Will the Real Trita Please Stand Up!


Will the Real Trita Please Stand Up!
by Faramarz

I was watching Mr. Dai’s second interview with Mr. Maibodi about his legal case with NIAC on Pars TV last night when out of nowhere Mr. Dai mentioned that Trita Parsi regularly goes on Iranian.com and make comments anonymously! I almost fell off my chair! Say what again!

Hassan Dai said that as a part of his discovery process for the lawsuit, he has been able to identify three usernames on Iranian.com that belong to Trita; Karim S (as in Karim Sadjadpour), Ramin J (as in Ramin Jahanbegloo) and Iraj Khan! Yes, the “copy and paste” Iraj Khan that spends a good amount of time on this site defending NIAC and Trita.

Well, I decided to spend a few minutes and look into this and see if it is true. I didn’t know Karim S, and I vaguely remembered one comment by Ramin J on one of my blogs, but there were plenty of commentary by Iraj Khan. So that’s where I focused.

As I read a bunch of Iraj Khan’s comments, two things stood out. First, he always copy and pasted passages either from blogs by NIACis or he did it from the NIAC site. Up to this point, I always thought that Iraj Khan was not really good at writing his own comments, but then it dawned on me that he is actually copy and pasting material that he had written himself as Trita Parsi! He probably thought that the material was so well-written and eloquent that they should be repeated time and time again!

Even the recent blog by NIAC’s Nobar Elmi appeared to be written by Trita. After all, NIAC is a small group of people that is run very tightly by their top guy so it made sense that he would write or co-write any material that went out. In a small and highly political organization like NIAC, somebody like Nobar is never given the authority to either write a blog or the authority to reply to the comments or questions.

But my second discovery was what sold me on Dai’s comment! Iraj Khan in his comments on several occasions used lofty and grandiose adjectives to praise Trita. That seemed unusual to the point that one would wonder if he is completely infatuated with him, or in fact he is just praising himself!

Well, I assembled a small sample of comments here. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Here is Iraj Khan commenting about Trita's interview with Shohreh Asemi.

"Mr. Trita Parsi proves once again to be an interesting person to watch. He is at ease when she asks her highly charged questions, he is at ease with her as well as with himself. "

"Mr. Trita Parsi and NIAC are as effective and as active as ever because they represent the position of the majority of Iranian Americans on the subject of Sanctions and War on Iran.”

“We Iranian Americans are lucky to have someone like him around, someone who started as an intern observing the political games being played inside the centers of power in Washington. “

Here is another set of comment by Iraj Khan on Nobar Elmi's blog.

"Meanwhile, Trita Parsi shines on international tribunes through his books, articles, interviews and blogs. He is representing the position of the vast majority of Iranian Americans on the subject of Sanctions and War on Iran.”  

"It is about the powerful Israel Lobby trying to 'Destroy' and 'Discredit' a brilliant mind and the organization that he has created with the help of others. The Lobby has failed on both points."

Here is Ramin J commenting about my blog about a panel discussion that Trita participated with a Palestinian and an Israeli.

"Trita is the calmest coolest debater ever and he completely kicked the Israeli general's ass!”

“Parsi came at him with facts and numbers, "empirical data" as he said."

You know, let me be very honest with you. Here is my problem with this whole thing. For someone who should be very busy representing Iranian-Americans, advocating “Grand Bargain”, fighting AIPAC and lobbying for the Regime, he sure is spending too much time commenting on Iranian.com!


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Anonymous Observer

But Souri jaan -

by Anonymous Observer on

Didn't you say once that you, yourself believe in conspiracy theories:

"About the conspiracy, though:

I must say yes,  I believe in conspiracies :) you are right!

You too, do the same, without knowing it! "



Wow!! You guys love the conspiracy theories

by Souri on


First of all: I am NOT a follower (nor a friend, nor a member of any cult) of IrajKhan or Trita or anybody else!

If I have posted those sport blogs, it was to mock onlyiran's theory who seems to be convinced of a fact, through only or two blogs/ comments which he relates to Trita-IrajKhan.

