Zubin Mehta Fondly Recalls Shah of Iran's Invitation to India's Parsi Community


Zubin Mehta Fondly Recalls Shah of Iran's Invitation to India's Parsi Community
by Darius Kadivar

World famous Parsi conductor, Zubin Mehta,recalls about his meeting with the Shah of Iran in 1967 suggesting him to come to Iran and proposing him the Iranian Passport as well as to the entire Parsi Community in India. 

Zubin Mehta on Indian TV :

Zubin Mehta recalls that in gratitude to the Shah, all Indian Parsi families always had a Portrait of the Shah with a slogan displayed on top reading « Long Live the Shah and Long Live Queen Victoria » 

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About Photo:

Parsi Conductor Zubin Mehta arrives in Tehran with the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra to play for the Shah and Shahbanou's Coronation. He is greeted by the Royal Couple at Golestan Palace (circa 1967)






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Bizet 'Carmen' Overture - Zubin Mehta, Royal Opera :

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