Will the Real Trita Please Stand Up!


Will the Real Trita Please Stand Up!
by Faramarz

I was watching Mr. Dai’s second interview with Mr. Maibodi about his legal case with NIAC on Pars TV last night when out of nowhere Mr. Dai mentioned that Trita Parsi regularly goes on Iranian.com and make comments anonymously! I almost fell off my chair! Say what again!

Hassan Dai said that as a part of his discovery process for the lawsuit, he has been able to identify three usernames on Iranian.com that belong to Trita; Karim S (as in Karim Sadjadpour), Ramin J (as in Ramin Jahanbegloo) and Iraj Khan! Yes, the “copy and paste” Iraj Khan that spends a good amount of time on this site defending NIAC and Trita.

Well, I decided to spend a few minutes and look into this and see if it is true. I didn’t know Karim S, and I vaguely remembered one comment by Ramin J on one of my blogs, but there were plenty of commentary by Iraj Khan. So that’s where I focused.

As I read a bunch of Iraj Khan’s comments, two things stood out. First, he always copy and pasted passages either from blogs by NIACis or he did it from the NIAC site. Up to this point, I always thought that Iraj Khan was not really good at writing his own comments, but then it dawned on me that he is actually copy and pasting material that he had written himself as Trita Parsi! He probably thought that the material was so well-written and eloquent that they should be repeated time and time again!

Even the recent blog by NIAC’s Nobar Elmi appeared to be written by Trita. After all, NIAC is a small group of people that is run very tightly by their top guy so it made sense that he would write or co-write any material that went out. In a small and highly political organization like NIAC, somebody like Nobar is never given the authority to either write a blog or the authority to reply to the comments or questions.

But my second discovery was what sold me on Dai’s comment! Iraj Khan in his comments on several occasions used lofty and grandiose adjectives to praise Trita. That seemed unusual to the point that one would wonder if he is completely infatuated with him, or in fact he is just praising himself!

Well, I assembled a small sample of comments here. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Here is Iraj Khan commenting about Trita's interview with Shohreh Asemi.

"Mr. Trita Parsi proves once again to be an interesting person to watch. He is at ease when she asks her highly charged questions, he is at ease with her as well as with himself. "

"Mr. Trita Parsi and NIAC are as effective and as active as ever because they represent the position of the majority of Iranian Americans on the subject of Sanctions and War on Iran.”

“We Iranian Americans are lucky to have someone like him around, someone who started as an intern observing the political games being played inside the centers of power in Washington. “

Here is another set of comment by Iraj Khan on Nobar Elmi's blog.

"Meanwhile, Trita Parsi shines on international tribunes through his books, articles, interviews and blogs. He is representing the position of the vast majority of Iranian Americans on the subject of Sanctions and War on Iran.”  

"It is about the powerful Israel Lobby trying to 'Destroy' and 'Discredit' a brilliant mind and the organization that he has created with the help of others. The Lobby has failed on both points."

Here is Ramin J commenting about my blog about a panel discussion that Trita participated with a Palestinian and an Israeli.

"Trita is the calmest coolest debater ever and he completely kicked the Israeli general's ass!”

“Parsi came at him with facts and numbers, "empirical data" as he said."

You know, let me be very honest with you. Here is my problem with this whole thing. For someone who should be very busy representing Iranian-Americans, advocating “Grand Bargain”, fighting AIPAC and lobbying for the Regime, he sure is spending too much time commenting on Iranian.com!


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NIAC: Hijacking and putting to shame the cause of Anti-War.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

NIAC has caused more damage to Anti-War cause than any "pro war Lobby"  could ever have dreamed of, by hijacking it and bringing it into total disrepute by association , in the eyes of many Young Iranian amricans who should be speaking against a military attack on Iran.


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Thanks Souri

by jirandoust on

for the utube link about Shawn Amoei. And thank you even more for being the only one on this site to reveal emperor has no clothes. It doesn't take much to turn people on this site into a lynching mob, does it?


This makes me Cringe About the U.S. Government

by ayatoilet1 on

How can the CIA, Hillary Clinton, Capitol Hill folks engage this guy (Trita), and not know about his connections with the IRI?? Doesn't that make people believe that these guys are a bunch of idiots or that maybe these agencies are run by a bunch of idiots??

Billions of dollars, all this sophisticated equipment, all these hundreds of thousands of people engaged in CIA, NSA, DIA, etc etc and NO ONE know what this guy is all about?

It makes me cringe, Excuse me, but they are all a bunch of fucking idiots!! It tells me the IRI's intelligence staff are so much more "intelligent" than the U.S.!! Its a real sham.


