FAITH: The Great Iranian Swindle


FAITH: The Great Iranian Swindle
by eroonman

In this time of upheaval, emotion and opportunity, it is important to keep our heads clear, simplify the problems, and focus on the right, fair, and just solutions that can be implemented as quickly and painlessly as possible in order to reform Iran.

We can be civilized. We do not need to mention revolution, we do not need to call for the heads of the current establishment, we do not need to evoke any fear of reprisals. There will be plenty of time for that later, properly and completely in the courts.

What we need to do is understand our predicament, which I think many do not actually know how the laws of Iran have been subverted in favor of institutionalized oppression, and many recently have voiced comments that make it sound as if they think Iran has regular standard laws that uphold the claim that Iran is simply a religious-based democracy, just like the US was based on the Christian ethics in 1776.

It is not, the laws in Iran are almost entirely punitive, the controls are dictatorial, and void of ANY hint of FREE WILL. The laws in Iran continuously reinforce, that FREE IRANIANS are largely wild, uncivilized, and need to be tamed by the calm hand of religion, and that they are incapable of making decisions collectively that are fair or reasonable. The Mollahs must be their shepherds, who are advanced beings, who know better than the unfit, and un-holy rabble, what must be done, and how life must be conducted.

This is the general tone throughout all the laws governing any area that would normally allow free people, as in other established democracies,  to make a choice or decision for the benefit of the country.

Think of it like how NASCAR fans in the US seem to be associated with being lower class, generally made up of rednecks, and southern illiterate racists. If you apply this bias, and think of these kinds of people voting, you could easily succumb to your bias, and generalize the statement that they are unfit to choose a representative American President. Yet in a country like the US, all of the voters when statistically counted fairly and averaged, do in fact end up selecting the best candidate for the country. They chose Obama with all the unlikelihood around his candidacy, now possibly their best President in history.

The Mollahs though, assume that since Iran's equivalent of the Southern illiterate NASCAR fan exists in some mountainous villages, and parts of southern Tehran, that this means the rest of the country are generalized as rabble, and this bias towards all Iranians leads them to believe they are unfit, which is the arrogant, incorrect assumption. They are unwilling to chance that their proposition, namely unwavering, direct deference to Allah (not any other alternate belief in God), left in the hands of this unwashed mass, would ever be likely chosen. So they override Free Will, firm in their belief that they have the best interests of everyone at heart.

The problem, is, that when you think this way, you immediately throw into question the very concept and supposition of what "FAITH" is. Which is that although it is a choice that can be influenced by fear, force, and intimidation, as well as kindness, TRUE FAITH is when the individual freely and voluntarily chooses it. This is the fundamental flaw in the argument of the Mollahs as to their continued control over Iran.

By their very insistence that you must show blind adherence to FAITH, as the only path to true salvation, they have in fact invalidated any chance of it actually happening. Because any faith they might see, has been gained involuntarily, through coercion and terror.

Therefore Iranians cannot in fact ever be truly FAITHFUL as long as the Mollahs ride them, and insist on it.

And the really sick part is that the Mollahs have always known this.That is why they must go.

The Mollahs have perfected an "Iranian Inquisition", an oppressive, brutal Religious Monarchy, that believes that precisely because of it's rule over them, that the people of Iran will NEVER become TRULY FAITHFUL ENOUGH for them to reliquish control.


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Eroonman: your favorite author, Roya Hakakkian

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

is now a blogger at Huffington Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The last comment I read there was "This was a useless blog. I did not learn anything. We already knew the main point of this blog, that we have been in the dark about Iran until now." 

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Eeroonman, this made a lot of sense. I believe though Iran's population more than doubled in 30 years, the number of faithful people among its Islam believers has drastically decreased. All the people who go through school, unlike our generation, receive comprehensive religious training and Arabic language education, but very few of them actually have any faith, again, unlike our generation and the ones before. Nothing good ever comes from forced ideology. This has been proven time and again throughout history.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Nice job

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Keep the "faith". No pun intended.