Second: IrajKhan might be or not be Trita (as I said in my first comment here) I don't care! You should do the same!

What gives if IrajKhan is Trita or not?

What gives if Trita has 2 or 3 or 5 user Ids at iranian.com?

Who cares?

Do I know who is Faramrz in reality?  Do I know who  is onlyiran in reality? Do I know if they are the same persons? And do I really care if they are the same?

Listen guys, you (as a true cult in this site) make the true people run out of this site, with all your accusations and insults and slanders!

People like Q ( one of my favorite icons here) quit the site. You made Mammad quit the site. You made Dr Ala quit the site. You made many many people who were here either with their true names or their identity known to all, running out from the site. You went even as far as calling at their work place to bad mouthing them and destroy their private life and reputation!

Now, you are trying to make IrajKhan leaving the site, because you want to be the only voice, here!

This is what you (as a cult) are doing in this site, since a long while and this is why this site is no longer as intersting as before. Because it is monopolized by the bunch of beekar old ass, conspiracy lovers!

Good luck! 

Anonymous Observer

Wahid / Peacock_Feather

by Anonymous Observer on

Remember what I told you about when I will respond to you or will engage you in a debate:


I'm an atheist, but if I'm wrong and there's an afterlife...well, that's when you will get your wish and I will throw you a bone by responding to one of your constant pleas for attention from me under your never ending parade of usernames. 


Thanks OnlyIran

by Faramarz on



Great observation.

I believe that he is acknowledging that he is Iraj Khan, but not his die-hard followers.

Dr. Mohandes

This Just in

by Dr. Mohandes on

I think The reason Soosan khanoom is going out of her way, single-handedly with all those LOL's and :)))) as a major cover up for the serious sense of anger and being furious that is seething right underneath her soft skin, is that according to a "very credible source"

( no i am not providing any links or evidence or any crap like that, so back off already)

she was being considered to be one of the top candidates, in fact the top 2 candidates to make it into TP's private life and become his world (but apparently the current wife poisoned her and put her into asleep and ran with TP) Not that this is an excuse for her giving up on him. 

SK jan, i have good news for you. They might be going their separate ways. She is going to give one of TP's rivals a chance and try him on (literally) so there will be an openning coming up soon.




by Onlyiran on

Here he is sending out invitations on behalf of NIAC.  Note how he says "I would like to invite":


On behalf of those

by iraj khan on 

who care about the lives of Iranians inside and outside Iran,

I would like to invite you to the Leadership Conference that will happen September 30 - October 2 in Washington DC.

Show your strenght in numbers:

Three NEW speakers just confirmed - Nazila Fathi (Former Iran based NY Times reporter), Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (Former Chief of Staff to Sec. Colin Powell) and Ramin Jahanbegloo (Prominent Iran scholar)!! 

Join us for the 2nd Annual Leadership Conference!  This is YOUR chance to meet with and hear from top opinion leaders and decision makers, including Thomas Pickering (Former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs), Noam Chomsky (Political Theorist and Author), Maziar Bahari(Author and former Newsweek journalist), 

to name a few.....



Sports Blogs by Iraj Khan

by Faramarz on



On the surface, Souri's comment about Iraj Khan's posting of two Iran-related sports blogs seems innocent. But let's scratch the surface here.

The first post is about Iran's national team beating Syria 2-0. But the content of the blog is all about why ESPN is not covering the news. There is no analysis of the game or anything "Sports Worthy",. It is just complaining about not getting covered by ESPN. Zionist plot maybe?

The second blog is about Iranian basketball team training in the US. But the focus of the clip is Goli Ameri, a NIAC supporter.

I am still waiting for Iraj Khan to come out and say that he is not Trita.



A cult

by مآمور on

The word cult in current popular usage usually refers to a new religious movement or other group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre

I found this definition for a cult on internet!! indeed I can identify two groups of Iranians(so-called) who fit the description above, one has moved and the other one will be moving with its master, and that is a divine promise not a threat!!

