What I've learned recently at IC college

What I've learned recently at IC college
by Escape

1.That a blogger who compared me to a Hezbollah for being Religious doesn't like when people compare the Japan Disaster to other Disasters.Poor Thing.

1.5 California is Silly Silly! Yes indeed it's a Joke.

2.Nowdays everyones a cartoonist.Some really are Cartoonist's while others try like a writer who consistantly blogs about Womens rights and Freedoms yet compares the book that gave her those rights in the Christian West to the Quran.

3.When the BBC states quotes from a 'secretive' undisclosed letter: it's a well known Fact I should be facing!

4.Not one single Iranian Leftie on this site will come admit the negative result of voting for Obama's foreign policy on the Iranian people or the blatant result of that vote on the people of Libya.

5.No,No,No painting your face black is not Racist,'Mammy' didn't you know? It's ok,it is but it isn't.

5.5  All followers of the Abrahamic religions should be shot and elitist leftist's scum should Die.That is quickly before I go for my jog.

6.The IRI is caught Red-Handed arming the Taliban and sending weapons to Hamas again.Remember to ignore this next time defending the IRI,bitching about the War or when complaining about the poor treatment of the Palestinians.

7. ZOIN or 2012 is Close enough to Zion conspiracy for me.By the way where is Zoin? And the latest hip term is it  'Zio-Hater' or is it 'Zoi-Hater'?

8.That I should be concerned for racism against Muslims because forget 9-11 they haven't done anything since.Just a few failed attempts,come on..

9.Reza Aslan is a Expert on Islam who should be consulted for all matters Islamic but especially when investigating Islam in America. That's something to be Proud of!

10..That I'm like a Fox with 4 tails in a HenHouse full of Chickens,dirty lowdown hateful loser! Oh my,my my...


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Nice but Western philosophy doesnt apply to Iran does it?

by Escape on

  It's at the point where Enough is Enough.They do not want to negotiate how they run their country even with their own people in Iran.It's a dictatorship largely ignored by liberal pacification to which people who support this dictatorship use to their advantage.Obama thought he had the answer and was going to try to solve this but failed miserably because his philosophy in dealing with Iran was extremely liberal western thinking.

Now with Libya he's shown he and the rest of the worlds leadership to be absolutely impotent.They are like talking manequins.All talk no action.God if it was over Global Warming or some spot where they can safely assert their dominance over their own people just like the dictators they would be all over it. 

For myself its time to show their failure to the faces of those who voted for it and continue on expousing failed idealogy.


Sometimes Laissez-Faire is a good advise

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

I now understand, and can agree with what you want to say. There are +95% of the people who (thanks god !!!) don"t share my values. They have theirs, and I have mine. But it is easier (and on the long run more beneficial for both sides) to find a way of co-existence and "laissez-faire" than to cultivate hate. Better to take the differences with a sense of humour. But there are also moments, when one should stand up and not longer hide the differences. Then, "Enough is Enough", this was the case in eastern europe in the 80s and hopefully will soon be the case in Iran as well or when the pope in Rom continues with his lies.


AO:When I was a young I was

by Escape on

AO:When I was a young I was a angry young man.Myself and my friends hated society.This went on for decades.One day I woke up and felt like their was a scar on my soul.Guilt carves deep.And all this time being pissed off,what a stupid waste of my own life I can never get back.

Radius The main point of this is : 'this is not a good way of thinking'.

Anonymous Observer

You forgot fat people!

by Anonymous Observer on

 All followers of the Abrahamic religions should be shot and elitist leftist's scum should Die.That is quickly before I go for my jog.

Yes.  All of this has to be done before I go for my jog.  We don't want my iPod to run of out juice before I start my run now, do we? Because if that happens, I will get extremely P'ed off and start going after another group.  :-))  


What is your point ?

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Maybe I"m ignorant, but I don"t really see what you want to tell us. Or do you intend to be funny ?