Reza Pahlavi, Come on Dude...

Reza Pahlavi, Come on Dude...
by eroonman

I think this could be a good campaign slogan he should use to convince Iranians to let him have a whack at it


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To the anti-monarchists

by Dariush2 on

Few dynasties in modern history did the masterful job that the Pahlavis did for Iran.   Unfortunately "too much, too soon" and too many boniad Pahlavi grants made a whole lot of people spoiled or "har" as they say, and we saw the result.

If the shah had behaved more like a dictator or given way fewer freedoms (like the Saudis, Syrians, etc.) he would still be in power.   He was too much of a democrat for the hagh nashnas Iranians.




very funny

by Q on

Good job on this one. The Photoshop work is really good!



by shushtari on

you may be right, but he would be crazy to put his life in the hands of a bunch of wackos with no regard for human life.....


the akhoonds kill people for criticizing seyed ali geda ye dast....killing and humiliating RPII would be heaven sent for them.

that would be suicide....RP should form a transitional govt in the US like chalabi did.....although I think the CIA has told him to stand who knows what's gonna happen


either way, JAVID IRAN 


Excellent Writings Eroonman

by Ahura on

Thanks and keep on enlightening the readers. I love your witty and effective writings.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Great post eroonman

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

If Reza Pahlavi did that, I think I may even become a monarchist. Until then, it's just moftarchy and loos baazi. He suffers major insecurity and I don't think it's an accident that he is always hiding behind secretary and advisor. It's quite sad. I would love to see a strong, secular Iranian woman or man act boldly.



by capt_ayhab on

You have got to do something about your blogging while drinking habit. You do not make sense dada.

Az ma ghoftan bood



Don't get me wrong...

by eroonman on

I am ALL FOR THE MONARCHY. I just want a constitutional one and I don't see RPII stating that specifically ENOUGH to relax. Plus if it takes him 31 years to regain a throne he has no right to, I'm saying, it's taking too long. Maybe he ought to pack it up and retire already. At this point Farah has been more effective than RPII.

Maybe it's his "secretariat"? I have heard RPII is hamstrung by an old old old loyal secretary who doesn't really "Allow" HRH to say and think what he wants to. If that is the case and the grand scheme to regain the throne is being orchestrated by an out of touch old man (with good intentions), then this explains RPI's ick-factor whenever he opens his mouth. In fact it's not him talking but the Wizard of Oz pulling his strings.

OK, so it's Sunday and I've had more coffee than I probably should, and so the conspiracy theories start coming out, but jeez, what the hell is RPII doing?

I say, if he wants his throne, he needs to go back home and simply reclaim it. I'd like to see what they do to him if he walks off a plane and tries to go home.

Would the IRI arrest him? For what? If they did, would it be so bad for RPII to go to court and plead his case directly to the heart of the beast? Sure, it might not work, and sure, they might put him in jail, but the outrage over his honest claim for freedom for Iran and the resulting formal answer to that by the IRI, could ignite the very change he claims to be working towards.

I just don't see it happening from a cheap hotel ballroom in Alexandria.

Technically, legally, according to the idiots who fomented the ridiculous referendum in 79, Iranians overwhelmingly rejected the monarchy and put this garbage in place by their will. If that is true, were RPII to question that legally he could potentially bring the house down.

However that requires courage, and I am afraid RPII might in fact ultimately be genetically closer to his father, than his grandfather.

As noble as you might think MRP was, he ultimately betrayed and abandoned his people not just once, but twice. Each time with more damage than the last. While one can blame the IRI for today's Iran, the mismanagement of a "good thing" lays entirely at the feet of at least one King in the 2.5-king Pahlavi dynasty.



by PERS66 on


DK and other friends

by benross on

I worked hard to put these garbages back in their garbage can. What are you doing here? Stay away would you.


paidar .....

by shushtari on

you're right on brother....

I don't get why these bache akhoonds think anyone listens to their garbage!

I find it especially idiotic when these loonies criticize reza shah......when this brave man, single-handedly pulled iran out of the gutter which the dirty ghajars had put it in.....

may god bless his soul, which is in heaven right now 



by capt_ayhab on

The poor guy is lost between Nixonian and Churchillian doctrines. How can you blame the Sara Palin of Iran, transgendered  in this hairy blotted form?

Pauleez do not get me started on this dude


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Captain jan my favorite part of the article....

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

My favorite part of the article is Reza's statement that "we have to lose democracy to appreciate it. The revolution was a blessing in disguise. It's like Churchill said bla bla bla bla yadda." 