I wear an Omega watch


Soosan Khanoom

by Faramarz on



Please make sure that you look good in bikinis! 

Like Benny Hill, I have good and uncompromising taste in women in bikinis!


"We have a person who has admitted under oath..."

by Peacock_Feather on

Where? Any links to court transcripts where we can read this for ourselves?




by Onlyiran on

We have a person who has admitted under oath that he uses these user id's on IC.  But at the same time, we have a bunch of his die hard followers here denying the guy's own testimony.  If that's not the definition of a cult, I don't know what is!  The Manson Family syas its very proud of you folks.

But this is more a symptom of our culture.  It's the reason why we have been ruled by successive dictatorships throughout our history, and will, in all likelihood, continue to be ruled by these various cults for the foreseeable future.  It's also the perfect illustration of why Iranians saw Khomeini's picture on the moon back in 1979.  I bet you Parsi's supporters will be able to see his picture on the moon if they try just a tad bit harder!

And so what if Iraj Khan posted a couple of sports blogs.  Is Trita Parsi not supposed to like sports?  What if he just posted them so that he can look like any other blogger.

And what would Daii make up the two usernames Ramin J and Karim S, who are rather obscure on IC?  I had never even heard on thm (as far as I can remember) before this blog, and I am a regular user.  How would Daii know about them, and why should he pick those two user ids out of a whole bunch of regular users who bad mouth him day in and day out on IC?   


Soosan Khanoom

Faramarz is Benny Hill ... lol

by Soosan Khanoom on

I just read some who is who comments here..  thought to add the real trouble maker,the writer of this blog, to the list ... 

Finally I got it .... no more a secret !  : )

A Tribute to Faramarz





Thanks Faramarz

by Shemirani on

I enjoyed the blog and most of the comments !! KHEILIATOON BAHALID :D !!!!

 Happy to see majority of iranians don't want a hypocrit talking on their behalf ! The worse thing Trita&co did ( as Roozbeh said it perfectly) is hijacking antiWar cause to gain in popularity among iranians but in fact what matters to them was to strengthen business tie ! it's very pervert  ! I am not sure if this Iraj Khan is trita, but if he really is (and as we all noticed Iraj Khan is an Antisemite ), It's a true shame for a  supposed Peaceful organization to have "him" as his president  ! Any antisemite can be a true humanist looking for peace in middle east !

By the way, what is this cheap argumentation they all seems to have (like a scary cult )  that if you don't trust NIAC you must be a ProWar or a Mojahed ?!!!!! What  a third word perception !!!!! (actually  same methods was used by MEK  for decades: answering each critics by saying you are a Hezolayi ) !


Anonymous Observer

by Peacock_Feather on

The weather bureau in Australia says it is between 17-26 degrees centigrade in Sydney, Mr Vice President.

Question: why weren't you invited to speak at the Republican National Convention in Florida this past August?


Regime Change is Our Inalienable Right

by seannewyork on

Iranians want a democarcy end of story and Regime Change is Our Inalienable Right. No war, no negotiations, just support for the people in the streets.

Got it Trita?

Also, does Reza Marashi have any relation to Rafsanjanis wife?


Mehrdad A

Walt et al

by Mehrdad A on

The inescapable force of history is in full operation. As the regime in Iran loses its pieces and particles that once comprised its entire entity and made it the monster it has become today, so do its affiliates around the world including NIAC in the US.

The vituperative campaign of NIAC and its ilk employs the old fashioned Stalinist approach to opponents and accuses everyone of Zionism. Living, educating, and prospering in the US and then calling their compatriots agents of Israel and America? These are the same tactics used during the most repressive era of the 20th century and now by the IRI and its fan clubs. The failures of NIAC reflect the economic and political collapse of the regime.

Walt, I agree with you. NIAC doesn't care about Iranian people.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

You seem to know a lot about everyone for someone who's only been on IC for a couple of days. Tell us please, how do you feel about Bahais? :-)))

Also, how's the weather in Australia?

