Apology for Apologists Apologies


by eroonman

I can't understand Iran's Apologists.

They always want to have it both ways. They always wants to promote Iran's positives, but without ever acknowledging any of the bigger problems Iran has with it's ridiculous position on things.

For the thousandth time, I cannot understand why Iran would possibly pursue nuclear generated electric power energy at a time when Iran does not have the money to spend on this expensive and comparatively unsafe technology. All the while, it has the largest known reserves of Natural Gas, the most efficient, environmental, and safe fuel for generating electricity.

Any moron can make electricity from Natural Gas. It's almost fun.

According to even the most conservative estimates, Iran has enough Natural Gas to generate ALL the energy it could ever need for the next 700 years, not including advances in gas powered energy generation that would kick in during that time, and no doubt extend the supply to 1000 years.

This while selling Natural Gas to other countries!

Why not save our uranium until 1000 years from now, and then consider Nuclear energy at that time, when nuclear technology will be far more advanced and efficient, and coincidentally just before our NG runs out? If you are one of those, that thinks that Iranians are all geniuses, you'd think this would be the smarter thing to do.

Based on this, that Iranians are smart, I actually think Iran is far smarter than any of us know. I think given the lack of the slightest sign of intelligence in the West, Iran is now the freaking smartest country on earth.

Which is why I don't buy Iran's arguments for one nano-second. Simply put, Iran is lying. Which the last time I checked was even a sin in islam.

Although, I believe there is a vaguely written poetic interpretation that says if you lie to your enemy, it's OK! So much for the infallibility of Allah's words, as spoken by Mohammad [Peace be upon Him, screw everyone else].

Based on the fact that Iran is currently surrounded on 14 sides by the US military who has repeatedly flexed and scratched it's itchy trigger finger vis a vis Iraq and Afghanistan and every other orifice it can find in the world, I think the truth is that Iran is in fact very understandably, very obviously, pursuing nuclear weapons. Specifically to threaten Israel, the US, or even Iran herself with, at the slightest sign, hint, or rumor, of a US or Israeli attack.

U Can't Touch This. But try and touch me here, there, or even think of touching me way over and under here, and I swear, I will most certainly touch this.

In a world that doesn't make much of it, this is the only thing that makes sense. This constant childishly naive claim of Iran's "right to make nuclear electricity" is utterly fart-ridiculous.

So on behalf of everyone who indulges Iran with an apologist's apology, I apologize.

You want to talk about Sanctions again? How about banning Coca Cola from Iran? It sems that the most recognizably American Culture brand is doing fine and well in Iran these days, even though my application to import "All Natural Carbon Neutral Geevehs" from Iran was recently denied by the homeland security departments of both the US and Iran. Personally I prefer a frosty Doogh with mine, but nothing but nothing says "I'm Lovin' Chelo-Kabab!" better than an ice cold Coke on a hot Tehran summer day. You want change? Stop the sale of Coke in Iran for just one week and see what happens.


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