You understand that he thinks that his father's regime was democratic? You understand that he thinks that te 1960s and 1970s in Iran included no political parties except Pahlavi?! What he hell is he talking about? Then he talks about "lack of alternatives making the regime extreme." Smells familiar. Like the stink of his father's regime.

What a delusional idiot. 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

dear maziar. it's just a conversation

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

we have to talk and discuss. it doesn't matter if we are talking about shoes or politicians. communication is all that matter. saleh no mobarak 

maziar 58

marge khanoom

by maziar 58 on

I did enjoy the article come to think of it a NORDSTROM on 5th Ave. new york is not a destination for an Iranian OLD LADY from the .... how your friend told you about.

hope I didn't Insult you.           Maziar



by capt_ayhab on

Thanks for the article, it has great deal of facts and nicely supported. This one sectiobn I found to be very interesting :

[On February 14, 2001, he(Reza Pahlavi - emphasis from me) appeared at the Washington
Institute. An Iran expert in the audience recalled, "He was polished. He seemed as
if he would be a nice neighbor-but he was not a charismatic guy who was going to lead a revolution. It was Valentine's Day, and he began by saying, 'In case any of you are planning to take your wives or girlfriends out to dinner, I hope you have planned ahead and made reservations-I tried this morning, and
it turns out I'm going to be cooking.' "I remember thinking, This guy wants to overthrow the Islamic Republic and he can't get dinner reservations!"]



The Phantom Of The Opera


by The Phantom Of The Opera on



The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Mr. Maziar - You are going to be taken seriously

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Since you put everything in bold.

Nothing was translated for New Yorker. Enjoy the article!


No I don't know what you "mean." Are you saying the New Yorker - which also broke the Abu Ghraib orders from Pentagon - is wrong? Reza Pahlavi volunteered for the article.

He is loved at Fox News and certain pleaces in France. Better to stay in those safe zones. Who needs criticism? The point of the media is to glorify and enable - not question and investigate.

maziar 58

lies and .........

by maziar 58 on

MRS.MARGE  new yorker magazine is full of entertaining atricles and story for certain circles of newyorker if you know what I mean.........

how and who heard the tally and right away translated in english for NEWYORKER ?

P.S   Do they have NORDSTROM in NEW YORK CITY ? seems that many peoples are happy with ...........


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ariane let me be very blunt to make it understandable

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

The shah was a f*cking MORON. His idiocy and lack of basic skills to lead even his own military cost us our country to a bunch of wolves. Worshipping shah and his thievery and mismanagement doesn't make it better. We have to have high standards, not low ones because "we had a degree of respect." Why are Iranians so tolerant of BS? You can be nostalgic as much as you like. Fine. But it's time to move on and be democratic. Include people without a certain last name. 

Iranians are very respected. We are great ambassadors and successful, creative people wherever we settle. Maybe it creates an illusion in the mind. Whatever you like. 

Enjoy your exile! I hear the cherry blossoms are lovely in washington, DC this year.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I wonder if Reza Pahlavi is posting here

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Drunken madness? Does he google himself? lol. These thankless people! My father gave them massive diaspora and exile with his shitty regime and this is how they worship me?! 

Paidar Iran

Bunch of Toodehis, commis and so forth ...

by Paidar Iran on

Pahlavis may have had some faults but they were by far the most nationalist kings in recent centuries of Iranian history.  All the Toodehis, mujahedeen Khalgh and Fadaiiane Khalgh, and Islamioons were conspiring for decades to destroy Iran by demonizing the Pahlavis and succeeded.  Even now, they continue to propagate bunch of BS about Pahlavis.I am not a Monarchist but over years I have come to the conclusion that Pahlavis were the best thing that had happened to Iran.  Anyone who denies the services that someone like Reza Shah made to Iran is simply ignorant and a traitor to Iran. Just study what he did for Iran.The problem with Iran and Iranians throughout its history has been and is that unfortunately, there are too many Iranians who are prostitutes to money and sell themselves, their country and their heritage for little cash and power. Pahlavis united Iran into one cohesive nation but now Iran has become so fractured and disintegrated that unfortunately I don't see any hope for its future.  There will come days that those who keep bad mouthing the Pahlavis would regret their actions and would long for days of Pahlavi kingdom. I hope that we don't see that day but the fact is that Iran is in danger of being partitioned and cut into pieces. You say no way, Just search enough the web and you will find all the websites and organizations popping up advocating separations of Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Khuzestan and so forth. Now, you anti-Pahlavis sit and continue bickering and bad mouthing the Pahlavis. I have already seen bunch of those so called revolutionaries and anti-Pahlavis who had the gut to admit to their mistakes and stated that "Ajab Gohi Khordim!".


dingo daddy En passant

Alahazrat is not a joke!

by dingo daddy En passant on

He is a respected Iranian leader. He has followers in every corner of the world. Why are Mullahs so afraid of him if he is such a joke?