PS- you're just too easy Wahid.

Dr. Mohandes

George and boosh?? koosh?

by Dr. Mohandes on

What Boo?? koosh boosh?

Haj khanoom goodman

I prefer a non-politically oriented character such as Mashti charlie rose.

He is a real mashti and i loves him to the dettt:))) 



by Peacock_Feather on

Darius Kadivar is Reza Pahlavi, Anglophile is Farah Pahlavi, Jahanshah Javid is Ayatollah Khamenei, Fred is Benjamin Netanyahu, Anonymous_Observer is Dick Cheney, Dr Mohandes is George W Bush, Maryam Hojjat is Hillary Clinton and I am Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. Good day everyone!

Majid Zahrai

There's more of them...

by Majid Zahrai on

Pssst, if you still have more time for this valuable research...I think Ari Siletz is Jamal Abdi and Bavafa is Nobar Elmi. 



In defense of my friend, Iraj

by مآمور on

If user id Irajkhan is Mr parsi, then I must have grown up with trita !!

with Iraj, I had many exchanges!! he sounded to me like some guy close to my own demographic!!! end of baby boomers to early generation X!! Iranian-born and raised, in my case I was 28 years old when I moved to canada!!

You can argue  user id irajkhan is used by different individuals, or they have a program to generate personal responses to other user ids here at IC.

Irajkhan may or may not be Mr parsi, however that would not matter when it comes how to handle yourself in the virtual world of internet !!

 Irajkhan is a man of honor, he doesnt bad mouth any body here and expresses his views in a moderate way!!

I wear an Omega watch


Hear hear Walt

by Khoshkeledoc on

Walt hits the nail on the head - as usual - in his post.  Parsi and NIAC care absolutely nothing for the victims of the Iran regime - well of course they don't, because they ARE the regime.


And the response on this post from NIAC?  MEK,  blah blah, rubbish, as ever.  No intellectual or humanitarian content whatsoever.  Parsi, NIAC and the other regime minions are finished.  Not that they weren't busted quite a long time ago by those who are much more  intelligent than the 'moderately intelligent' Parsi.


Looking forward to the criminal investigation that should follow as the legal system in the US uncovers the fact that Parsi and NIAC have not helped one single refugee or victim of the murdering, rapist regime and in fact have probably bought visas for their fake PhD students and 'internet response team'.


Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, thank you Walt, Arash and a few others for actually helping to save the lives of many Christians, Bahai's, men, women and children who have been imprisoned, tortured and raped by the regime that Parsi has been proven to be an agent of.  As for the other bull**** artists on here, you will pay the price, eventually.



It is so befitting ...

by Bavafa on

To hear such thing from Dia and his followers.  Not surprised a bit.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



and sure enough "Iraj Khan" is very much Trita. For example here

by Souri on

"and sure enough "Iraj Khan" is very much Trita. For example" here are two articles from Irajkhan written in 2008:


GO IRAN! World Cup qualifiers: Iran:2 - Syria:0

by iraj khan



Video: Iranian national basketball team in USA

by iraj khan




Nothing disgust me more then seeing a bunch of bikaro-doleh spreading rumors and believing their own lies!

You know what amuse me the most?

Irajkhan doesn't give a dime to you guys who are sitting here since 24 hourse to talk behind him!


Well done Faramarz, looking back

by IranFirst on

Thank you for connecting the dots Framarz, and thanks to Mr Daee for exposing NIAC.

After reading your post I looked back too, and sure enough "Iraj Khan" is very much Trita. For example here is an atricle by Trita, 


and you can see in the whole discussion thread IK is ever present to defend Trita's view at every turn ..

The question is WHY?, why can't Trita be honest and defend his views using his own name?

this just to show NIAC's large support on IC by using multiple fake
aliases (similar to NIAC's claims of representing all

Reading old "Iraj Khan" comments, I have not
seen any references to opposing IRI and getting rid of Khamenei (just
like Mr Parsi's position) coincidence?