I always thought Terita

by vildemose on

I always thought Terita was not very bright. This is the kind of people needed to do the bidding of the powe that be. They are given enough rope and then thrown under the bus...Being a narcissit mr. Parsi cannot help himself..He cannot think clearly. He reminds of another narcissitic character, Hossien Derakhshan.

Terita please read this book and seek some help: You have been used and exploited by everyone while you thought you were manipulating them...this should be a lesson to you to get some professional help. Good luck:


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Shazde Asdola Mirza

خودم قربون خودم

Shazde Asdola Mirza

If indeed Trita's computer files disclosed by the court, show that he is Iraj Khan:

1. He is not half as intelligent as he is made out to be by NIAC;

2. He has anti-Semitic and anti-Bahai tendencies;

3. He is very IRI friendly;

4. Is narcissist. 

Anonymous Observer

Pathetic travesty

by Anonymous Observer on

That's what I called Parsi's lawsuit against Daee sometime ago, before the court's decision came out.  I said that Parsi should end  that travesty before it was too late, and I was right!

The first thing Parsi should do is sue his lawyer.  Didn't that schmuck tell him that he will have to disclose all his emails, his usernames on IC (and elsewhere)--and essentially the color of his underwear on the days he posts comments on IC calling everyone a Zionist---as part of the lawsuit?!  Or perhaps Parsi is the schmuck.  Perhaps the lawyer told him, but he allowed his Iranian instinct of punishing people who disagreed with him get the best of him.  

In any event, as we have witnessed on all fronts, Parsi's lawsuit against Daee turned out to be a giant pathetic travesty! 


Shawn Amoei

by Souri on

I have heard of Shawn Amei here and I am sure that he is not anonymous8




Parsi was paid by the CIA.

by vildemose on

Parsi was paid by the CIA by his own admission. What did he use the money for??


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


is simple...i just want to learn

by Anonymous8 on

what i can do for nice zionists to give me millions$$$ for 5 best lawyers ? U know?

same thing that MEK does to git $$$ ?

Mehrdad A

The Lost Decade

by Mehrdad A on

Summarizing the contributions of NIAC and Parsi during the last decade, one can clearly discern a path of failure and deceit, culminating in a bunch of disgruntled and alienated donors who are abandoning the once presumed, mighty Iranian lobby Juggernaut.

In the throes of a fateful struggle for Iran, what a shameful waste of time and resources by those who assumed their responsibilities to take Dai to court and campaign against sanctions, and then lose them all!


Safar/Walton: what is ur answer?

by Anonymous8 on

it was very clear q, no? yes, i think niac paid lawyer for trita but prob. free service.

now who waz paying for Mr. Kapshandy and the boys 4 years of service? VERY nice and expensive lawyers! top of the line. 4-5 of them! pls. post that docu!

cant answer hum?

waiting 4 it!

Walton K. Martin III

Dear Shawn Siroos Amoie aka Anonymous8

by Walton K. Martin III on

Is this what you are looking for?  Try using your search engine college boy!

Iranian Regime Loses to Legal Project in Federal District Court by Sam Nunberg • Sep 18, 2012 at 8:51 am //www.legal-project.org/blog/2012/09/iranian-regime-loses-to-legal-project-in-federal

Print Send RSS

Share PHILADELPHIA, September 14, 2012 – Federal District Court Judge John B. Bates for the District of Columbia yesterday granted summary judgment for Seid Hassan Daioleslam, editor of the English Iranian Lobby website "In Search of Truth: Reports on Mullahs's lobby in US," the defendant in a defamation suit brought by Trita Parsi and the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). Judge Bates also ordered sanctions against Parsi for failure to comply with the discovery phase of the litigation. The Legal Project coordinated and financed the defense of Mr. Dai; Sidley Austin LLP represented him pro bono.

Trita Parsi sued Seid Hassan Daioleslam for defamation in April, 2008 after Mr. Dai's investigative reporting exposed Parsi's and NIAC's deep and incontrovertible ties to high-level agents of the Iranian regime. The suit went through 53 months of litigation that included 24 months of discovery and over 30 court motions. These ultimately confirmed the accuracy of Mr. Dai's investigative reports. The case reached national prominence when Parsi's e-mails (produced during discovery) not only confirmed his ties to the mullahs but also that he has delivered lectures to the CIA, briefed Secretary Hilary Clinton and visited the Obama White House starting in 2009. As recently as this past July, he was hosted by Senior Adviser to the President Valerie Jarrett. "Judge Bates decision in favor of Seid Hassan Daioleslam is a victory for both the First Amendment and our national security," said Sam Nunberg, director of the Legal Project. "Mr. Dai has been the victim of a predatory lawsuit simply because he exposed the direct connection between the Iranian Regime and NIAC. In light of the sanctions ordered against Parsi, this decision should also serve as a warning to all Islamists who seek to use our courts as a shield in order to intimidate researchers who work to expose them. I also would like to commend Sidley Austin LLP and specifically Mr. Timothy E. Kapshandy for his tireless effort in defending Mr. Daioleslam's rights under the First Amendment." The Legal Project is an activity of the Middle East Forum. It works to protect the universal right in the West to freely discuss Islam, radical Islam, terrorism, and terrorist funding. The client list includes scholars, journalists, bloggers, activists and politicians. For more information, contact Sam Nunberg at Nunberg@meforum.org Seid Hassan Daioleslam's press release may be found here: //iraniansforum.com/index.php/washington-insi...