He is Persian national symbol of history and glory.

Eroonman, you are not funny.



by ariane on

Well what can I say? I am amzed by the extent of your ignorance and hate rants!

First of all most Iranians don't speak 3 languages, they don't even speak a propoer Farsi to begin with let alone other languages.

Mossadegh saga (or should I say farce) is just another one of the biggest lies of modern Iranian history! Fair enough, he did a few things. But he cheated his king and his oath to the monarch. I don't consider than honorable. I think he was just another Machevelian Politician who wanted to get to his goals by whatever means possible! Given time I'm sure he would be subject of rants from his own country man too!

I'm confused! You want an Pahlavi on the throne or not? if not why do you blame Shah for not killing Khomeini??

And as for Pahlavi money, I think you are just jealous because there is a few bobs around and you just can't get your hands on it.

I for myself, say hats off to him if he took a few millions out, better in his hands than anyone else. At least his father brought us a degree of international respect, much more than I can say about any Iranian individual or government.

After all, the only reason why people like you ever found out that there is a place called "farang" is beacuse of his father's efforts to open the road for your fathers to go and study abroad. If it was for Qajars we would still be drinking mud instead of water in the back alleys of a mideval country.

Once, just once stop kicking your history in the crotch and stop seeing things in black and white.

When you get a more mature and biased look you would see that they were the best thing happenned to modern Iranian society. The only thing they did wrong was giving too much credit to an ungrateful, juvenile, and hypocratic Iranian Nation.




Response to Ariane:

by eroonman on

We make fun of RPII because he is a joke.

The best thing to happen to Iran? Since you forgot, let me remind you the best thing to happen to Iran was Mossadegh, but the Pahlavis screwed that up too.They also screwed up the execution of Khomeini for treason. Had they done that we'd all be back home and this site would never have existed.

Most Iranians speak 3 languages.

RPII is rich because his father took Iran's money. Not because he earned it. He has not worked a day in his life. He has body guards. I'd be more vocal if I had bodyguards too.

Success? I would not call 30 years of banishment a success. Legal claim to the throne? The last legal monarch we had were the Ghajars. The Pahlavis took that away by illegal force, not popularity. The Pahlavis are not legal monarchs of Iran, they broke the law to become monarchs. Read your history.

I agree with your final statement, "All the best to him whatever he chooses to pursue", as long as it is not King of Iran.

If he cares, RPII needs to go to Iran and work for Iran's freedom from the inside. Safely on the outside, he is nothing more than a wannabe hoping for the US to re-instate him like they did his father. While this might very well be possible, it isn't probable.


Oh Wow!

by ariane on

Look at all these blogs!

Finger pointing at its best! RP is a head of a institution that has been the best thing happenned to Iran (relatively speaking)and I'm looking many centuries back.

I have one question though! With all the money grabbing and sleeze stories you guys circulate around, why does he have to bother to endanger his life and the life of his family to become an outspoken crtitic of Iranian current affairs.

Aren't we being Iranians (jealous, labelers, vindictive towards the sucess of one of our best, etc.) towards him? I mean look at guy! He is the hereditary lineage of a dynasty. Perfectly legal claim to a throne. Beautiful family. Speaks three languages fluently and has a lot of money. Plus he is the only sensible voice coming out of anyone these days.  

 All the best to him and whatever line of work/life he chooses to pursue.


well, actually Reza P. is

by Fatollah on

well, actually Reza P. is relevant, notice all the comments so far! Nice! :)

just a note; Mirza khengool, yea you! F. Farrokhzad and his family actually did achieve and left a footprint, what did you or your family achieve? any shining example? please, I am all ears ...


Namak Nashnaas Iranicans

by Nur-i-Azal on

Good neologism, Darius jan. The attitude exhibited on this blog by these namak nashnaas people is precisely how a moronic Fayzieh akhound managed to become one of the greatest khar-savaars in all history (not just Iran's), managing to get people to believe his face was reflected on the moon, and why 31 years later the Zahhaaki regime he left behind is still in power.

But for what it's worth, the namak-nashnaasaan here are in the next 18 months or in for a seriously rude awakening! Stay tuned...

And, yes, every nation has its clowns. In our case it is all those who marched in the streets of Iran screaming Marg bar Shah & Istiqlal, Azadi, Jomhuri-e-Islami, making one mollah-e-beepedar maadar-e-Hendi their rahbar and imam zaman!



chi begam?

by capt_ayhab on

You crack me up



Every nation has to have a few clown, Iran is no exception

by Bavafa on




by capt_ayhab on