Breaking my silence with "words"


David ET
by David ET

In response to Mr. Bahmani's article " Editor is dead! long live the Editor!"

Dear Mr. Bhamani

This is the first time that I am posting after my final post here on October 22 titled: "protecting from cyber-comment vandelism"

Not that it matters to Mr. Javid or anyone that I too chose to no longer post any articles or comments on but I am sure I am not the only one and you are not the last one who will chose this path.

In my last article and comments I wrote:

"The obvious problem is unaccountability of those who post comments which has turned the site to an arena for verbal vandalism of few who create multiple id's without any TRUE email reference ..." and then I offered a very practical solution which required no editing, or censorship (read the article - above link-for details) which would have reduced the abuse .

But my answer by the editor was "get used to it" .

Mr. Bahmani, as a matter of fact you were the first one who responded to my article and wrote "editorial control not a good idea"...and wrote " I expect this to die down as people realize that even hurtful words can't actually hurt you."

My response to you and Jahanshah in summary was : "anarchy is different than freedom" and I then I questioned this "Freedom of abusing freedom"...

I know others who have also stopped posting on Those whose words are worthy of reading versus so much trash that has abounded this medium..

Meanwhile I shall continue to remain an observer to the editor's choice of " say what they want in any way they want " under any name and any ID and without any accountability, in other words : A total anarchy !

Mr. Javid considers this a matter of tolerance and calls such trash "simply words" and characters in "black and white" while most nobels have considered PEN and "words" human's most valuable of all treasures. Human history, knowledge, poetry .... has transferred through just "words", our constitution and "rights" are spelled in "words". "Good words" has been one of the three pillars of Iranians since Zoroaster. I am not a Muslim but for those who believe in Islam , the first word of Allah to Mohammad was to Cite the "words"...The examples are so many and in all aspects of humanity from his/her religions to his science and her human values

We have an expression that says (Be a man (human) of your "word"). In other "words" having the courage to stand behind them "accountability" than say them and hide behind the monitor and a false identity and not be "accountable". Yes opposition is great , exchange of opinions are wonderful and it is great that people can express their opposition to Bush and it is not good that Iranians can not do the same to "Khamenei" but in the civilized world people are also accountable for their "words" and as much as I disapprove of Vali Faghih and Islamic Regime but I am also against using profanity and verbal assasination against anyone as this "chomaghdari" mentalilty is what I oppose and not who the "chmaghdar" is and what s/he uses as chomagh

The ones who gives themselves the right to use their "words" as "chomagh" and "anyway they want" are the same ones who will not hesitate to use ropes, guns or batons when in power.

That is what we must categorically oppose if as a nation we wish to get out of this mess, otherwise shah ravad va akhoonad ayad va bad digari

NO I refuse to "get used to IT" ... That has been our problem through generations : getting used to abuse and it all started with "words"

NO I do value "words" , I value what I tell my friends, my family , my nation and the humanity ...after all "words" IS what distinguishes us humans from animals.

David Etebari is my name and those were my "words"


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David ET

July 2009: learned the hard way

by David ET on



by Andy b (not verified) on

Very interest appinion.


you know what?

by Benjamin (not verified) on

I suggest you do not break your silence with words again.
I liked you much better when you were silent lol
I am sorry that you cannot tolerate other peoples opinion, world is a tough teacher, live and learn.
I think you could find a good position in
censorship office in iran.


Some things ARE sacred

by Ali (not verified) on

Well, I think the problem starts with motto which Mr Javid takes way too literally.

Nothing is sacred to everyone but some things are dear and sacred to some and thus require respect in a public forum. When the editor of a website does not recognize that obvious fact, what do you expect from its readers!

When the ediors of a website publishes such horrible displays of bigotry and racism as 'the Ramazan Postcards' or 'Moharam postcards' of Amir Normandi, on the religious occasions and holidays for millions of people, why do you expect all the angry hateful racists, who can NOT publicly express their racism in any democratic society, to not feel at home?! Many times I have personally refrained from posting a comment or participating in an interesting discussing, knowing that the only fact that will sign with my real name is ALI (probably the most common name among Iranians!) will generate a number of shameful racist insults and labelings towards myself and the arab people. And did not want to provoke that in a site called

If Mr Javid want to save he has to back off, at least a few steps, from this irrational motto 'nothing is sacred' or at least not take it so litarally.


David, Q

by Rosie T......................................... (not verified) on

Q, I honestly think it's a terrible idea to disable comments, it's unnecessary. There is a simple solution.

David's suggestion to register users is completely practicable. Here's why: It will at least weed out the casual hit and runners, those too lazy to use multiple e-mails. That will leave the hardcore ones.Those will be moderated more or less according to David's suggested system.
The only possible forseeable problem is economic. I doubt Jahanshah can undertake this on his own. He's too overextended.I suggest hiring a grad student or retiree part-time, who could also help with other aspects of the site traffic. For example, fairness in featuring blogs has been questioned.

Finally, I think it's better David to refer people to the other blog if they want to debate the question of blog protection (let's stop calling it censorship, shall we?) and just use this one just to bounce around ideas about implementation. For time being anyway.
Robin Jayne Goldsmith


Be Strong and Speak Out

by Nassery (not verified) on

In Iran, brave people speak out in Universities, at labor gatherings, and on the streets. They wish that a few antagonists were hurling words at them rather than what actually happens. We have liberty. Others fought and died for the right to say what they think without punishment. Ignore or confront the trolls on this site. Many of the people who have walked away are educated, intelligent people. There is no need for them to fear words.

My great grandmother spent three months in jail after joining a protest for women's right to vote in the US. I won't let anyone tell me that I should shut up or hide.

