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Scrutinizing Dr. Ahmadinejad’s WWII Statistics: While some of our dear compatriots feel sorry and spill crocodile like tears for our « petty dictator’s » reception at the Columbia University on grounds that university ethics and general hospitality were not respected when « Dr. » Ahmadinejad was coldly greeted by the University Chairman Lee Bollinger, I would simply like to remind them of the way some of our Iranian American Academicians and fellow journalists were greeted with an arbitrary arrest upon landing on the Iranian soil on unfounded charges of Espionage for the US government. Haleh Esfandiary, Parnaz Azima seem to have been more lucky than Zahra Kazemi a Canadian Photo Journalist who was killed under beatings in the cells of Evin Prison. As much as Mr. Lee Bollinger’s attitude was indeed unprofessional and amateurish it did however underline the major reasons for which Mr. Ahmadinejad Remains a controversial figure and most probably dangerous not to the Free World but to his own nation and future generations who will look back on his dubious philosophical and political legacy if any such legacy indeed should unhappily survive after his presidential term comes to an end at the next election as many political analysts seem to agree will be the case. Given that The Nazi crimes were clearly established after the Second World War in Europe more than 60 years ago at the Nuremberg Trial by an international and independent court of justice, it seems not only awkward but totally absurd and dangerous to reexamine what was established as a unique and horrendous form of violence and the exact definition of the term Genocide. Beyond the fact that this crime was indeed carried out against an ethnic minority in Europe who happened to be Jews, the Nuremberg Trial was to have far reaching consequences on our modern world’s conception of the very essence of Human Civilization as a whole. It also led to the creation of the United Nations which followed that of a smaller entity known as the League of Nations before the Second World War. So therefore to question the reality of the Holocaust means that we are to redefine what the World in its entirety accepts as a general principle of moral human value: That the Genocide of any people, race or member of an ethnic or social groupe is unacceptable. In regard to this universal principle a petty “Dr.” has decided upon himself to question this fact in the name of the people happens to represent very much like Adolf Hitler who was also democratically elected through a popular vote but under very dubious circumstances as we have all more or less learned in our History books published since the fall of the Third Reich. Without Further due, I would like to draw your attention on “DR.” Ahmadinejad’s words rather than simply accuse him as Mr. Lee Bollinger did ( even if by all accounts they made sense and were truthful) at the beginning of his reception speech which he could and should have made preferably AFTER the Debate rather than in the beginning as one would expect from a university chairmen and more importantly a debate moderator. Please listen to the following interview given by “DR” Ahmadinejad back in September 2006: MSNBC anchor Brian Williams ask “Dr.”.Ahmadinejad to clarify his statements about the Holocaust. Given that to a great degree such an interview however well prepared by both debaters, it is obvious that any person in the same situation ( very much like during a presidential or electoral debate or a even a Box Match ) will use any opportunity to psychologically unbalance his opponent. One of the best ways is to offer statistics or figures as true when your opponent does not have them under his eyes nor can he verify them immediately so as to confirm or deny their veracity… In this case “DR. Ahmadinejad” will present his figures regarding the number of deaths during WWII ( which will also confuse the translator, who will ask him if he meant “ WWI or WWII ?” ):

I'm not very good at maths thats why I like to verify political statements in general when they refer to numbers and statistics.

Thus Dr. Ahmadinejad in order To Justify his assessments on the Holocaust and the importance of the death of 6 Million Jews ( 11 Million if you take into account other minorities such as gypsies, gays, political activists deported to Nazi Concentration Camps) he will present the following figures to which I have added the EXACT figures in RED as presented by Wikipedia ( in this case it is not a stub : that is information created by online input by web surfers. ): Ahmadinejad: Why is it that ONLY a selective groupe of those that were killed, should become so prominent and important ?Brian Williams: Because of the difference that Humankind draws between Warfare and Genocide … Ahmadinejad: Because you think that 60 Million Deaths (~ 72,156,000 (*)see notes below) were all Military ? … There were only 2 Million who were Military (~25,037,500 ) and 58 Million ( ~ 47,118,500= Civilian deaths : 41,364,100 + Jews : 5,754,400 ) were ordinary men and had no role in the War. Christian, Moslems, they all were killed one way or another…My Second Question is if this is a historical reality and presented as such, why don’t we allow others to research it and study it ? Brian Williams, the interviewer is interviewed back and is Clearly Uncomfortable to answer back trying to find … Ahmadinejad continues by saying that the more you can do research the more the truth will appear clear. Lets Summarize: Ahmadinejad Correct:-Approximately correct in his assumption that 60 million people were killed if we accept a 10 million margin of error. ( But his figures are inferior to the exact number) - Approximately correct in his assumption that 58 million civilians but actually with an 11 million margin ( But his figures are superior to the exact number) Ahmadinejad Incorrect:- 2 Million Military killed when the exact number is ~ 25 million … Ahmadinejad Expresses Uncertainty: To the actual number of Jews and other minorities killed as part of the civilian population. Maybe “DR.” Ahmadinejad’s memory about the reality of the Holocaust would be refreshed if he would read the story of the Children of Tehran