It appears that AIPAC - MEK

by jirandoust on

It appears that AIPAC - MEK coalition is hard at work here!!!


How can the CIA, Hillary Clinton, Capitol Hill folks engage this

by Walt on

How did Obama get elected with friends like Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, Rezko and auchi? //wikileaks.org/wiki/Debunking_the_Carter_Ruck_defence_of_British-Iraqi_billionaire_Nadhmi_Auchi


 How can the CIA, Hillary

by vildemose on

 How can the CIA, Hillary Clinton, Capitol Hill folks engage this guy (Trita), and not know about his connections with the IRI??

 His connection with the IRI is what got him his liasonship at the state department and perhaps even CIA????

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Dear Mehrdad and friends of Iran, Do you know,,,,

by Walt on

Do you know what is even sadder?  Parsi and NIAC have gone through over $750.000.00 and have not supported one Iranian Refugee, many of whom do not know where they will get their next meal.  When asked about refugees and human rights in Iran, this was his response. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=76ouJtFCFUc

Do you know why?  Because there is no profit in it for them.  When Parsi gets visas for Iranians its for the mullahs sons and daughters, not for the refugees that have been beaten, raped and tortured.

When NIAC, PAAIA, NIPOC and IABA try to circumvent sanctions it is not for ordinary Iranians, it is for millionaire businessmen.  They talk about sending money back and forth for students to make it seem like they care but the real motive is big oil drilling equipment and high pressure steam lines, High Tech software and security items in order for IRI to track citizens.   All for big money and to support IRI while Iranians suffer.

Then Parsi and NIAC fight for civilian aircraft parts and to remove sanctions.  Helocopters were used to track, gas and attack citizens in Tehran during 2009 protest.  Civilian Airline companies that carry passengers such as Iran Air, Mahan Air and Yaz Air have all been caught hauling weapons and missiles to Syria to kill people there.  Why would we send spare parts to a regime sponsoring terrorism and arming terrorists and endangering their own citizens by placing dangerous cargo on civilian aircraft? 

Parsi and NIAC fought for earthquake relief recently.  We knew from the Bam earthquake the people would never receive it.  Parsi got his wish but before he did the IRGC arrested 45 earthquake aid workers and then stole the aid that was already on the ground.  That was a great victory for NIAC, right?  I wonder if the volunteers have been released from prison yet?  As the regime did in Bam, they did again in Azerbaijan and stopped searching for victims witin 36 hours when other countries search for a week or more.

Halfway through typing this I read a letter from a friend in Iran that was sent to me just before Ban ki-moon arrived.  My friend never mentioned sanctions but he did say that Ban Ki-moon should not talk to liar regime and that he should talk to human rights activist and visit the prisoners in Evin prison.  This is a man who himself is in hiding from the IRI yet he worries about his friends in prison first.  This is something that you will never hear from Parsi except when he is pressured into responding.

He goes on to say, Ban Ki-moon should know we don't accept government here because they are lier (liar) and that here there are many people just like me who after elections and prison have been in bad situation about everything in their life, they really hurt and disturb us about job, our family, our life, they threat us everytime they wanted so we have to change our house etc etc etc.

any way, my dear friend ,I dont know why but I wanted to share my feeling with you as a friend , last night I couldnt sleep in calm ,now here is at morning , but you are at night right now , so, good morning and goodnight my dear Walt , truly yours ;)

I wanted to share a few excerpts of the letter with you here so that you know what we have been doing for three and a half years with Iranians while Parsi and his NIAC crew wine and dine with Hillary.  None of them have a clue of what is going on in Iran.  The few of us that work with victims of this regime do or our friends who have lived it and that is why we expose clowns like Parsi and his NIAC trolls who accuse us of being a zionist, warmongers, MEK etc, etc while we all know who the real sandis khors are.

Goodnight Friends,



Who advised Parsi to

by vildemose on

Who advised Parsi to sue?


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir