Imperial foreign policy is dictated.

Denver Tinbender
by Denver Tinbender

To predicate what US and Israel will do against Iran is a risky business.

Imperial foreign policy is dictated, No . . . I really mean it, They serve you with the Dick and asked how it ta?te later. So, Why haven’t they strikes yet? What are the hold ups? Is it because Iran country’s ruling institutions have collaborated with CIA in preparations of the occupation of Iraq, Iran have been silent during 1991 gulf war, Instructed northern alliance to pave the way for American invasions of Afghanistan?

Tehran has practice diplomacy of cautious, collaborationist sort with costless gesture. Solidarity of fellow Shia, support of Hizbollah in Lebanon, peanuts for Palestinian. What have they gain? American military on the east and on the west side of their borders.

Mullahs are capable of dealing with Imperial arrogance, It wouldn’t be too difficult to turn Shia crowds and militia against the American occupation, Tehran control more significant hostages today then a mere embassy,

It is unlikely, if the country kept its nerve that the Pentagon and Israel would risk an attack.

Then again, Prediction is risky business.


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You have a point there

by Abarmard on

I believe the danger of the politics in the region, as long as it won't break in to a war with Iran, seems to be playing an interesting turn. I would like to wait and see who would be the next president of the US and Iran. It really does make a huge difference...


Roobah mulla shodeh bood

by Anonymous9 (not verified) on

bacheha ro dars midadaad. hey hey, babaam hey.