CONCLUSION: As France’s Far Right Party Leader Jean Marie LE PEN, who called the Holocaust a minor event in the history of WWII. (see Youtube) (Which was to create a scandal in France a few years ago.) Mr. Ahmadinejad considers the death of 6 million Jews in Nazi Concentration Camps as a detail in WWII History. He reduces the historical importance of the Holocaust tragedy to a war of figures.

Interestingly these comments come from the President of a Country, Iran, whose total casualties during the 2ND World War were only 200 military victims.

As far as Civilian victims due to direct military strikes or deportation there were none. However this does not take into account indirect collateral damages and human victims due to food shortages and other restrictions to which the Iranian population was subject too. That said Iran was occupied by Allied Forces as early as August 1941 and the US troops were to offer food, clothes, medical care and other urgent necessities to the population as they were to do in all liberated territories. It was not just by philanthropy but also to have the support of the population in the “Liberated Territories” in their fight against the Axis. A friendly population meant less sabotage or unwelcome hostility that would cut them short in their advance into the heart of Nazi Germany and ultimate Victory.Reza Shah who had chosen neutrality in the War despite pro-German Sympathies ( but without officially endorsing the Nazi ideology nor did he apply anti-semitic laws to his nation as in Germany, and Fascist Italy) was to abdicate in favor of his son Mohamed Reza Shah. Iran became the Bridge to Victory and allowed the delivery of Oil to the Soviet Troops on the Eastern Front. The Tehran Conference in 1943 was determinant in planning the D-Day Operations in Normandy in June 1944. Iran nor its King were conveyed to the conference which was considered as a public humiliation by the young Shah. However shortly after the Victory of the Allies, Iran and its government were officially considered as major contributors to the Victory of the Allies against Nazi Germany and a small regiment of Iranian Armed forces were to participate in the Victory Parade in London in 1946 officially commemorating the end of WWII. ( See Pictory: Pic I, Pic II ). On February 15th, 2007 One Hundred prominent Iranian intellectuals, artists and Human Rights Activists signed a petition condemning the holding of the Holocaust Campaign in Tehran by the current Iranian leadership.I leave this conclusion and above figures to your sagacity and your assessment of Iran’s current leadership and self Promoted Holocaust Denier who made a fool of himself claiming also that In Iran there were no Homosexuals, thus also indirectly denying their rights as a community but also the ever increasing number of victims of AIDS be them Gay or Heterosexual whose condition seems to be less of a national priority than becoming a nuclear power where a young 14 year Old is seen as an expert in nuclear energy and Bio Technology in the eyes of “DR.” Ahmadinejad. ( See: Youtube). Indeed “Dr.” President, As Far as I am concerned you are Still a Liar …


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Stoning, again

by messenger (not verified) on

The state-run newspaper Qods reported that a mother of three is sentenced to stoning. Reportedly, the evidence is video tapes of her having sex with another person [Persian].

We have to stop this! Spread the news and send the link in the comment section. We have to stop this.

Do we want this to happen again (Very Graphic)?


It was Soheil's commnets not mine

by farokh (not verified) on

"Iranian-American", I was not the one who wrote about the Holy Land, it was Soheil. You should read the article and the name before writing and accusing people.
Just to say that murdering innocent people is wrong no matter where, does not make you the hater of any group. Be careful what you write to people.
I am sure this is a very sensitive issue but please be a little more educated and have a better common sense.
All I am saying is killing of totally innocent people, in Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Afganestan, etc.anywhere is wrong and people who order them are criminals, nothing more, nothing less.


