VOA’s OFOGH: Abbas Milani and Mansour Borji on Fate of Iran’s Christians


VOA’s OFOGH: Abbas Milani and Mansour Borji on Fate of Iran’s Christians
by Darius Kadivar

Siamak Dehganpour hosts debate with Abbas Milani and Mansour Borji on the fate of Iran’s Christians under the Islamic Republic.

VOA’s OFOGH: Fate of Iran’s Christians:






DISCRIMINATION:Vendetta Against Anglican Bishop in Iran (1980)

Bishop Daghani Tafti an Iranian Anglican Bishop whose son was assassinated speaks about the arrest of secretary Jean Waddell. (circa 1980)

Anglican Bishop in Iran from 1961 to 1990 but was obliged to spend the last 10 years of his episcopate in exile, following the 1979 revolution and an attempt on his life in November of that year.

In the course of the attack, in which several shots narrowly missed their target, his wife,Margaret, was wounded in the hand; and in May of the following year his only son, 24-year-old Bahram, was murdered, apparently by government agents.


Bishop Daghani Tafti of the anglican church in Iran speaks about the arrest of secretary Jean Waddell

Bishop Hassan Daghani Tafti arrives back in UK: Interview Deghani Tafti

Date: 11/08/1980

Pope John XXIII meets the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, in Vatican City,Italy.

The meeting of Pope John XXIII, Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, and Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in Vatican City, Italy. Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi walks outfrom his car. The Shah and other dignitaries salute at the guards lined up outside the building. The guards hold flags, guns and swords. The Shah enters the building. He greets Pope John XXIII. Other dignitaries and officials alsogreet Pope John XXIII.


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About Abbas Milani:

is an Iranian-American historian and author. Milani isavisiting professor of Political Science and the director of the Iranian Studies program atStanford University. He is also a research fellowandco-director of the Iran Democracy Project at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. Heisthe author of several major biographies including The Persian Sphinx : Amir Abbas Hoveyda and the Riddle of the Iranian Revolution, The Shah.His other publications include : Tales of Two Cities: A Persian Memoir, and Modernity and Its Foes in Iran

About Mansour Borji:

Mansour is a Kurdish Christian from Iran. Born into a family with mixed beliefs and raised in a multicultural environment, he found himself an agnostic by the time he was a teenager. He sought some answers in Christianity and was overwhelmed by the teachings of Jesus Christ. He got involved in Christian ministry at a young age before going to UK to further his theological studies. After his initial studies in Christian theology, he joined OM as a missionary in London for nearly 5 years, before working as Administrative Dean and lecturer at Elam College for 2 years. Mansour met his wife Hengameh Borji while studying at Bible School. They married in 2000 and the fruit of their marriage is a daughter named Rojeen. They live and work in London. Mansour holds a BA in Theology and Bible from London School of Theology, and is currently completing an MPhil in Islamic studies form the same institution. He is founder-director of “the Iranian Centre for Christian Culture and Thought” that seeks to resource Iranian Christians for a thoughtful Christian presence in their engagement with contemporary Iranian culture. Mansour regularly speaks on traditional and contemporary Islamic thought in various educational institutions and churches. His academic interests also include sociology ofreligion and Christian engagement with culture.

Mansour is currently a pastor at Iranian Christian Fellowship, London, and also active in human-rights advocacy. ( See Official Website)

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