Open letter to Ulmann


Open letter to Ulmann
by eroonman

Dear Jeff,

Forgive me if I pass on the protocol of calling you "Dr." based on the crass and naively ignorant comments on your website about Iran, the true state of Israel, and the nature of the world as you see it, I really can't respect your technical accomplishments either. As boring and irrelevant as they might be.

So that we are clear, I have to say I think you are in idiot. Regardless of what you say, wear, drive, or think, I can still think you to be a fool if I wish. And Oh how I do wish that!

The suggestion that in 1953 Iran should have been screwed out of the worst oil deal in history because of a "contract" that even Britain did not honor, is classic denial and a domineeringly oppressive viewpoint that has poisoned the world. Furthermore to conveniently omit "HOW" the US behaved during the Mossadegh era, and what pranks were pulled in that endeavor, the height of arrogance, in your case entirely unjustified.

Your rant on Israel's various "rights" and "generosity" given the de facto "Ghetto-fication" of the Palestinian areas under it's control, is nothing short of shocking. At least you, a Jew should acknowledge wrong when it is wrong. Any question on who is winning or right or justified, can be proven by comparing the simple birth weight of a child born in Palestine to that of one born in Israel. Check, I think you will be surprised. Smile if you can, upon that realization. Of ALL people, I would expect Jews to recognize the abhorrent inhumanity of Ghettofication.

I do agree with you on one point, and that is Iran's nuclear ambitions. Which are entirely due to Israel's equally illegal nuclear ambitions. Where we differ is that I think no one should have them.

Another area I agree with you is the way in which Empires grow. But there is conquering and assimilation and establishing a successful model for the centralized administration and government, working to the advantage and profit of its subjects. And then there is the Native American extermination. I'll let you run one of your programs to deduce which is the more moral. One hint, the Jews did not bless Col. Custer for freeing them in Babylonia.

Finally, you are getting questions from Iranians inside Iran, precisely because of the respect they have for you. Or, I should say, had for you. The disdain you have shown for your oppressed fans, who are nothing more than young and eager to engage a prestigious "Stanford Professor" in a small harmless email, with your naively retarded and insultingly narrow view of how the world sadly works, (and that you actually think it's better this way!) is shockingly cliche of someone like you in the position "you all" seem to put yourselves in repeatedly.

Certainly you have lessened the image of Stanford. And hopefully this and your tenure will be understandably now looked at seriously, and maybe even the Ascherman folks will read this, and rescind their now tainted endowment. Maybe womens basketball and a moderately entertaining Orange Bowl performance, and marching band public urination are more what we should expect from one of the highest institutions of learning.

For certainly, you have learned nothing.


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inquiries from Sharif University - best undergraduate tech univ.

by MM on

Most enquiries have been from Sharif University students.  This professor is screwing himself and Stanford from acquiring Sharif university graduate students which is rated as one of the best undergraduate technical universities in the world, especially best in the field of electrical engineering. 


It should be Stanford who censures this dummy for depriving them from getting fine graduate students.


Right on, well said eroonman

by Bavafa on

Thank you