"Iraq wars as the liberation of Iraqis.”

Denver Tinbender
by Denver Tinbender

"Iraq wars as the liberation of Iraqis."

The questions of intend, motive, and cause behind this war was addressed before and after the invasion. Today, almost six years later there is ample concrete evidence available as some public records to its false pretense. "Look it up"

Iraq has been ripped to shreds by the invasion and occupation. Millions are dead. Millions are without water, electricity, functioning school, basic health care or security. Millions more have become refugees and most majority of middle class. Intellectual classes of society have long left the alien land.

Bush war eras, the Iraq war; for many Iraqis including children, is like an open-ended prison sentence with little or no hope for possibility of parole; and the rest are on death roll.

The cost of endless war means growing hunger and poverty here in the U.S. It also means deterioration of schools and infrastructure and millions of people without health care.
The U.S. occupation of Iraq is hated by the people there. These wars have no support at home and are ruining the domestic economy.

A belief that, the answers to "The Liberation of Iraq" are to be found in Washington among the ranks of former officials, advisors, retired military General, Israeli lobbyist, and other MAARGEAR who have been tested over the years and found to be wrong so often. This is called "experience."

Of course, the most recent Washington solution, involving the endless military occupation of alien lands, can "solve" nothing. The possibility of genuine improvement in Iraq under the Bush regime and The US military are probably nil.


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