VIDEO: Opening Statement of Reza Pahlavi in NY (25th Sept, 2009)


VIDEO: Opening Statement of Reza Pahlavi in NY (25th Sept, 2009)
by Darius Kadivar

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DK you are so Draaaaamatic......

by parchame3rang on

You are so right  calling yourself a Jester. wasn't that the job of your ancestor the great Malijak.  Oh, I forgot he was a KHAJEH and could not have children or was it that His Suger Daddy made him that way!!! So, after all You do have a day job. OK, but my offer still stands.

 BTW, my flag has the beautiful colors of freedom . Freedom from oligarchy,  Monarchy and despotic rulers in what ever shape or form they may present themselves. In case you have not noticed, your lion and sun has been overwhelmed and devoured by the GREENS. If you and people who follow your Chert-o-pert  can only identify yourselves and your heritage by a symbol then you really need seriuos therapy along with your daily medication. The fact that we donot want your flag or your king  must have caused you many sleepless nights. If You and the  loyal followers of your Jafanghiat AKA " Historical Archive" are looking for a real  Iranian symbol that most Iranians can identify with; here is a suggestion for you. How about CHELO KABAB? It has more Iranian identity than your Shir -o- Khorshid. It is definitely loved by everyone and it is much older than your frightened and decrepit looking lion. So I say let's put a Pors-e- Chelokabab in the middle of the flag.

Oh.  cheer up old chap, I am not going to cause you more indigestion. This will be my last comment on your mediocre blog.

Darius Kadivar

parchame3rang Shiro Khorsheedet Kooh ? You Look Pale ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I Did Not know that Being a Monarchist was the Monopoly of the Aristocracy ? ... 

If you have the same conception of "Republicanism" then May I entusiastically Repeat the Slogan of the French Revolution and Demand YOUR HEAD OFF ?


I am Sure YOU Won't Mind the Guillotine for its efficiency has been proved in the past and is in coherence with the Very Values of the French Revolution. You are after all a Staunch Republican now so you should abide to its laws. Your BLUE Blood should suffice and be spilled for the cause of the Republic ... 

So Could you be as kind and to Honor me with the Pleasure of displaying your Illustrious head under the Guillotine ?


As for Your Job Offer Sire, Thank you so much but you see I am afraid I have to decline ...

You See Sire, As a Simple Pauper, I still have something YOUR Money Cannot Buy ? it's called ... PATRIOTISM !

Feel Free to Buy peoples votes with your "ROSHVEH's"  or Sell you definition of Democracy and Tolerance for a good Price in the same way you just offered me a job.

I shall cherish Your Memory and sacrifices for the Republic of Iran and Your Martyrsom will be celebrated regularly till the end of time I am sure.

Otherwise what can I tell you ? Other than Mark Twain's advice :

Ask Not What the Crown Can Do for YOU but What YOU can Do for the CROWN !

Good Night Sire !

DK The King of Jesters and Jester to the King !





Thanx DK

by masoudA on

YOu are a great presence on this forum.      I wish to ask all to pay attention to the second clip DK posted - the clip about Reza Pahlavi and how he has apted to stand above and beyond any political and idealogical preferences - just for the sake of Iran.   We must all do that. 



Like I said, Go Get a Job...........

by parchame3rang on

All of you closeted saltanattalb with an average age of 50+ even your own Arbab has disassociated himself from you. He was smart enough to wear the green band and green tie and realize that with this group of Pir-o- Patal he has zero chance of going back and claim the peacock throne.  New generation of Iranians do not believe in INHERITED LEADERSHIP. We have to get rid of all kinds of dictatorship once and for all.

Speaking of peacock throne I like to ask you all pro monarchist what gives RP the legitimacy to be the next king? If birth right and having a deposed ancestor were the only qualifications,  then  I like to introduce and  recommend myself as the rightful owner of the throne. 

 You see DK Jon, my family is a direct descendant of Karim Khan Zand ( this establishes my royal blood) then, they were mostly killed or exiled by Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar in the late 1700A.D ( my ancestors were crulely and illegitimately deposed ). Now, I am all for a constitutional Monarchy  for Iran if its future king or queen were to be chosen by the people and  based on their birth right and how far their royal blood can be traced in our history. So, those of you who can trace and prove your ancestory to Nader Shah ( who ruled before my ancestor)  better step forward and put your applications in. We should even have a televised debate moderated by you or Shahram Homayon  Now I think  this is a real democratic monarchy based on birth right and longivity of ones blood line.

