There is hope for the MEK not Al Qeada & Taliban


There is hope for the MEK not Al Qeada & Taliban
by Escape

It is good to talk to them and convince them to use Democracy always instead of Terrorism.

I support the MEK in the cause of freedom from the Regime.I don't support the use of Terrorism because it kills innocent people.I support the cause,not the means.

But they are not the same as Al Qeada and the Taliban.

I know some bloggers have the problem making the distinction.I have found that to be just another 'normal' frustration for bloggers.

We can talk to the MEK,they don't hide in caves.

They are listed as a Terrorist organization because they have used Terrorism.But not to the level as Al Qeada and the Taliban,nowhere even close.

It just Rattles me,The Taliban and Al Qeada have killed mass hordes while other's have justified it with statements like 'Freedom Fighters' 'look who is in their land'.They even have placed the blame of the Terrorist killings on those who are fighting the Terrorist's.Now they have their own Terrorist problem they somehow have found the  NERVE to call people Terrorist's for talking to the MEK.

What should we do? Blow them to bits? Invade?

The MEK as far as I know,isn't even responsible for any recent Terrorism.If they are responsible for the Attacks in Iran then I say the IRI has the right to fight them.That includes going across borders.But I find it hard to believe the MEK is responsible.Especially when Iran has guarded it borders so well they won't even let some hikers trespass while lost.Now the IRI is labelling whoever they wish MEK and going after them.

There is hope for the MEK,there is not hope for Al Qeada and the Taliban.This is same hope that some falsely give to the Taliban and Al Qeada and excuse their Terrorism as just 'fighting back'.

This 'right' side the Terrorists seem to get fighting the USA won't be given to the MEK? Why not? Oh now it's - Terrorism' that bothers you?  I see,now that 'Terrorism' suddenly bothers you but never did before when it came to Al Qeada and the Taliban.Complete Personal interest against the USA,because you don't like them fighting Terrorism.

And the Terrorism of the MEK is on a minute scale compared to the horrific amounts of killings the Terrorists have done,which you forgot about because you just blamed it on the troops.Well isn't that the truth ironic?

The real terrorist's are fighting for Jihad and Sharia Law to the fullest extent.Hope for changing them is very unlikely,there is hope for the MEK to be convinced not to kill innocent people.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Don't mix

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


up various things please. Yes AQ and Taliban are rotten. So are many other organizations. None of which makes MKO any better. MKO is to be judged on its own actions not that of AQ or Taliban alright? 

Their actions have damned them forever. The problem is not their Marxist ideology. Nor is it their Islamism. It is the whole cultist mindset. That is the basis of their problem. There will be left wing Marxism and I can live with it. There will be Muslims and that is fine. But MKO is done for toast. The organization is rotten and must go. Its leadership belong in jail if they are lucky. If not there are people less forgiving than I.  My advise to Rajavi duo: get plastic surgery and a new face. Then hide in some hole. 



by Escape on


Well reactions all blew by my point except for Abarmard.

Comrade: That's not what I wrote,is it? If you want to re-write my blog for me then criticize it,Sensibly I don't take offense because it's not my words.

No Fear: Did I suggest medals? No,I said they deserve at least the same credit that's been handed out around here to Al Qeada and the Taliban by some bloggers.The point is their past overlooking of the Taliban and Al Qeada compared to their sudden Outrage of the MEK's reappearance.(Which seemed pretty civil)..

MM: I stated what I liked about the MKO,they want to remove the Regime.I don't know know what goes on inside the MEK do you? I think it's an important thing to know and we should be trying to find out.One doesn't have to be one to know.

Abarmard: You are absolutely right and did not miss the point of this blog.I should higher my expectation's but I am pointing out this hypocrisy .

Arthimas: I am very,very suspicious of the things you have written.How did the MKO take over the Military bases? They were really all Iranian double agents of the CIA and PLO? And the Shah had ordered not to shoot them so they took over the Military bases? What a feat.It could not have been done without the Shah's gross mismanagement of Iran.This while all the other Iranian's were protesting in the street,why were they protesting in the street?..Another thing I don't understand is why if the MEK installed Khomeini and Co that rule Iran today,soon became enemies?

VPK: Q and Mola feel sorry for Saddam,IED planting Baathists,the Taliban,Al Qeada and Suicide Bombers in Isreal but not the MKO.They have their 'perferred' terrorist's..Yea I don't care,call me a MKO because I point it out and point out the differences of these Terrorist's.One is in a full blown War the other is washed up Iranians with a few nuts left to crack.

Maryam Hojjat

VPK is Right! Just accept what

by Maryam Hojjat on

he said in regard to MEK this terrorist Org.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Escape the MEK

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I knew there was something odd about you. Thanks for clearing it up. No wonder you are taking the positions you take. Well dude MKO has no future. Neither the right nor the left wants them. The IR does want them but not the way you think. They want to hang them off cranes. 

The one hope they have is for rank and file. They do well to give up. Many of us agree that they may be rehabilitated. But the leadership is hopeless. I suggest Rajavi demo "khodsoozi" in person so I can watch it and have a beer.

Watching her and right wing AIPAC Iran haters made me sick. In fact so sick that I would rather hang out with Q and Mola Shotor than your kind.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Or POMI or MEK or whatever new name they come up with is just on thing: TRAITOR. No other name describes them. Not just that but an Islamist cult which took the worst elements of:

  • Soviet Communism
  • Islamists
  • Jim Jones Cult
  • Run of the mill trreason

Then molded it into a hodgepodge personality cult. For years they kissed Soviet butt;. When Soviets fell apart they moved to kiss Saddam butt. Now that Saddam is gone they kiss AIPAC butt. It is the only thing they know how to do. 

I have been wondering why does AIPAC support them. Why does Gulliani go visit Rajavi? They know Iran will never accept MKO. So why bother. The only reason would be they need them as "cannon fodders". They want to topple IR and need some "dog meat" that would be the MKO. When the IR is gone and MKO has done its job they will be discarded. Why? Because they know Iran will not accept Rajavi as its leader. She will get about as many votes as a dead pig.


Lida Hessaami

Isn't the Progressive Opposition Against Capital Punishment?

by Lida Hessaami on

If that's the case, then all the members of the groups named below will end up in jail for a long while or life, but not in front of a firing squad!


There is no hope for Islamist regime's IRCG, Basij or Al_Qaeda

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

They will all be hunted down, no matter where on this universe they try to hide, and people'e revolutionary justice will be executed on all these islamist terrorist scum bags, the lap poodles of CIA, without mercy. That is for sure.


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

maziar 58

Ms. Hessaami

by maziar 58 on

let's hope not.

they are trying to use them as "GOOSHT jeloye toop" to advance their other goals.

Iran can not lose any more of its peoples for a proxy war.

Marg bar IRR                    Maziar

Lida Hessaami

توطعه مشترک سازمان مجاهدین خلق و نیوکانهای آمریکا علیه ایران

Lida Hessaami

توطعه مشترک سازمان مجاهدین خلق و سران نیوکانهای آمریکا علیه  ایران را در هم شکنیم گزارش
کنفرانس بین المللی پاریس ، کمپ اشرف و سیاست در باره ایران با حضور مریم
رجوی و نیوکانهای  آمریکا از جمله تام ریچ ( جمهوریخواه و وزیر
امنیت داخلی آمریکا در زمان بوش پسر 2003- 2005 )، رودی جولیانی شهردار
سابق  نیویورک، مایکل
موکیزی وزیر دادگستری آمریکا( 2009-2007)، خانم فرانسیس تاونزند  مشاور
رئیس جمهور آمریکا در امور امنیت داخلی و تروریسم 2008-2004، و دیگر
شخصیت های دول امپریالیستی اروپا وووو؛  و اعلام پشتیبانی سران برجسته
نیوکانهای فاشیست آمریکا از گزینه مجاهدین برای تغییر رژیم در ایران
در این کنفرانس همه نیوکانهای فاشیست آمریکا در پشتیبانی از گزینه مجاهدین خلق برای تغییر رژیم در ایران متفق القولند و از جمله تام ریچ در این زمینه اعلام نمودند که: " سازمان مجاهدین خلق یک سازمان تروریستی نیست... بلکه یک سازمان طرفدار آزادی و حقوق بشر است... و آمریکا باید از آن پشتیبانی نماید." خانم فرانسیس تاونزند در این مورد می گوید : " ما نه تنها باید شما -مجاهیدن خلق- را از لیست خارج کنیم، بلکه باید تمامی محدودیتهای ناشی از لیست گذاری را حذف کنیم" ایشان در ادامه خطاب به اشرفیان می گوید که:"اشرفیان،
شما قلب ایران آینده هستید، کلید آن در دست شماست. اشرف کلید برگرداندن یک
فرهنگ بزرگ و میراث تاریخی یک ایران بردبار و صلح جو است." وووو



MEK members were trained by

by Arthimis on

MEK members were trained by PLO and financed by CIA to topple Shah and his last government! Imperial Armed Forces (BY THE DIRECT ORDER FROM SHAH HIMSELF) were ordered not to kill any Iranian protesters. High ranking officers in charge of military bases in Tehran and few other cities (Esfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad and...) who were in fact CIA double agents and traitors in Imperial Armed Forces Of Iran told the soldiers to leave their weapons and leave the bases open or with a very little resistence to all these "MEK" and "PLO" terrorists for them to take over the arms and power! An avarage Iranian back then had not seen a gun, let alone knowing how to use one (like today...) These terrorists killed thousands of innocent Iranian officers and soldiers with a plan from the outside.... That's why Iraq attacked Iran in 1980!!! Iran lost majority of those highly educated and trained military men who were serving in the 4th largest and powerful Armed forces in this world before the war with Iraq even started!!! Real Iranians will never forget and forgive all those responsible for such genocide and crimes against Iran and Iranians.... Holding arms against I.R. was never as serious as what they already achieved criminally by installing Khomeini and Co in ruling Iran to this day! Their first and main crime and its effect has put Iran and Iranians in the worst situation possible for 31 years!!! So HELL NO to MEK and any other Foriegn mercenaries who betrayed Iran in the most criminal fashion!!!

Free Iran and Iranians.


What does the Mek want?

by Parthianshot91 on

I see them as another sell-out kind of group that's destined to die out soon. How about we just make our own militia kind of organization?


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


"There is hope for the MEK not Al Qeada & Taliban"

by Abarmard on

As the title suggests, you are comparing your supported organizations with a the worse possible. I would suggest to higher your expectations.


"..People like Karoubi, Mousavi, Khatami, Rajavi, Shah, Rafsa.."

by comrade on

I have no intention to argue over the other commenter's potpourri of names, but mentioning the Rajavi's name as someone forgiven by the public seems a bit subliminal, to say the least.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



از چاله به چاه افتادن اینه



* MKO is an Islamic cult.

* Before 1979, MKO was basically a terrorist organization.

* After 1979, while in bed with IRI, MKO showed Iranians that they were even more brutal than IRI.

* MKO then became bedmates with Saddam and took arms against Iranians, and later were sent to put down Iraqi uprisings.

* MKO elite control every aspect of member's lives, and the ones who disobey orders are dealt with promptly. 

* While listening to the Rajavi duo, the members have that awe look typical of cultists.

Now, what was it that we should like about MKO?  Just because the neocons want to use MKO or any other organization as a tool against IRI, it does not mean that we should agree with it.

No Fear

Wow ... Escape

by No Fear on

Since you are at it, why not give the MEK fighters medals of honors for fighting alongside iraqi's army killing Iranians?

It amazes me how easily we forget and forgive past politicians. People like Karoubi, Mousavi, Khatami, Rajavi, Shah, Rafsanjani, Banisadr, Bazargan etc etc etc have all been forgiven one way or another in order to oppose the current government.

Well .... Once a bitch, always a bitch. Politicians have ony one shot at advocating their policies. If it fails, there is no second chances. This is not kindergarten.


Another piece of jewel just popped out at IC, claiming:

by comrade on

There is hope for MEK to be convinced to kill guilty people, only.

The owner of this site should consider charging the bloggers, instead of relying on garbage advertisement revenue.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.