Gerabagi jan, I have question!

by Anonymous8 on

safar, I have another question, who pay for lawyers?

thanx for posting documents. i saw this on the first page.

On behalf of the Defendant:
Sidley Austin, LLP
10 1501 K Street, Northwest
Washington, D.C. 20005
11 (202) 736-8374
13 Also present:

very high price washington lawyer for 4 years? who pay for it? can U post that document???

was it israel or just american zionists?

waiting 4 it!

arash Irandoost

NIAC's Offical Court Documents

by arash Irandoost on


Can anyone post the 3000 page discovery documents

by seannewyork on

It would be great for everyone to review these documents.



 You know, let me be very

by vildemose on

 You know, let me be very honest with you. Here is my problem with this whole thing. For someone who should be very busy representing Iranian-Americans, advocating “Grand Bargain”, fighting AIPAC and lobbying for the Regime, he sure is spending too much time commenting on Iranian.com



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

hamsade ghadimi

i hope iraj khan doesn't

by hamsade ghadimi on

i hope iraj khan doesn't decide to sue dai....again! :)

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

AMoo faramarz goes hunting again.

Interesting that i have met this amooee dude in a friend's house, i think it was around march of 2011. nice guy and a fast talker and has been on student visa for over 20 years!

Discrediting TP haghe mosalameh mast!

Just thought i'd throw that in there. 


delusions of grandeur

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Fraramarz Jan, never mind the low ranking lobbyists. We had this Quran reciting regime apologist who "left" this site in a hump a few nights ago, once people started confronting him proving he knew next to nothing about the Quran! This individual had a real soft spot for Rafsanjani, often quoting him as if he was his daddy! Guess who got arrested on his return from London at Khomeini Airport on Monday night?!!!

Now, once we learn which user ID's belongs to Khamenei and reza Pahlavi, then we can call this site the celebrity-Iranian.com 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Walton K. Martin III

Faramarz et al

by Walton K. Martin III on

Read some of M.J. Rosenberg (MJ) articles on Iran and compare them to BillyBob Parsi's.  I say Parsi writes them and Rosenberg signs his name to them so they appear to come from an outside source.

e.g. //warincontext.org/2012/02/03/for-the-u-s-sanctions-have-become-an-alternative-to-policy-on-iran/

This is the job of Trita and NIAC's 'Internet Response Team', to qwell opposition by acusing them of being MEK, Zionist or any other trash they can make up.  That is exactly why they lost to Dai who even the judge agreed with, NIAC is very tepid on human rights and does things that seem advantagious to IRI, not to mention the altering of documents to erase the term "LOBBY" so they didn't get nailed for 'FARA' violations.

The term, 'Internet Response Team' was obtained from Parsi's NIAC office computer with notations of silencing any opposition during a legal US Court discovery process.  We (Arash, Dai, and I) don't make this stuff up, BillyBob does and he got caught with it all in his office and had to turn it over to the court.  Get it now?

Ba Mehr,



Mola Nasserdine was Captain

by Shepesh on

Mola Nasserdine was Captain Ayhab. He is enjoying that you think he is Parsi.


Don't worry

by Souri on

She has a very good taste? Don't worry, Trita is woking on that :)


No Problem Souri

by Faramarz on



As always, you and I can't even agree if it is day or night let alone a topic like this.

And he can take my ex-girlfriend anytime he wants, but please warn him that he needs to spend a lot of money! She has a very good taste!


Faramarz jon , narahat nashi ha.....

by Souri on

I strongly feel that you have a  very personal grudge against Trita Parsi. This is out of proportion. It seems like he has stolen your gf or your job or something very personal and precious from you, in the past. This is not just about Iran and Politics. Your hate of Trita himself, could be compared to Nour/Wahid hate of the Bahais. I mean every 2 out of 3 of your comments are about or around Trita (through NIAC sometimes)

My opinion on this blog :

1) Daee said that Trita is using many different IDs to promote his ideas? So what? Who is Daee btw? What is his credibility? Daee himself may have many user ID, in this site too and a huge amount of time in his hands to be able and check all users of Trita in this site. Who cares?

