Tiger Woods: Baba, Damesh Garm!


Tiger Woods: Baba, Damesh Garm!
by eroonman

There, I've just said what every red-blooded man has been thinking.

The prudish puritanical inconsistency of what is supposed to go for American code of conduct, versus the salaciousness of the "Real World" and the many Americans who have "Gone Wild", leaves me rather amused.

In a country where we have been accustomed to having our cake and eating it too, instant gratification is apparently also king. Apparently you can be a prude and over indulgent at the same time.

Before I get to El Tigre, let us look at the grand hypocrisy of the politicians in the US. Isn't it funny (or hasn't anyone else noticed), how pre-occupied the most "Moral" ones are with morality of others, but when it comes to their own actions they don't seem to want to follow the rules they've laid out for everyone else to follow.

Whether it is all of those fabulously Gay Republicans, bathroom-tapping their way around Washington, stepping on gay rights every chance they get, to the outrageous lifestyle of someone as obviously deluded as Sarah Palin, talking to a Tea-flavored Koolaid drinking America about right and wrong, with a pregnant teenage unwed daughter, offstage applauding Gran'Ma Palin from the wings.

Dual moral standards it seems, is the only American growth industry these days.

Which brings me to Babr-eh Choobi.

Tiger Woods is possibly the most "successful" human being in the history of the planet. By sheer productive output, meaning generating real revenues, Woods as moved far ahead of any single person's individual capacity to make money. Simply announcing he would participate in the Master's tournament sent Augusta hotel rates, event ticket sales, TV audiences, and general hoopla, through the roof.

Since childhood, this phenomenon has been raised to do one thing. Win. And he has certainly fulfilled his pre-ordained destiny. While many experts agree that men by nature are promiscuous and the whole average 15 seconds between sex thoughts aside, it is surprising to me that the media and the above aforementioned hypocrisy of American puritanical thought, has managed to focus all the energy of criticizing Tiger for his so called, conquests of various women. So far, I don't think any of the pornstars and strippers on Tiger's list would ever be considered conquests.

So, while I personally abhor the act of having meaningless sex, and am personally a champion of true, loyal love to only one person (at a time), I find it rather amusing and concerning that the behavior of Tiger is so scrutinized, and the more disturbing behavior of the MANY women who knew full well that he was married, and in spite of his solicitation, agreed to his offer. Eagerly and frequently, apparently. 

Point and shake your fingers at Tiger if you must. He is doing what (a) Tiger does. Stalk, Hunt, Kill, Move on to the next one. Whether it is Golf or sex with Hot (and willing) women.

But if you only look for the one Tiger on the loose, you are failing to see that apparently the Cougar population is completely out of control.


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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Marriage is the problem... Men just wanna have fun :=) .


Even a Swedish blonde wife suffers!

by sag koochooloo on

But he's so hideous. Was he the only person they could find? And golf is soooo boring.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Cougar population isn't out of control.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This is a population of women who got stuck with boring husbands and want to have fun before dying, like any normal person. Don't bring the women into this, please.


"red-blooded" male or just stupid?

by Gavazn on

If it wasn't for his money, none of the women would give him a second look. That is the truth - it is his celebrity and money which the slappers went for, knowing that he has a wife and 2 young children. What does that make those women? But then again, you can say he is the married one (the one with the supposed commitment) and they are single girls, so he is a spoilt celebrity with no morals. It all stinks if you ask me. What I am disappointed about is the  "Damesh Garm" comment and the illusion that every "red-blooded" male would do the same. That is total rubbish. And the reason the fuss is made is because he made his millions out of his brand name and sponsorship as a "good family guy". That was a lie and because he is a public figure it is reported. But the newspapers do go over the top to make money, that is their business. To make money out of these celebrities - that is the deal.