And if you are a good boy then I may hire you as my PR. you can start by researching historical archives for Zand Dynasty and provide me with fictional or factual material to legitimize my claim to the throne. Just  to give you a head start, as you know my ancestor refused to call himself a SHAH. He took the title of Vakil-e- Raeye. How democratic is that for an 18 century ruler? Believe me with your persistance and my ancestory we can start our own Dynasty in Iran under its new Constitutional Monarchy. I even have a name for my new dynasty I want to call it ZANDKADIAN. You see, unlike RP I am willing to use your services and reward you handsomely( in case you did not notice I put the 3 letters of your last name in it too). Think about it DK jon.  I think we have a really good shot at this thing.

 HEEEEEEy what do you know. I JUST offered you a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Darius Kadivar

Dear Friends Thank You All ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Dear K Jaan, Ebi jaan, Irandokht jaan, Bahram Jaan, Redwine jaan, Sam Sam The Great and Princess Azarin Jaan,

Thank You All for your kind support.

Truly Appreciate your gesture.

Warm Regards, And Have a Nice Weekend

Darius The "Incomparable" Court Jester

Azarin Sadegh

Thank you Darius!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Darius,

Thank you so much for these great videos! I plan to show them to my 83 years old Mom tomorrow! As you know, she is a real fan, and I'm sure she's going to really enjoy watching Reza and his lovely family! 

Cheers, Azarin


Darius is the crowned king of

by SamSamIIII on


& a good, civil & decent man. practice fair play or be doomed in eternity.

Darius jaan ; Cheers & use pasheh kosh !!!



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

آقای کدیور از بزرگان قدیمی‌ این سایت هستند و احترامشان صد واجب ! بنده هم سلطنت طلب نیستم ولی‌ از عکس‌ها و ویدئو‌هایی‌ که ایشان در اینجا میگذارند کمال استفاده را دارم و از ایشان بسیار سپاسگزارم.

متأسفانه ۵-۶ نفر در اینجا هستند که بی‌ نزاکت هستند و عجیب است که فقط به زبان انگلیسی شرح مینویسند، اینها شناخته شده هستند و معلوم الحال هستند. محل به آنها نگذارید که کم کم به دنبال چریدن خر و شتر خود خواهند رفت !

مرگ بر خائنین و نوکران آخوند‌های اسلامی.




by bahram9821 on

DK, Just want to thank you for all the clips, pictures and articles that you have been contributing to this site. Keep up the good work. Bahram



by IRANdokht on

What's with all the attack on DK's person? 

I have never said that I agreed with the idea of a monarchy but Darius does and he's collected a great archive of pictures, memories, and video clips for anyone who is interested. 

This clip has been posted by many people on different sites. Thanks Darius for posting it here.

The abusive behavior is really uncalled for.


ebi amirhosseini

I second Khar...

by ebi amirhosseini on

I don't share the same political views with Mr Kadivar,but I respect him a lot .


Ebi aka Haaji


Bluepill & Parchame3rang, what have YOU done lately?

by Khar on

You have unleashed your worst of humanity on Mr. Kadivar who is one of the Nicest and Coolest gentlemen on this site! If you disagree with him why don’t you blog your own thoughts & ideas instead of making a fool out of yourselves.


Respect Iran and Irani!

Darius Kadivar

Bluepill Bee-SAvad Hashish Kesh For Your Education ;0)))

by Darius Kadivar on


Shahbanou and Haile Sellasie in Persepolis

Shah of Iran and Haile Sellasie at De Gaulles Funeral





Darius Kadivar

parchame3rang & Bluepill YOU TALKIN' TO ME ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on








DK Give it a rest man............

by parchame3rang on

When are you going to get it. You ain't going to get a position or a day job in the court of Clown Prince Reza Pahlavi. So instead of posting videos and dropping comments about your hoping to be future  "Arbab" look for a real job. All A##Kissing and cleanig jobs are already taken.

You must be  severly disillusioned to think that we are going to take back the trash we threw out 30 years ago. Please,take your medicine, REALITY is a nice place to be in once in awhile...



Jah Rasta Fari

by Bluepill on


Tell the Tolea Seg ... the Cool King is Rasta Fari hahahahah