2) Trita has many user IDs at iranian.com? So what? How many of the readers do have the same? Even yourself, Faramarz, you do have a few IDs. What is the fuss with this?

3) I don't care what Trita says or what he is preaching, but you can't blame him for having supposedly a multiple user IDs at IC. This is not a crime and it is allowed under the IC rules.

4) The jest of your blog (if I am not mistaken) was that : Trita Parsi is too beekar and posts too many articles and comments at IC , the whole day. Is that true? Then what is wrong with this? This is his job. He has an organization and he is working , let's say 24/7 , on promoting it, through writing articles by many ways in many sites.

Nothing wrong with this.

Unless you have a true old beef with him personally, I don't see why it should be your (or our ) business?

Be-khial baba, calm down.

Anonymous Observer

So, that's why they're so angry

by Anonymous Observer on

and call us everything under the sun.  We crashed their party! :-))

And I'm glad we did! 


AO jaan, thanks for the link

by Reality-Bites on

I hadn't noticed it before.

To be fair to IK, in that blog he was defending Maryamjoon's right to free speech, which (as much as it hurts me to say it) I'd do too, as I believe in freedom of expression. And I'm sure you do too.

That said, I'm not sure the right to freedom of expression can be used as an excuse for peddling hate speech and incitement of hatred which the MJ character was gorging himself in. Also, IK going on about learning a few things on Bahais from an arch Bahai hater like MJ, did seem gullible of him.



by Faramarz on



I just read the blog by Ramin J that you posted in the bottom. It reads exactly like NIAC news releases with references to people like Pipes and Ahmari, etc.

If you Google some of the names that Dai mentions as stakeholders in Atieh Company (the conduit between the lobby here and the Regime mafia) you will get blogs that were posted by the folks on this site going back to the early 2000's.

These people have been active on this site long before many of us came on board and infringed on their turf!

Walton K. Martin III

Dear Faramarz

by Walton K. Martin III on

Thank you for your insight.  If people would objectively read comments here instead of attacking everyone that does not agree with BillyBob Parsi with their antisemetic rants they would have known that both I and Arash have said this in numerous occasions.  BillyBob uses certain words and phrases repeatedly and for some reason can't get away from them.

He has even written articles and given them to journalist who attached their names at the bottom.  I recently made mention of this on Twitter.  After 3 1/2 years of shadowing Parsi, he is easy to spot.  Don't forget, he writes for Shawn (Siroos) Amoie too. :)

For Example: 
  1. PDMI: PDMI Letter to AOL on Huffington Post Slanderous Article This letter serves as my third attempt regarding an inaccurate statement in an article published at Huffington Posted by Shawn Amoie, a NIAC Ambassador, an organization ...

    www.pdmiran.org/2011/08/pdmi-letter-to-​aol-on-huffington... - Cached

  2. Letter to PAAIA Regarding Inaccurate Article and NIAC's ... On August 31, 2011, Mr. Shawn Amoie, National Iranian American Council’s (NIAC) Ambassador, wrote an article which was titled “Silencing the Moderate Middle ...

    www.iranian.com/...paaia...niacs-​campaign-intimidate-iranian - Cached

  3. Shawn Amoei: Silencing the Moderate Middle [Oct 3, 2011] ... attacks, the National Iranian American Council ( NIAC). ... the Plano, Texas NIAC event February 26, 2011 where Shawn ... Mr. Amoie, to call yourself and NIAC a Moderate ... ( 72 Comments ) www.huffingtonpost.com/shawn-amoei/​silencing-the... - Cached

    More results from huffingtonpost.com »

  4. PDMI: Ahmadineajad and Company Anti-War Rally In Dallas ... Trita's "bodyguard" along with Shawn Amoie (NIAC new Ambassador). He was situated behind Trita and was staring menacingly to intimidate me when

    www.pdmiran.org/2012/02/anti-war-rally-​in-dallas.html - Cached

Free Iran V




Soosan Khanoom Wake up!

by Faramarz on


Wake up and smell the coffee!

Loyalty is a great attribute, as you have demonstrated here. But with blind loyalty you will only end up in a cult.

Anonymous Observer

Not Exactly RB jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

Look at his comment here where he's defending Wahid's anti-Baha'i rants and saying that he has "learned things" about Baha'is through Wahid's rants.  There were also other comments by him about the site being a Baha'i operation and Baha'is being pro-war.  But I couldn't find those, and I don't have the time to search it more: