The other Neda


The other Neda
by divaneh

There are thousands of other Nedas in Iran. Their blood is on the hand of those who killed them and the shameless propagandists who try to divert the people's attention away from these victims and a criminal regime who continues to kill our brothers and sisters in Iran. Do you believe that these leeches who have never shed a tear for anything but blood money in their bank accounts would care about the fate of a victim in another land? This is not just being a hypocrite; this is being a complete bastard.

Of course the crimes of the Russian backed Akhond Mafia is rarely photographed but there are endless lists of victims. Here are the names of some of the fallen angles of Iran in 2009 uprising and a link to more.

Fatemeh Samsarian, killed during the silent march in Azadi Sqaure on 15 June, her son was also shot

Taraneh Mousavi, was arrested on 28 June near to the Masjed Ghoba, she was reported as disappeared for several weeks and finally her burned body was found around Ghazvin. It was reported that she was severely sexually abused while she was in detention. Her case was denied by the State while the reformist candidate, Karoubi, revealed the entire story.

Sorour Bromand, 58, was shot and killed in Tehran on 15 June 2009

Fatemeh Rajab Pour, 38, was shot and killed in Tehran on 15 June 2009

Tina Soudi, shot and killed in Enghelab Square on 25 June

Fatemeh Barati, student, died during the attacks on Tehran University dormitories

Fahimeh Salahshour, 25, died due from head injuries on 15 June in Tehran

Mobina Ehterami, student in Tehran, died during the attack on Tehran University dormitories on 14 June

Maryam MehrAzin, 24, shot and killed on Azadi Street

Parisa Keli, 25, shot in the neck on 21 July on Keshavarz Boulevard in Tehran

Saeedeh Pouraqaee, died in custody after being arrested by plainclothes Basij officers while chanting “Allah-u-Akbar” on a rooftop. After 20 days, her body was identified by her mother in a cold storage facility in southern Tehran. She was beaten while in custody and acid was poured on her body. She was secretly buried by security forces in Section 302 of Behesht Zahra Cemetery.



 There are thousands and thousands of other victims killed by the paymasters of these blood stained bloggers. So here is my message to you IRI propagandists: Fuck You


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با سپاس


آقا داریوش عزیز

با سپاس برای خواندن این نوشته و پیام پر مهر شما. باشد که قاتلان و دست اندر کاران قتل این عزیزان را در دادگاهی منصفانه ببینیم.

Amir Parviz

I am not sure how what you have written is related to this blog. This blog as I have explained before, is a response to a blog by an IRI agent who has tried to shift the focus from Iran and the human rights abuses to other conflicts, whilst he is party to all the crimes of the IRI. With respect to the Russia, you may not see their hands in what is happening in Iran, but I do.


Good blog Divaneh, getting Iranians focus set straight

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

for the most part, based on your own limited knowledge.

The comment about the Russian backed mollahs is extremely niave, considering carter of usa and co, helped bring khomeini to power and have done everything to keep extremists in power and even barry obambi didn't give acknowledgement for the green movement until after Iranians had been pulverized using technology developed and authorized by the usa and co, reading this article won't raise your awareness, its full of propaganda //

fyi-the brits didn't leak this info because they wanted to make themselves look bad using their own state coerced media outlet, they had a big hand in backing the green movement and seeing it successful to bring their own team of green extremists to power and were deeply unhappy with barrys lack of help and support on the issue and siding wth khamenei instead.  The UK intentionally screwed themselves here, by putting out this report, to screw the USA even worse by harming the US cause in no uncertain terms.  This may be tough for many unknowledgeable people, especially if you are like many on ic who are hanging on to the dream of iran having the possibility of becoming democratic in addition to being independently successful from the level of tyranny in place today.  Being unaware is a nasty blind spot many inexperienced iranians have, because they have never been in the position of running a government to realize what is possible and what is not only unrealistic, but more less probable than winning the lottery every week for the next decade.  God bless the late shah for not making that mistake and focussing on Iranians freedom, progress and development in every direction. (though sadly his countrymen made a worse mistake, if only they were wise enough to know how immense was their level of messing up, the pictures above really say it all for the wise)


دیوانه عزیز


دیوانه عزیز آفرینت باد بریادآوری رفتگانی که جان در راه گذاشتند و پلیدی آنان که جان گرفته و میگیرند.قربان قلمت


Dear Friends

by divaneh on

Thanks for reading and your comments in support of the victims of the IRI. As you probably noticed this blog was written in response to a blog with the same title by a shameless IRI propagandist who tries to create a smokescreen to cover the crimes of the Russian backed akhonds and their cronies by constantly writing about Israel and Palestine. My message to him is clear.

This coward's attempt to exploit the murder of an American girl by Israeli soldiers while he is party to thousands of such murders in Iran can only be expected from an Islamist.

These days there are plenty of such dirt in the IC. They seem to group together and enjoy each other smell. There is the one mentioned above who loves Iran and it is obvious why. Whilst the true Iranians receive bullets, he receives blood stained pay cheques. Looks like a parrot and repeat himself like a parrot. There is the one who looks like a Neanderthal and calls himself Ferdowsi, not knowing that Ferdowsi never sided with Deevs. These are the true Deevs and their end is in sight.



just the tip of an iceberg

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

from 1980 to 2009, tens of thousands of Iranians, many women, many children have been massacred by the Islamist regime for no crime other than "thinking differently" from the corrupt ruling islamists.

These subhuman islamists raped female political prisoners, some as young as 12 , before the execution "so they'd not go to heavens as virgins", according to their sick interpretation of Shiat islam . These Islamist vermins hanged heavily pregnant women because they read a "wrong book".

God have mercy on any of these islamist  murderers who has not joint the rest of their cowardly admirers in the west by the time the Islamist regime, this symbol of evil on earth is overthrown. As I know , I am sure, that people of Iran would have no mercy upon them...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Divaneh aziz: Thank you for reminding us about ….

by Bavafa on

The so many victims of IRI, many of them women who are being murdered, imprisoned and tortured.


Let’s hope one day justice can be brought for the families of these victims and not only the trigger-person but those behind the decision making of these murders, rape and torture are to stand to account for their actions.


Let’s not forget those who are still alive but at the risk of being murdered soon.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


G. Rahmanian

Dear D:

by G. Rahmanian on

Thanks for the blog.

As you have also mentioned, paid IR mercenaries are hard at work trying to divert attention from Iran's and Iranians' problems by talking about irrelevant issues. They must be exposed!


مآمور شکسپیر!


Since you are in learning mood this morning, here are the corrections to your comment.

It is Compilation not compliation.

Shazdeh's mouth not Shazdeh mouth.

Tel Aviv not Telaviv.

So I like to know what the above term means. It doesn't need a question mark.

Can't, not cant.

Five mistakes in two short paragraphs! Not bad!

Anonymous Observer

Thanks a million Divaneh jaan - superb blog

by Anonymous Observer on

Wonderful to remind us of thousands, or perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands of Iranian women who have been victims of the Islamic Republic.  And also the millions who are the official second class citizens of this barbaric entity day in and day out--forced into a compulsory dress code, stripped of their legal rights and forced to endure abusive relationship out of fear of the automatic loss of their children if they file for a divorce from their abusive husbands.

Our society owes Iranian women much.  Hopefully, some day, we will restore them to their rightful place.   


compliation,hallucination of an unemployed man

by مآمور on

I usually don't pick on what people write and say, but a word out of Shazdeh mouth is equal to 10ct diamond out of Telaviv!!

So I like to know what the above term means? Going forward, I need to learn English and cant find any better mentor than Shazdeh!!!

I wear an Omega watch


Divaneh jaan

by Mehrban on

There is no room for care for Iranian victims of Islamism.  

To these people Iranians are only pawns for the promotion of Islamism (greed and ignorance) and their victims collateral damage.  Iran is nothing but real estate to these people whose soil, culture, history and fate is of no consequence to them.



Oh no, let's blog about zionism instead

by Cost-of-Progress on

Divaneh jaan,

The Islamist thugs can do no wrong, don't you know that? Why don't you blog about Israel instead day in and day out. If they block you, just sign in under another username (ferdowsi, etc) and blog again.

Thanks for this blog.


Divaneh, how dare you!

by Reality-Bites on

How dare you talk about Iranian women murdered in cold blood by the Islamic Republic when we should only be talking about Israel/Zionists etc etc? Who gave you the idea that this site is about "Iranians"?

Seriously though, thank you for this excellent and timely blog. Iranian people are living and suffering under one of the most vicious regimes in living memory and yet there are those who do not want anyone to talk about this.

They shamelessly exploit the memory and name of innocent victims like Neda Sultan to divert attention from what is happening inside Iran and feed their obsession with Israel and beat their chests for Palestinians, as if the likes of Hamas would give a rat's ass about murdered Iranians like Neda and all the others in your blog.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

دیوانه جان،سلام ... چه قشنگ نبشتی،چه قشنگ به ما فهماندی و یادآوری کردی آن دسته زنانی که جاودانه شدند و این را آن دسته نا بکاران سفیه اسلامیه بدانند که راهِ  اینان ادامه دارد و آزادی مملکتِ  ایران زمین نزدیک .

با سپاس.

هر روز ِ  زندگیت بهار باد.



by Simorgh5555 on

Thank you for your brilliant blog. Indeed, there are hundreds of other Nedas whose lives were taken by the IR Terror Regime.



by yolanda on

Thank you, Divaneh, for remembering the victims of IRI tyranny!

Iranian women are so brave and they have suffered so much under IRI's iron fist!

IRI's nature is compassionless and merciless & gains pleasure for being cruel!


ندائی دیگر


Thank you Divaneh Aziz for bringing attention to the crimes of the Regime against the Iranian women.

This Regime will never accept Iranian women as equal and worthy of the same rights as men.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Neda and Nedas : not to be forgotten

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Thanks for sharing this compliation of our people's hurts and pains.


As much

by oktaby on

as Iranian women have taken the brunt of cultural & human genocide in Iran, I believe this is less a gender issue and more an issue of honor about who/what one will allow to be wrought upon her/his identity, individually and as a culture.

Thanks for bringing up this important issue and yes we have thousands of Neda and Ashkans