Reza Khan was an anti semite

by Anonymous_Iranian Aryan (not verified) on

Reza Khan was an anti-semite. Reza Khan loved Hitler. To praise him is to be anti-semetic. The blood of 6 million Jews is on the hands of Reza kachaleh.


"Farokh" is a Zionist Goy-hater posing as a human being

by Iranian-American (not verified) on

The garbage that "Farokh" (his real name is Moshe the Charlatan) writes about Palestine being uninhabited before the money launderers, embezzlers, loan sharks, and Yiddish supremacists of Russia and Poland infested it has been well debunked. In fact, the prominent Zionist writer, Ahad Ha'am, remarked that Palestine was inhabited by a large number of Muslim, Christian, and Druze people (and a Jewish comnunity comprising about 2% of the population according to estimates made by Ottoman authorities in the 1880s) before the Zionist movement.


Basseh baba!

by NanehManGharibam (not verified) on

Not sure if you're Persian; anyway, some of your points may be accurate, but your use of exaggerated rhetoric full of assumptions, accusations, and oversimplifications weakens the whole argument.


Before you make fun of people's intellect

by Coldcuts (not verified) on

shouldn't you make sure you know the difference between {you're} and {your} in the title of this article?


More Lies:Ahmadinejad before

by Anonymouswe (not verified) on

More Lies:Ahmadinejad before he became president:

Ahmagh after he became president:


The Islamic Republic of lie.

by Anonymouswe (not verified) on

The Islamic Republic of lie. The whole regime is founded on lies.


Soheil's commnets

by Farokh (not verified) on

I know people of all religious backgrounds/comvictions live together all over the World and there is no problem there but why is it that the Jews in that part of the World, with support from the criminals here in U.S. keep killing people and taking their land and not even the UN(which is controlled by U.S) can pass a resolution to condemn their actions but if anything happens anyplace else, the UN(U.S) is all over it?.
That is the point. There is absolutely no justification for abuse, murder and occupation of other innocent people.
Thanks for the clips of history but that does not justify murder. The same way that nothing would justify what U.S is doing to Iraqis and Afghans and other places, where there is Natural Resource and Geography.

Soheil Samouhi


by Soheil Samouhi on

Holy Land: 17th to early 20th Century History

and again we see the false claim that "Palestine" (which was defined by
Europeans in the 19th century on the basis of the Jewish homeland) was
an existing Arab country, that it was an "Arab land". As if Jews
weren't still present when Arabs began colonizing the land in the 16th
century. As if the land was full of Arabs and with no Jews. What
follows are accounts by travelers who visited:

In 1738 Thomas Shaw ["Travels and Observations"] described a land of

|| barrenness.... from want of inhabitants.

In 1785 Constantine Francois de Volney ["Travels Through Syria and Egypt"] recorded the population of the three main cities.

Jerusalem had a population of 12,000 to 14,000. Bethlehem had about 600 able-bodied men. Hebron had 800 to 900 men.

Noting the land barren and empty, Napoleon in 1799 suggested a Jewish return.

In 1835 Alphonse de Lamartine wrote ["Recollections of the East", published 1838]:

|| Outside
the city of Jerusalem, we saw no living object, heard no living
sound... a complete eternal silence reigns in the town, in the
highways, in the country... The tomb of a whole people.

that by this time Jews (despite being expelled in 1660 and the subject
of several massacres) formed a plurality in Jerusalem.

these sentiments, in 1857 the British consul in Jerusalem, James Finn,
wrote [British Foreign Office Documents 78/1294, Pol. No. 36] :

|| The country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is that of a body of population.

estimates put the population as low as 100,000 in the mid 19th century,
just 150 years ago, and in decline. This in a land that 2000 years ago,
in "primitive" times, supported as many as 7 million people and in
which, today, 10 million people reside.



Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) needs no introduction to North American
audiences, but for those not familiar with him Twain is one of
America's most prolific writers. Perhaps you've even heard of such
classics as "Huckleberry Fin" and "Tom Sawyer". Twain's works are known
for his accurate description of the setting (a literary genre known as

In 1869 he wrote The Innocents Abroad. It was a
compilation of his recent journey aboard a steam ship that was the
world's first cruise ship. In the preface, Twain writes that:

|| This
book is a record of a pleasure trip. has a purpose, which is to
suggest to the reader how he would be likely to see Europe and the East
if he looked at them with his own eyes instead of the eyes of those who
traveled in those countries before him.... I think I have seen with
impartial eyes, and I am sure I have written at least honestly.

The book is broken down into 62 chapters. Here are some excerpts:

|| There
is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent [Gilboa] -- not
for thirty miles in either direction. There are two or three small
clusters of Bedouin tents, but not a single permanent habitation. One
may ride ten miles, hereabouts, and not see ten human beings. ...No man
can stand here by deserted Ain Mellahah....

I mention this
village because Arab propagandists list it as one that was “ethnically
cleansed” in 1948. Other historical accounts speak of 300 villages
which had already been abandoned, due to natural causes such as
malaria, by around 1900.

|| [a] desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds -- a silent mournful expanse.


escribing the area around the “Sea” of Galilee:

|| It is seven
in the morning, and as we are in the country, the grass ought to be
sparkling with dew, the flowers enriching the air with their fragrance,
and the birds singing in the trees. But alas, there is no dew here,
nor flowers, nor birds, nor trees. There is a plain and an unshaded
lake, and beyond them some barren mountains.

|| There was a time, when the Saviour taught here, that boats were plenty among the fishermen of the coasts--but boats and fishermen both are gone, now.

You know those joke postcards of "X at night"? Perhaps Twain invented them:

Night is the time to see Galilee. Genessaret under these lustrous stars
has nothing repulsive about it. Genessaret with the glittering
reflections of the constellations flecking its surface, almost makes me
regret that I ever saw the rude glare of the day upon it.

Moving inland:

|| A desolation is here that not even imagination can grace with the pomp of life and action...

|| We never saw a human being on the whole route.

|| There
was hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere. Even the olive and the cactus,
those fast friends of the worthless soil, had almost deserted the
country. No landscape exists that is more tiresome to the eye
than that which bounds the approaches to Jerusalem.


|| Of all the lands there are for dismal scenery, I think Palestine
must be the prince. The hills are barren, they are dull of color, they
are unpicturesque in shape. The valleys are unsightly deserts fringed
with a feeble vegetation that has an expression about it of being
sorrowful and despondent. The Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee sleep in
the midst of a vast stretch of hill and plain wherein the eye rests
upon no pleasant tint, no striking object, no soft picture dreaming in
a purple haze or mottled with the shadows of the clouds. Every outline
is harsh, every feature is distinct, there is no perspective --
distance works no enchantment here. It is a hopeless, dreary, heart-broken land.

|| Palestine sits in sackcloth and ashes. Over it broods the spell of a curse that has withered its fields and fettered its energies.
...Nazareth is forlorn; ...Jericho the accursed, lies a moldering ruin
...Bethlehem and Bethany, in their poverty and their humiliation, have
nothing about them now to remind one that they once knew the high honor
of the Saviour's presence; ...Renowned Jerusalem itself, the stateliest
name in history, has lost all its ancient grandeur, and is become a
pauper village; ...Bethsaida and Chorazin have vanished from the earth,
and the "desert places" round about them where thousands of men once
listened to the Saviour's voice and ate the miraculous bread, sleep in
the hush of a solitude that is inhabited only by birds of prey and
skulking foxes.


rom the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica:

|| Many of these
aqueducts, as well as countless numbers of now leaky cisterns, could
with but little trouble be brought into use again, and would greatly
enhance the fertility of the country.

The Jewish revival of the land was no miracle.
It just took hard work.
Work no one else had done or was interested in doing.

A description from 1913:

The road leading from Gaza to the north was only a summer track
suitable for transport by camels and carts... no orange groves,
orchards or vineyards were to be seen until one reached [the Jewish
village of] Yabna [Yavne]... Houses were all of mud. No windows were
anywhere to be seen... The ploughs used were of wood... The yields were
very poor... The sanitary conditions in the village were horrible.
Schools did not exist... The western part, towards the sea, was almost
a desert... The villages in this area were few and thinly
populated. Many ruins of villages were scattered over the area, as
owing to the prevalence of malaria, many villages were deserted by
their inhabitants.




Ahmadinejad a liar

by Farokh (not verified) on

I totally agree with your point on this. he and all of the current rulers in Iran are liars and they need to go.
Having said that he had a point about why the Palestinians are paying for something the Germans did in WWII to the Jews. This is a question no one in the West wants to answer because of all the control AIPAC has over the entire West, of course.