely kicked the Israeli general's ass!”

“Parsi came at him with facts and numbers, "empirical data" as he said."

You know, let me be very honest with you. Here is my problem with this whole thing. For someone who should be very busy representing Iranian-Americans, advocating “Grand Bargain”, fighting AIPAC and lobbying for the Regime, he sure is spending too much time commenting on Iranian.com!


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Soosan Khanoom

Not louis ... Oh no .. Just an ordinary one among a few posters

by Soosan Khanoom on

here who happens to agree with many things he mentions on this site and at the same time i am thankful for his comments on my blogs.. 

RB jan ... This is just another fiction written by Faramarz... as usuall what  an imagination !! 



SK jaan, if Iraj Khan is your superman...

by Reality-Bites on

....are you his Louise Lane? :)


It's called Narcissistic Personality Disorder

by Khoshkeledoc on

...Strangely enough, the very disorder that the Iranian regime suffers from lol. What a coincidence ;) Maybe someone in Washington should call out the men in the white coats to accompany Parsi to a place where he can be made to understand that multiple personality disorder is also quite dangerous to his welfare. Thanks Faramarz.

Soosan Khanoom

LOL ... R u serious Faramarz?

by Soosan Khanoom on

just shows how beekar this character Daee is ? But seriously is this a joke or he really said that? If he said that then he is really seriously truly nothing but crazy.. and I can't stop laughing.  But if this is a joke that you are making then you are really seriously truly funny. LOL 

Who reads comments here on IC anyway but us the remaining beekars.   

Now someone could please ask Daee to identify his own various IDs showing up from left and right on this site?  Actually, the degree of daee's beekari  would allow him to have ten IDs per each Trita's ID.  

I still am curious though about the 'khoshgeldoc and Majidbia'...

The next we can do is to do some DNA test to see who is who?  Kind of like Jerry's talk show ' who is the father drama?  

Still can't stop laughing at the entire thing!!

I have always thought Iraj Khan is the superman if not the Batman. He certainly came to my rescue on many occasions ... He is my hero ...  :) 


Very Interesting Blog

by shahrvand2 on

This makes you wonder who else, in the pseudo-celebrity world,  frequents the pages of IC and praises his/her organization anonymously!


Interesting stuff Faramarz, but...

by Reality-Bites on

even though I'd noticed Iraj Khan (haven't noticed many comments by the other two usernsames) does seem to have a case of "Trita hero worship" about him, this doesn't automatically mean he is Trita.....but then again, who knows?

Also, in response to AO, although Iraj Khan is clearly very anti-Israeli, unlike the Maryamjoon character, I don't consider him a hate-mongering person. He might (and does) blame everything on Israel, and almost nothing on the IR, but at least he is consistent in professing his stance for peaceful dialogue to resolve problems.


I had suspected that

by vildemose on

I had suspected that Irajkhan was terita a few days ago when he said Terita has a"  brilliant  mind".

Are we dealing with a narcissist?


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Artificial Intelligence

Good Catch Faramarz!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Its funny how almost all of NIAC supporters are alll exclusively anti-semites or rabid anti Israeli propagandist who divert all attention towards the Israeli Palestinian conflict when confronted with IRI crimes.

Just look at Iraj Khan aka Mola Nasserdine and his constant anti Jewish rants.

It all makes sense now. 

Anonymous Observer

What we should all do is

by Anonymous Observer on

to show up at Trita's apperances, and when he allows time for questions, we should address him by his various IC usernames.  We should be like: what's your opinion on Netanyahu's recent visit to Washington Iraj Khan?  And then we should immediately snap a photo of the expression on his face.  That'll just be priceless!!!   

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

اینان اگر محکوم شدند؛باید از خاکِ آمریکا اخراج شده و به اسهالیونِ متعلقه پیوسته و نواله را همچنان نشخوار نمایند.

با سپاس از مطلبِ جنابِ آقای فرامرز خان.


Good one

by MRX on

good catch! These guys (Amir ahmadi, trita, and others) are bunch of charlatans trying to make money out of this situation. (Az abe gel alood mahi gereftan) I don't think they are islamists nor do they care about who is in charge in omatestan. Tommorow if MKO or Communist government mainfests itself over there, overnight they will preach Marx, Lenin or massoud rajavi. It's all about money.

Anonymous Observer

And what about this choice blog Faramarz

by Anonymous Observer on

Anonymous Observer

Holy crap!

by Anonymous Observer on

So, it's been Trita Parsi who's been calling me a Zionist for years now?!!!  Hilarious!!!!!!

This is perhaps the best piece of news I have ever read on IC.  Absolutely priceless.  

This also raises more questions about Trita.  We know that "Iraj Khan" is a groupie of the multiple identity anti-Semite, anti-Baha'i entity ILoveIran / Zed / Wahid / Frashogar / MaryamJoon.  Does that mean that Trita also hates Baha'is (and Jews for that matter)?  

Wow, just wow!!!! 


Former boss and now rival

by Fred on

Dai also revealed some interesting stuff about what the lifetime president of NIAC Lobby had said under oath during discovery questioning about his former employer and now rival, Amir-Ahmadi.

 The behind the scene revelation about the lobbying business is getting more interesting by the day.