Those who are leaving should reconsider, stand up, continue seeking the truth, and should not let the trolls win by silencing you.

Iranians could learn something from my great grandmother's struggle. Don't forget to vote in every US election and participate in governing in every way that you can. Speak out, shout out, don't cower.

Just a few thoughts from the wife of an Iranian America .......



Thanks for making this into a blog

by Q on

I agree with your sentiments, but I would like to make an uncomfortable reminder: we still don't have a real solution to the problem. People who really want to insult others anonymously can and will do so still. All they need is a couple of Yahoo! addresses.


Maybe JJ should disable comments on articles but leave blogs as is. Does that seem like a good compromise to people? If anyone really wants to complain about a certain article, they can write a whole blog entry about it and start a discussion that way. This has the added benefit of making serious writers proud of their work and people will be able to view the writing without the graffitti. Of course this won't be enough. Enforcement of a basic level of civility is still necessary to guard against personal information being exposed and character assassinations.


David Et, you are right, and do not stay silent!

by A.A.J. Sr (not verified) on

Benjamin Franklin "...wrote social and political commentary under pseudonyms in many newspapers..."
If he wrote "garbages" as we see them very many in every day, I guarantee you, it would not have been published anywhere, period.
The issue is accountability, standing behind what you are saying. Hit and run, character assassination, profanity, etc. create more divisions among all Iranian and this site is responsible promoting it, that's what we do not need here. (Remind you: this is the best site for Regime's activists).
What's wrong with a decent on-line magazine? why do we have to insult each other every day, and hide? Is this what you call it democracy?. Just for a moment think who benefits from this type of so called democracy? (imagine, a cross roads without traffic lights, a court without a judge, a city without municipality) that's what we see here.
Name only ONE on-line magazine who follows the same format as we see here in
Have a look at responses to any article, I repeat any article posted in this site on a daily basis, it's full of profanity,
it's sickening, it's waist of time, it's sad, it's degrading, it's inhuman. All of them without exception are anonymous. Why should we "get use to it" Why should we get use to Lajan, if I have a choice smelling flower instead? Why should we have a "thicker skin"?,. Is this how we want to run the NEW IRAN? Hit,run and hide? Is this what you are teaching us and new generation?. These are the reasons we left Iran, isn't it?
kill, hurt,injure and hide innocent people? and not be accountable?, where else you have seen such a tragic, inhuman theater?. This on-line magazine once considered among the best, now is among the worst and one can predicts, in no time it becomes a garbage can. The good news is, there is time to salvage it, if some one is listening.


To David

by verified but (not verified) on

It seems that most commentators here missed your point. Perhaps JJ is too thick to understand your point also. I understand exactly what you are saying. I post at the Guardian of London regularly and the whole ID thing there is done exactly as you describe it. While commentators are anonymous, there is no abuse at all. The discussions are very civilized and the intellectual capacity of those who post is exceptionally high.
But I also think the problem is you. You seem to have a very high expectation of this site. Look at the articles that get posted here for crying out loud. Absolute garbage for most part. This site is the Iranian equivalent of National Inquirer. So why shouldn't the people who post here reflect the same quality as the articles?
I understand your frustration but don't share your concern. I post at the Guardian when I am in a serious mood wanting to engage intellectually capable people and I post here when I just want to have some fun abusing some loser pahlavi parast. I suggest you do the same.
No need to try to elevate this site to more than what it is. A trashy and sleazy site for the single digit IQ crowd. No wonder it gets frequented by the Pahlavi Parast crowd.

Mohammad Ala

Fair is fair.

by Mohammad Ala on

Fair is fair….  Fair is fair.  Is it fair to call the place of employment to bad-mouth someone? Or post a negative comment on an employment site when you do not like a person’s view?  Yes or no? Is it okay accusing someone without having had courage to come forward with your real name?  Yes or no? Is it okay for anonymous poster to judge an honest and brave person when she posted her comments and judged her by her gender?  Yes or no? Fair is fair.  Let us try some of these on anonymous posters to find out who is person of his or her words, who is hiding from whom, and who is doing what. Fair is fair.



Dr. Mohammad Ala is Professor of Business and a Board member of,, and



by Mazloom on


David ET

to ALL anonymous(es) and Bejamin Franklin(s)

by David ET on

There is no objection to any of you writing under the ID anonymous or Benjamin Franklin ! or "whatever"

All that is suggested was that

1- you can make one id per VERIFIED email address (you register with the site but your email address will not be disclosed publically)

2- If you get flagged 3 times, your email and IP will be blocked from future comments.

This is a common type of practice on bulletin boards and many public
websites. You still can chose any ID you want or say what you want
nor have to disclose your identity.

and I assure you this way we Iranians will not be deprived of any Iranian
Benjamin Franklins of our future history !! because the American one also
wrote responsibly and did not use 4 letter words against peoples family
and kids and mothers!

I sill have not heard one logic for what is so great about allowing
this site to be reduced to trash without accountability or what is the
big deal about allowing one person having 20 ID's with no emails or


This subject is getting old

by Anonymouse on

This subject is getting old


Get real and have thick skin until we reach free Iran.

by _Anonymous_ (not verified) on

Benjamin Franklin as a political writer and activist more than anyone invented the idea of an American Nation. Given recent discussions about identity and anonymity on the, for your sensitive nature and information, it was Benjamin Franklin who often wrote social and political commentary under pseudonyms in many newspapers and including his own. With regard to anonymity and fascist and dictatorial nature of Islamic Republic in Iran, if Benjamin Franklin were an Iranian and were alive, he surely would have an anonymous blog and would comment under a pseudonym.
Get real and have thick skin until we reach free Iran.