URGENT: Bluetooth Devices Cause A Reaction

URGENT: Bluetooth Devices Cause A Reaction
by eroonman

Scientists in Liechtenstein today announced that the wireless headsets that use the standard BLUETOOTH technology, cause a unique reaction in the wearer. In almost every case, the wearer of a Bluetooth device will discover the discoloration of the teeth that overnight change to a blue-ish color.

The Bluetooth consortium issued a response to the finding stating, "Uh, well, this is a bit embarrassing, but rest assured, we have launched a full investigation into some of the more prank-oriented staff of our development labs that originally produced this technology. Although we do not have a sufficient explanation of the cause of the phenomenon at this time, we think we now know why the technology was originally called Bluetooth."

Although there are no recommendations as to what wearer's should actually to do if you use a Bluetooth device, but if you find that your teeth are turning blue, you might want to consider that this could be an elaborate April Fool's Day hoax.


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Thank for very good post on bluetooth device. Really Bluetooth Devices Cause A Reaction in some cases not all cases.





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