Closed Circle Protests on

Closed Circle Protests on
by Escape

 I read a recent blog of the current events in Iran that states 'We Are the Media'.
 Now this just really stuck in my head.I have contemplated if I should bring it up or not.But the more I thought about it,I think not.You're really not the media.And the only reason I have decided to write this is not because I am glad you are not.But because I am disappointed you are not.
 This site is more a conventional social site of a small crowd of Iranian dominatrix's and dominators.It should have been more like 'We are the breakfast club'.
 It's really a shame that you're really not the big media,especially during these times of protest.
  Well Thankfully the site didn't become more like the breakfast club of Islamist's like some have argued for so hard before,shutting down comments and blocking commentors for their opinions (I don't mean their language).
This is constructive criticism and I'm leveling a hard truth.
 It's my opinion the site is really failing to be a voice for Iranians let alone a voice for Iranians to be heard by others.
 I know that point will be missed so let me restate the last 'to be heard by others'.During important times like these protest's it's a shame the site doesn't have more contribution to these events.
 Unfortunately the crowd is too narrowminded and a closed circle to even care about being heard by others or expand.
 The circle can be driven and it has changed directions a few times and I think for the better.But whatever the dominant ruling opinion is,if you don't fit it you're 'not in this cyber world'..
 I have disagreed with just about everyone on this site,I've done the same thing as well so I will try to cut down on that.I hope we all can.


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Anahid Hojjati

Escape, about deleting people like Fesenjoon

by Anahid Hojjati on

Escape, I am not part of the site admin so I don't know all the factors that admin considers before they delete a user. Once I read about Fesenjoon being deleted, I remembered that I had actually liked some of his blogs. He had some good criticism of Iranians which we need. 

About DA, I see that when I search for Dirty Angel after I read your comment, it comes back as Error. I have no preference about her being blocked or not. I did not even flagg the rude comments made by her on my last poem blog but I told DA that she was getting into a rage. Once again, I am not part of Admin but I can see that if IC is to evolve into something more like facebook, some steps have to be taken. Exact steps are to be decided by admin. Sure, any one of us can make suggestions which is what you tried to do with your blog. Once again, some blocked people, I liked their blogs and value their thought process such as Fesenjoon and some, let's say they have been amusing like Sargord and DA. Recently DA was actually making sense but she hates me and does not lose an opportunity to express it, which is  fine.



  Anahid,when I said

by Escape on

  Anahid,when I said circles I mean circles of people.Unless you are a hermit people's circles are usually open.You know what I meant and please stop thinking I am that thick to not know it.My suggestion is to stop deleting people on a regular basis like DA today,Fesenjoon the day before,Sargord the day before that,Obama before that etc smedra.Those Iranian's did care enough to get involved with a site to leave comments.Now when you find me one site that constantly makes more Error profiles from contributor's than contributing profiles let me know,I will find a book of a open circle for you.That should be easy enough.

COP What's my point? I made it in the blog,let me be even more blunt then.I don't think it get's any clearer than this:This is not CBS.
   The point is the dominant ruling opinion doesn't need to drown out the other.I don't care about the secular agenda that's fine but let's have some room for other's as well.Diversify..
I'm sure the site is known in Iran and Iranians do get the chance to get out of Iran,especially ones with some bit of power.Actually I don't know for sure if the site is banned in Iran because I have read people comment here and say they are in Iran.So that's not for my information but thanks. 

Vildemose-How do you think you expand your circle? Do you have a set view of what the political leaning of Iranians should be and just what is it and why is it?


Dear Escape: Please let us

by vildemose on

Dear Escape: Please let us know what you mean by expanding our circle?? Do you mean considering a wide range of views and political leaning of Americans or Iranians??



by Cost-of-Progress on is blocked in Iran, but there are plenty of their cyber agents on line defending their beloved anti-nationalist regime, and contributors here exchange ideas and insults from time to time.

So, what's your point? The "dominant ruling opinoin" here for those who oppose the regime is secualrism. For those who support the regime it is: Islamic Regime is the best thing since Persian Barbari Bread!




Anahid Hojjati

Maybe if more Iranians in Diaspora cared, it would be better

by Anahid Hojjati on

Many Iranians in Diaspora simply do not care enough to get so involved with a site to actually leave comments, or write blogs and the site is filtered in Iran. 

So escape, what is your suggestion? you are preaching to the wrong choir, get more Iranians involved and interested in Iran's affairs and the circle will get bigger.  If you know of another Iranian site with a bigger circle, let me know. I doubt there is one but if there is, let me know.

 By the way, circles by definition are always closed, at least when I took geometry, that was the case. Maybe there is a modern geometry where circles are open.  In addition to that great Iranian site with bigger circle, introduce me to a book that explains open circles. thanks.